Sunday: 9:00am to 1:00pm

A company of Fallschirmjagers riding in stolen Norwegian buses collides with Norwegian soldiers at the Midtskogen Farm north-east of Oslo in the early hours of 10 April 1940 as they try to capture the King of Norway and the Norwegian gold reserves. Ross Cossar hosts this Bolt Action in 28mm for 8 players.
Late summer, 1812, on the road to Borodino – The French advance in Russia continues and the Russians are applying a scorched earth policy, removing all the food and valuables they can from every village and farm, and then burning everything to the ground.  One group of Russians have left it almost too late, and after helping themselves to a meal in an empty farmhouse, they spy French troops closing in on them.  15mm Cinematic Napoleonic Skirmish!
Chris Robinson hosts a 15mm Napoleonic Wars skirmish for 4 players using Song of Drums and Shakos rules.
Madness in Manchester
“It is 1890, and these are unsettling times in Manchester. Strange sights and sounds emerge from the shadows, people mysteriously disappear near the docks, and, at times, the very ground seems to shake. Some speak of the end of the world, fanatics and flagellants start to appear in the streets, while others whisper of older, darker things. A rift has opened in the Irwell River in Manchester. Kaju are coming through the rift and the combined armies and navies of the world are out to stop them……or are they out to aid them?…”
This year, Madness in Manchester brings elements of Pulp Skirmish gaming, VSF , and the Cthulu Mythos to the table. Each player should bring (in 28mm) an heroic leader, 2 units of ten infantry ( riflemen, sailors, cultists, deep ones etc) and either a lightly armoured land or water vehicle (boat, wheeled, tracked, walker or flier) armed with one light gun (bring whatever you have and we’ll call it this), or a Monster of your choosing (which will be armed and armoured as a vehicle). No figures? No problem? There will be extras available  on demand!
Dan Hutter and David Winters preside over the mayhem for as many players as want to join in.
Triumph! Open Tournament
This will be a series of battles with matched pairs of armies which fought historically.  The time period covers Ancients through Medieval (Chariots to Knights). 15mm Armies and all necessary materials are provided.  New players are welcome. Will Michael and Rodney Cain host this event for 12 players.
American Civil Warmaster -CANCELLED!
Howard Tulloch will run a 10mm ACW game for 6 players using modified Warmaster rules.
Wildcat Claws
9 November 1942, west of Guadalcanal
After delivering its valuable cargo of men and material, the Nisshin began the journey back to Rabaul. A strike force of F4s and SBDs took off in pursuit and spotted the convoy as morning broke. Floatplanes from the Shortland Island base lurked above, in defense of one of the IJN’s most valuable assets. Keith Burnett hosts this WW2 air combat game in 1:300th scale using Check Your 6! rules for 6 to 9 players.