Sunday: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Operation Biting: The Bruneval Raid 1942
In February 1942 a combined force created from the British army, navy and air force successfully landed in France to steal a German radar station located high on the cliffs near the hamlet of Bruneval.  Join this game to see if the British can succeed again or if the German defenders can help keep their radar developments safe from enemy hands. Ross Cossar (as Callsign Audacity) presides over this 28mm game for 4 players using Bolt Action rules.
Warhammer Underworlds: Harrow Deep
Bryan Michenfelder and Hal Legget run this game for 6 players. If time permits a second game will be run in the session.
The Einstein Engine – Dr Who (Cubicle 7)
Come on a fantastical journey through space and time! You can play as one of Dr Who’s Companions or the Doctor himself (the 10th Doctor).
You arrive in Australia in the 1980s to view a special solar eclipse, but as usual, things go slantwise very quickly. Use your imagination and your brains to work out the problem and save the universe – again.
Players should bring paper and pencil/pen for notes. Everything else including character sheets will be provided. The basic rules will be explained before the adventure.
Sandra Sine presides over this ‘theatre of the mind’, with running, talking, more running, and thinking your way out of trouble is encouraged. 4 to 6 players.