Sunday: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Doors Open at 8:00 AM for Game Masters to set up. Open for General Admission at 9:00 AM.

Please note: we hold back 25% of slots for in-person sign ups. So “Pre-Registration is Closed” just means that the game is 75% signed up and we aren’t taking anymore pre-registrations.

Open Participation Games are open to all attendees of Hot Lead. The Game Master provides everything you need; miniatures, terrain, dice and tape measure. You don’t even need to know the rules.
The only thing you need to bring is a good attitude and desire to have fun.
Tournaments allow , and encourage, pre-registration up to 100%. The Game Master organizing the tournament will handle registration for the event, collect any extra fees, and do any vetting of army lists etc required before the event. Tournament rules and the GM contact information will be included in the listing for the Tournament.
The Role Playing Games are located in the main room on Sundays. Once again, everything you need will be provided by the Game Masters. You just need a good attitude and desire to have a good time.
Got some stuff that didn’t sell in Saturday’s Bring & Buy? Want to be able to wheel and deal and haggle? Want to sell that box of 157 odd figures for $2 each? Just don’t want to give us 10%?
There will be empty tables availabe for you to sell your stuff yourself, just give us $10 for each 6 foot table you’d like and you can sell up until 4 PM.