Sunday: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Doors Open at 8:00 AM for Game Masters to set up. Open for General Admission at 9:00 AM.

Please note: we hold back 25% of slots for in-person sign ups. So “Pre-Registration is full” just means that the game is 75% signed up and we aren’t taking anymore pre-registrations.

1st first Stratford Infinity Tournament – SWANFINITY!
16 person ITs 15 event.

ITS Extra: LONE WOLF! Soldiers of Fortune will be enaenabled however only one per army list.

$15 tournament fee in additon to the $10 admission fee to the convention for Sunday.

Register online via Infinity ITS tournament system /OTM

Any questions, email Greg Rattray at
Securing the Bridgehead -Pre-Registration is FULL
Allied Forces have created a still tenuous bridgehead across another European canal.  As they fight to secure their gains, Axis forces fight hard to push them back in this 28mm WW2 game using Bolt Action for 6 players, hosted by Ross Cossar.
Battle of the Falklands 8th December 1914 -Pre-Registration is FULL
Having won a decisive victory over the British at the Battle of Colonel on 1st November 1914,  the German East Asia Squadron commanded by Vice-Admiral Maximilian von Spee proceeds to raid Port Stanley  in the Falkland Islands.
On the morning of 8 December 1914 while approaching Stanley the Germans are surprised to encounter a formidable  British Battle Cruiser squadron lead by  Vice-Admiral Doveton Sturdee.
Realizing his danger too late, and having lost any chance to attack the British ships while they were at anchor, Spee and his squadron dashed for the open sea. 
The race is on but by 1.00 pm the Germans realized that it is a race they could not win and their ships were ordered to scatter and escape.
The British orders were to eliminate the German fleet.
This game is design for 4 to 6 players each commanding up to two 1/2400 scale ships each.
Howard Tulloch and Andrew Dobson introduce the new rapid play rules “Dread Not! “.
Hunt for The Minions of Evil -Pre-Registration is FULL
It is the spring of 1809 and the constant battles between the forces of the French Empire, Spain, Portugal and Britain have ravaged the Iberian Peninsula. The unprecedented bloodshed has had insidious effects that have gone unnoticed…until now. Slowly, rumours began to spread between the military encampments of all sides of the conflict.  Villagers and soldiers alike have gone missing. Some were later found hideously mangled as though savaged by wild creatures, some simply are never seen again.
Eventually, the European powers could ignore the strange occurrences no longer, and have independently dispatched elite bands of supernatural investigators to check into the events. 
Can you lead your band to uncover the mystery? Be warned though; you will need to face the warriors of both opposing nations and the incomprehensible forces of evil to prevail.
Featuring spectacular Napoleonic era terrain and miniatures with a gothic horror twist, this fun, fast paced game o Silver Bayonet is for 4 players, presented by Miniature Landscape Hobbies is sure to be a ton of fun. 
The Burlington Races -Pre-Registration is FULL
The War of 1812 could be decided on the Great Lakes, where control of water transport and communication is vital to success. The British commodore, James Yeo, and the American commodore, Isaac Chauncey, have been circling one another warily, each commanding some of the most powerful ships on the Great Lakes. Finally, winds from the East are bringing them together. Bill Bean prsents a 1/700 scale Age of Sail game using Black Seas for 4 players
Legions Imperialis-Pre-Registration is FULL
Come learn how to play Legions Imperialis with us.  No really… this game looks fun, and we can all learn together.   
Legions Imperialis is Warhammer gaming at its most epic scale. Grand legions of Astartes and Solar Auxillera battle it out in the Horus Heresy.    Models will be provided, but if you have an army, bring it along.
A  relaxed  time  learning about a new game  with  really tiny tanks and titans.     
All are welcome, even if it is just to hang out and hobby while the game is on.
Peter Smith and Huw Powell host for 6 players.
Wings of Glory
What-ho chaps! The Intelligence Johnnies report that weather conditions over Western Europe tonight will be good enough to enable the Central Powers to mount airship raids over England. The brass at GHQ have ordered a number of surprise attacks on airship sheds in Belgium to disrupt Jerry’s plans, The raids will be timed to take place before – or just as – the Zeppelins are being prepared.  Your mission is to raid the airship sheds at Evère, just North of Brussels and severely damage or destroy the shed and any airships there. Be warned, it could be frightfully tiresome as Evère is known to house several German fighter squadrons and is heavily defended by ack-ack units.
Scott Schelter introduces up to 14 novice players to Wings of Glory in 1/144th scale.
VSF Mega Battle: Up Your Ruritania! 
It is 1890, and a border skirmish between the Duchy of Grand Fenwick and the Republic of Ruritania threatens to explode into a European war. Ambassadors from Europe, Asia and the Americas have gathered to try and find a diplomatic solution. Unfortunately, so have spies, anarchists and weapons manufacturers who hope to light the powderkeg.  Each player should bring a lightly armoured vehicle (wheeled, tracked, walker or flier) armed with one light gun (bring whatever you have and we’ll call it this), a heroic leader figure, and two units of ten riflemen in 25mm to 28mm. You have no figures? No problem! There will be a few extra armies available on demand (or gentle, but firm, request)!
Dan “Pasha” Hutter & Dave “He Who Must Not Be Named” Winter host the annual HotLead VSF chaos using their patented OBC (One Brain Cell) rules.
Infinite players accomodated.
A Dawn Skirmish at Gettysburg – Pitzer’s Schoolhouse, July 2, 1863 -Pre-Registration is FULL
All along the front lines of the Union and Confederate forces at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, small scouting patrols of cavalry and infantry ran into the pickets of their opposite number, setting the stage for the battle to come.  Inspired by some of those actions, this Fistful of Lead Horse & Musket skirmish game will see patrols of the 6th NY Cavalry and Berdan’s Sharpshooters duel with CSA cavalry and Alabamian infantry in and around Pitzer’s schoolhouse and woods.
Chris Robinson hosts this 15mm American Civil War game for 4 players.
After Sharpsburg 1862
The battle of Sharpsburg is over.
A couple of squads of Confederate infantry were left to guard the regimental baggage and no one told them the battle was over. Now they need to get away over the stream.
A couple of squads of Union infantry were pushed too far forward in pursuit of the Rebel forces. Now they need to get back to safety over the stream.
Each is on the wrong side of the stream with the enemy in the way. There is one bridge to cross, and rumours of a ford somewhere. They all have to get safely back to their own side.
Who will succeed?
This is a 1-1 scale skirmish game using a modified version of Donald Featherstone’s Skirmish Rules. Copies of the rules will be available.
Gerry Upton presents this classic for 6 players.
Somewhere Over Germany
February 13, 1945.
The Luftwaffe sends up interceptors to stop the USAAF bombers in support of Operation Veritable. Keith Burnett hosts this WW2 airwar game in 1/300 scale for upto 8 players using Check Your Six! rules.
Flea Market
Got some stuff that didn’t sell in Saturday’s Bring & Buy? Want to be able to wheel and deal and haggle? Want to sell that box of 157 odd figures for $2 each? Just don’t want to give us 10%?
There will be empty tables availabe for you to sell your stuff yourself, just give us $10 for each 6 foot table you’d like and you can sell up until 4 PM.