Sunday Morning 31 March, 2019

Sunday Morning Session

Earlier start today - 9:00am to 1:00pm
Sharpovs' Payday
15mm. Napoleonics. In the fall of 1813 everyone is moving towards Leipzig and rumours swirl in the Russian army of loads of French treasure struggling to keep up. The Sharpov boys and their most trustworthy soldiers are sent by their uncle the general to a certain town on a certain road, where a French payroll escort is taking a short break at a wayhouse. Small scale cinematic skirmishing! Song of Drums and Shakos rules by Ganesha Games. GM: Chris Robinson. 4 players.
Matched Historical Pairs – Open Gaming
15mm. Ancients and Medieval. There will be 3 battlefields set up, along with a matched pair of armies for the two historical enemies. Each battlefield will represent a different era and pair of armies: Romans vs. Gauls, Picts vs. Vikings, and Feudal English vs. Scots (Braveheart). New players are welcome. This will be an introductory game to Triumph! rules. Fast Play Rules for Ancient and Medieval Battles. GM: Will Michael. 6 players.
Dombas Norway - April 1940 -Pre-Registration on this game is CLOSED
28mm. WWII. In April, a Company of Fallschirmjagers jumped into the mountain pass near Dombas Norway with orders to interdict Allied countermoves and their probable use of Norwegian rail lines. With orders from the very top, the Germans entered this battle despite a lack of good planning and the heavily overcast weather conditions. Join eight other players for a desperate battle where the front lines were randomly intermixed from the very first moves. Bolt Action rules. GM: Ross Cossar. 8 players.
Red River Ambush
1/600. American Civil War. May 4, 1863: A small Union expedition is dispatched to investigate the Red River with instructions to find and destroy the Queen of the West. The Confederates had captured the former Union ram as well as the ironclad Indianola. The Indianola had been scuttled in shallow water and destroyed by the Rebels. At least that is what was reported… Sail and Steam Navies rules. GM: Glenn Broome. 6-7 players.
Confederate and Union ironclads battle each other while navigating tidal flats, running shore batteries and risking destruction from infernal contraptions. Mike Barrat presents his scratch built 15mm ACW ironclads and his own rules for 4 to 6 players.
The Forgotten Campaign
In September 1942, the Japanese invaded the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. RCAF 11(f) Squadron was routed to Alaska to counter the Japanese threat. RCAF Kittyhawks attack Kiska harbour defended by Japanese floatplanes. Keith Burnett hosts this WW2 air combat game in 1:300th scale for 6 players using "Check Your 6!" rules.
Madness in Manchester - Invasion of the Elder Gods
"It is 1890, and these are unsettling times in Manchester. Strange sights and sounds emerge from the shadows, people mysteriously disappear near the docks, and, at times, the very ground seems to shake. Some speak of the end of the world, fanatics and flagellants start to appear in the streets, while others whisper of older, darker things. Then, fissures appear across the city, as if opening the gates to Hell itself. Madness in Manchester has begun....."

This year, Madness in Manchester brings elements of Pulp Skirmish gaming, VSF , and the Cthulu Mythos to the table. Each player should bring an heroic leader, 2 units of ten riflemen, and either a lightly armoured vehicle (wheeled, tracked, walker or flier) armed with one light gun (bring whatever you have and we'll call it this), or a Monster of your choosing (which will be armed and armoured as a vehicle). 25 to 28mm scale.

Dan Hutter & Dave Winters host the annual HotLead VSF chaos using their patented OBC (One Brain Cell) rules. Unlimited players.
Trouble Up the Whazoo!
Early morning on the Whazoo river as two Confederate iron-clads steam towards a Union controlled island. Their objective is to bombard the wharves and warehouses, disrupting Union forces on the island. As the mist begins to clears from the river they observe....
Jim Crozier and Geoff Rothwell host this 1/600th scale ACW Naval game using "Sail and Steam Navies" rules for 4 players.
Middle Earth SBG by GW
28mm. Ontario Hobbit Adventures (OHA) presents Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. Come be a part of the action, fighting for either the forces of the dark lord of Mordor or stand with the men of the White City. Several custom scenarios will be played on a custom built table to emerse you in Middle Earth. Games Workshop rules. GMs: Jason Chaplin & Dane Ordway. 6 players.