Saturday Morning 30 March, 2019

Saturday Morning Session

9:30am to 1:30pm
Honours of War
15mm. Seven Years War. Second Silesian War - a rear-guard action. Austrian forces must hold up a Prussian attacking force for a certain number of turns while their supply train escapes over a bridge of a river. Then they must withdraw themselves with minimum casualties. Honours of War rules. GM: Gerald Upton. 2-6 players.
Hastings Here They Come
28mm. The Battle of Hastings, 1066 AD. In January of 1066, King Edward the Confessor dies and Harold Godwinson is elected to the throne. Two other men also claim the crown of England. King Harold must now fight to defend England from two invading armies. Stamford Bridge sees the defeat Harold Hardrada, one down, King Harold must face William Duke of Normandy. The Saxon army deploys on a hillside blocking the road to London near Hastings. On October 14th, 1066 two armies meet in one of the most famous battles in history. New players are welcome. This will be an introductory game to TRIUMPH! Fast Play Rules for Ancient and Medieval Battles. Triumph! rules. GM: Larry Weichel. 6 players.
Middle Earth SBG by GW
28mm. Ontario Hobbit Adventures (OHA) presents Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. Come be a part of the action, fighting for either the forces of the dark lord of Mordor or stand with the men of the White City. Several custom scenarios will be played on a custom built table to emerse you in Middle Earth. Games Workshop rules. GMs: Jason Chaplin & Dane Ordway. 6 players.
Field of Honour
28mm. Medieval 100 Years War. Late 100 years war large pitch battle. Tatica Medieval rules. GMs: Bob & Jim Hastings. 6 players.
Battle of Apamea
28mm. Medieval. The Fatimid Caliphate, based in Egypt, saw a resurgence in the 10th century that led to a direct conflict with a resurgent Byzantine Empire. The Fatimid goal was to reconquer its lost province of Syria. This led to a direct confrontation between the Byzantine army in Syria under Damian Dalassenos and the Fatimid forces under Jaush ibn al-Samsama at Apamea on July 19, 998. Historically the Fatimid’s won the battle after a long and difficult struggle. Can you repeat the victory of Allah’s warriors and restore the glory of his one true Caliphate? Can you lead Christ’s warriors into battle and secure Constantinople’s control of Syria? Impetus rules. GM: Mark Rutledge. 6 players.
Dreadnought Battle Arena
28mm. Sci-Fi Future. Test your mettle in an open combat 6-way battle with your chosen Dreadnought from the Warhammer 40000 universe. A fun free for all event with enough Dakka to make an Ork greener with envy. Will your dreadnought survive and reign supreme, or get crushed by your opponents. 2 games per time slot. Modified 8th Edition Warhammer 40000 rules. GMs: Peter Smith & Huw Powell. 6 players.
Second Tensho Iga War
28mm. Medieval Japan (1581). Oda Nobunaga leads a full-scale army to finally crush the upstart Iga Province and reclaim his captured son, Nobukatsu. Samurai swords clash and the ground runs red with blood in a war of honour and freedom. Test of Honour rules. GM: Adam Gow. 4 players.
Middle Earth SBG Tournament
28mm. 32 pre-registered player slots for the War of the Ring. Register online before February 15th via the OHA: Ontario Hobbit Adventures Facebook event page. Registrants are encouraged to create and build the most thematic force they can muster, as this will be team battling for the fate of Middle earth - good versus evil. Remaining player slots after the February 23rd deadline will be up for grabs at game sign-up day of. Armies will be available for those who don't pre-register, and and convention-goer can join in the fun at any time. Games Workshop rules. GMs: George Nikitaidis, Jason Chaplin, Tyler Antsy & Ivan Woodruff. 2 players x 16 small game tables.
Please note, time slots for these tournament games differ from the convention time slots.
BattleTech: Grinder
6mm. SciFi. A progressive free-for-all BattleMech combat. Players begin with a light BattleMech, equipped with the most basic weapons. When that unit is destroyed in combat, the player re-enters the Grinder with a more powerful BattleMech equipped with more advanced weapons and new equipment, and this continues until the player commands the most advanced and deadly units in the game. Players can play as long as they wish, leave, and return during the scheduled event listing if they wish due to the continuous nature of the Grinder. Grinder can accommodate from 2 to 18 players. All materials are provided. BattleTech rules. GMs: Nick Connor & AJ Harkness. 2-18 players.
Battle of Novara, 1513
