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In 1919 the Baltic nations struggled to defend their newly created independence. The area was divided among Bolsheviks, Germans, and Estonian and Latvian nationalists. In this fictional scenario,  Estonian Nationalists supported by elements of the Freikorps Iron Division launch a counter-attack against the Red Army. Tchankas, armoured cars, and an armoured train provide firepower and mobility in this easy to learn game for commissars, junkers, and the staunchest of republicans. Mark Degner presents this 15mm Interwar game for 4 players using Modified Triumph of the Will
It is the height of the Peninsular War during the Napoleonic age.  Spanish guerillas have learned that a high ranking French official is passing through their territory on the way to the front.  Who is it? No one knows for sure. Judging by the number of guards present though, this person is important and the perfect target for an ambush!   
Can you discover who the official is, and take them prisoner?  Or do you have the skills to keep the official safe to further the plans of the glorious Empire of France?
This fast paced fun scenario features amazing custom terrain from Miniature Landscape Hobbies.  Test your tactical skills while participating in plenty of entertaining mayhem! Joe and Mitchell Saunders present this Sharp Practice game in 28mm for 6 players.
Vosges 58BC – The Gallic Wars PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
The Arvernians and the Sequani have invited Ariovistus and his German friends across the river to add military support in return for land.  The Aedui beg for Caesars help in the matter and the shrewd general sees it as an opportunity to gain a foothold in Gaul by defeating the German army.  The stage is set for a decisive battle between the two parties.  Who will win? Only the auguries can decide…as well as the players of course! Chris Nokes of the Newmarket Games Club presents this Strength and Honour scenario for 2 to 4 players with scratch built 2mm armies.  This is a game designed for large battles that’s very easy to learn so come and give it a try!  Note: Players will NOT be punished for mispronunciation of ancient Gallic tribes, only bad game decisions.
Club Med – Churchill has crashed! PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
Prime Minister Churchill’s plane has crashed in the Western Desert and his security has been compromised.  Now both the 8th Army and the Afrika Korps are trying to find him. Join this desert brew haw haw to see if he survives. 28mm Bolt Action for 6 players hosted by Ross Cossar and Dave Mattison.
Battle of Memphis, June 1862 PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
The major supply artery of the Mississippi river was critical to both sides of the American Civil war. 
The Union River fleet are commanded to destroy the Confederate fleet and clear the way to Memphis and beyond.
As the Union paddleclads approach from upstream the Confederate Ram fleet,  short of coal fuel,  prepare to stand and fight to block their path.
This game is design for 4 to 6 players each commanding at least 2 ships each.
The Dawn of Iron rules combine a random player sequence with quick game dynamics.
Howard Tulloch hosts this 1/600th scale American Civil War naval battle
Madness in Manchester – Manchester Rim
“It is 1890, and these are unsettling times in Manchester. Strange sights and sounds emerge from the shadows, people mysteriously disappear near the docks, and, at times, the very ground seems to shake. Some speak of the end of the world, fanatics and flagellants start to appear in the streets, while others whisper of older, darker things. A rift has opened in the Irwell River in Manchester. Kaju are coming through the rift and the combined armies and navies of the world are out to stop them……or are they out to aid them?…”
This year, Madness in Manchester brings elements of Pulp Skirmish gaming, VSF , and the Cthulu Mythos to the table. Each player should bring an heroic leader, 2 units of ten infantry (riflemen, sailors, cultists, deep ones etc), and either a lightly armoured land, air or water vehicle (boat, wheeled, tracked, walker or flier) armed with one light gun (bring whatever you have and we’ll call it this), OR a Monster of your choosing (which will be armed and armoured as a vehicle). No figures? No problem? There will be extras available  on demand!
Dan Pasha Hutter & Dave “He Who Must Not Be Named” Winters host the annual HotLead VSF chaos using their patented OBC (One Brain Cell) rules for as many players as will fit around the table.
The Other Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
As the Battle of Shiloh rages, small Union scouting parties are seeking a way across Owl Creek – one such party has found a very useful bridge that they will now attempt to storm, seize and hold. Meanwhile Lieutenant Farquhar Peyton and his little band of Confederate regulars await them on the far bank and pray for the coming of the night. Chris Robinson presents this 15mm American Civil War game for 4 players using Fistful of Lead/Horse and Musket Skirmish (Wiley Games).
Wiley Games is kindly providing prize support for this game – there will be something for every participant!
Beaver Dams June 24, 1813.  PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
An American column is heading to De Cou’s House, base of British Lt. James Fitzgibbon. Laura Secord has warned the Allies of the coming attack. Hordes of First Nations are alert and ready in the woods lining the road. Will the U.S. troops get to the destination? Roger Chrysler presents this historic refight of the famous Canadian battle for 4 players using Sharp Practice rules.
It’s a huge and dangerous world out there, and it does not look kindly on a small mouse. But if you are very brave and very clever and just a bit lucky, you might be able to survive. And if you survive long enough, you might even become a hero amongst mice.
A Toad emissary of Heron Pond has come to your Mouse village of Grass Hill to ask that you honour the Old Pact, and help them defeat the Squirrels of  New Oak. The Squirrels have been befouling the Toad’s home with litter from their oak, and when asked to stop drove away the emissaries with jeers, insults, and explosive acorns.
Along the way you may encounter dangerous obstacles such as the Cat who lives in the yard, the Snake at the base of the tree, and other hazards. And if you succeed, you may be able to bring back treasure and spells to Grass Hill, and gain glory and fame.
Mausritter has a simple character creation process, so each player will create their character before the adventure begins. Please bring notepaper and pens/pencils to take notes, and track injuries and inventory. A set of polyhedral dice is recommended but not necessary. Character sheets and dice will be provided.
Sandra Sine DMs this Mausritter adventure for 4 to 6 players.