Sunday: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Operation Biting: The Bruneval Raid 1942
In February 1942 a combined force created from the British army, navy and air force successfully landed in France to steal a German radar station located high on the cliffs near the hamlet of Bruneval.  Join this game to see if the British can succeed again or if the German defenders can help keep their radar developments safe from enemy hands. Ross Cossar (as Callsign Audacity) presides over this 28mm game for 4 players using Bolt Action rules.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
The Einstein Engine – Dr Who (Cubicle 7)
Come on a fantastical journey through space and time! You can play as one of Dr Who’s Companions or the Doctor himself (the 10th Doctor).
You arrive in Australia in the 1980s to view a special solar eclipse, but as usual, things go slantwise very quickly. Use your imagination and your brains to work out the problem and save the universe – again.
Players should bring paper and pencil/pen for notes. Everything else including character sheets will be provided. The basic rules will be explained before the adventure.
Sandra Sine presides over this ‘theatre of the mind’, with running, talking, more running, and thinking your way out of trouble is encouraged. 4 to 6 players.
Note: this game will have a late start, around 10 AM.
Battle of the Mincio River; February 8th 1814 -VIRTUAL GAME
With Napoleon rebuilding the remnants of his army behind the safety of the Rhine, the allies of the Sixth Coalition advance on other fronts. In northern Italy, a veteran Austrian army hopes to drive the French out of the region and unite with the defector, Murat, King of Naples. Napoleon’s stepson Eugene de Beauharnais commands a raw but motivated army of some 34,000 troops and intends to deal with the Austrians and Neapolitans separately. In early February, Eugene gathers his forces to strike the Austrians along the Mincio River, but both sides are short on cavalry, and thus, accurate intelligence. Will Eugene or Bellegarde be the first to sort out a confused deployment and win the day? Rich Brooks hosts this VIRTUAL GAME for 2 players using Table Top Simulator and Blucher rules. Players will need Table Top Simulator (available on Steam for $10-$20 depending on if you catch a sale) and a Discord account for voice communication. Once everyone is registered then the GM will send the players the neccessary invitations to link up.
Firefight at Forney’s Farm!
Early morning, July 1, 1863, northwest of Gettysburg.  As gunfire shatters the dawn, Captain Timothy Hanley of the 9th NY Cavalry leads a small force from his squadron northwest up the Mummasburg Road to scout John Forney’s farm and nearby woods, where they chase off a small group of rebel skirmishers.  But is something else coming at them?
Chris Robinson hosts this 15mm American Civil War game for 4 players using Sharp Practice 2 rules. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Madness in Manchester Goes to Africa -VSF Mega-Battle
It is 1890, and these are unsettling times in Europe. Rumors of war, political scandal and fantastic tales of new technologies and wonder weapons fill the headlines of all the European papers. One common cause for concern is the rogue German inventor Herr Doktor Willie Hakkenkopf. Exiled from Germany, and scorned by all respectable gentlemen of science, Hakkenkopf is reported to be working from a secret base in West Africa, and building something to exact his revenge. A week ago, one of his experimental airships exploded near Casablanca, littering the area with tiny chunks of molten metal, known as Tinklewerfer. These chunks of metal are believed to be the basis of some new and extremely powerful energy source. All nations have sent teams to gather up as much of this as possible. Time is of the essence.
Each player should bring an heroic leader, 2 units of ten infantry (riflemen, sailors, cultists, deep ones etc) and a lightly armoured vehicle (wheeled, tracked, walker or flier) armed with one light gun (bring whatever you have and we’ll call it this). You can replace the vehicle with a third unit of infantry if you like. No figures? No problem? There will be extras available on demand!
Dan Hutter & Dave Winters host the annual HotLead VSF chaos using their patented OBC (One Brain Cell) rules. 
Torpedo Run
British Coastal forces will cross the North Sea to attack German convoys off the coast of Holland. Brian Hall hosts this 1/600 scale WW2 naval action using Coastal Patrol rules for 6 players.
Dawn attack at Frenchtown
British forces attack the extended U.S. forces at Frenchtown, Michigan Territory in 1813. This Sharp Practice scenario is from the War of 1812  campaign supplement by Mike Hobbs.
Roger Chrysler is the GM for this 28mm game. 4 players.