15mm. Renaissance. June 6th, 1513: A dramatic and decisive battle in the Italian Wars, just a year after the French victory in the battle of Ravenna, in 1512 (which we recreated at Hotlead 2018). In this year, a Swiss force came to assist the new Italian candidate for the Duke of Milan, Maximillian Sforza, as the French pursued their claim to the Duchy. The French besieged the city of Novara, but withdrew when the Swiss army approached. Employing the unusual, but distinctly Swiss tactic of marching overnight and then attacking immediately, the Swiss surprised the powerful French force, King Louis XII included, while they were having breakfast. A rapid advance, and their particularly fierce fighting allowed them to triumph on the day. This battle represented the zenith of Swiss military power, the French did not expect that an army without cavalry could defeat armed knights before. This was also the first full on encounter of large numbers of Swiss and Landsknecht, who became brutal foes. This battle features the Swiss army almost completely composed of infantry, with a few Milanese allies, against a force with large numbers of Landsknecht infantry, dressed in their usual outrageous fashions. Together with the wonderfully attired French knights, flags galore and new camps, this is a visually rich recreation with lots of new painting for everyone to enjoy. DBR rules. GM: Stephen Lindsey. 6-8 players.
Wheelie Wars - DBA Tournament
15mm. Ancients. Bring any valid book I army from DBA 3.0 that includes at least 1 chariot to play in a 3-round mini-tournament. Gaming mats supplied by GM. Limited number of loaner armies and terrain available. No experience needed. Rules will be taught for new players wishing to learn. DBA 3.0 rules. GM: John Mifkovic. 2-8 players.
Bolt Action Bring and Battle!
28mm. Bring your 750 pt Bolt Action army to fight whoever shows up! Hotlead is setting aside one 12 foot table for Friday night and all day Saturday. This should accomadate up to 3 games side by side. 2-6 players.
Bill Bean will be providing some terrain to loan, but bring your own if you can as well.
B-17s Over Germany
It’s just another day in 1944 for a flight of three B-17s heading into the heart of Germany. But the Luftwaffe has decided to pull out all the stops in its defence of the Reich. Escorting Allied fighters will have their hands full as Balkenkruz crowd the sky, and the B-17s are facing flak fields as well as enemy fighters.
Rules: Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures
Game Master (GM): Bill Bean
Slim Chance on the Slim River
Trolak, Malaya, 7 January, 1942. After weeks of a relentless advance, the Japanese have pushed the British and Imperial forces back towards Singapore. The 4th battalian, 19th Hyderabad Regiment is dug in across the trunk road north of Trolak. They are at the pointy end of a defence in depth by the 11th Indian Division. They are facing the full might of the fully mechanized Japanese 5th Division. A Type 97 Chi Ha tank may not look like much from the turret of a Sherman but when it comes rumbling towards your fox hole in the dark and all you have is a Boys anti-tank rifle and a gin bottle full of petrol, it's bloody intimidating!
Mike Manning, Nick Wesson and Howard Tulloch host this 1/72nd scale WW2 battle for 6 players using "Rapid Fire!" rules.
The Battle of Beaumont -Pre-Registration on this game is CLOSED
Marshal McMahon tries to extricate 3 French Corps from a tight spot while trying to relieve the German siege of Metz. Prussian, Saxon and Bavarian forces will try to trap McMahon against the Meuse River.
Brian Hall presents this 6mm refight of the Franco-Prussian War battle using "Bloody Big Battles" rules for 6 players.
Ambush at Nung Chi
Increasing sniper activity on the Nung Chi road requires a show of force but Charlie has other ideas. A strong ambush has pinned down your leading element. You will adapt, rescue your wounded and eliminate the enemy road block. Get it done soldier!
Dave McKay and Graeme Atkinson host this 28mm Vietnam game using "Charlie Company" rules.
The Lions to the Fore
Cold War gone HOT! It's 1958 and the Warsaw Pact has invaded West Germany. Play as RCAF pilots in Canadair Sabres or East German pilots in MiG-15s duel over the skies of Europe. Who will come out on top? Keith Burnett hosts this 1:300th scale Jet Age air combat game for 6 players using "Check Your 6!" rules.
The Abandoned Workshop
An Alchemist renowned for her potions and automata once lived in this place. Today a group of wizards and their warbands desend upon her old ruined workshop looking for what can still be scavanged. It is said her guardian construct still wanders the grounds.
This is a "Frostgrave" scenario by Andy Chambers from the new "Frostgrave" expansion "The Wizard's Conclave."
Jacob Stauttener hosts this 28mm fantasy skirmish game for 2 to 6 players.
The Red War Part 2 (Level 7)
The Cults of Elemental Evil wrought incredible destruction on the city of Mulmaster. In its hour of need, the City of Danger received aid from an unlikely source- the Mageocracy of Thay, ruled by the lich Szass Tam. With Mulmaster moving ever closer to Thay’s orbit and strife brewing within the Factions for action, the hour is ripe for conflict.

This is the second part in a four part adventure series designed to be played in sequence. Your character will carry forward at the end of each session, so Make sure to sign up for all four sessions to see the story to its exciting conclusion!
D&D 5th edition
4-6 players
DM Karen Pajot
Le Cateau, August 26th 1914 –the great retreat
Following the Battle of Mons the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and the French Army retreated to the outskirts of Paris in the face of the right wing of the Imperial German Army commanded by Gen. von Kluck. The battered British II Corps commanded by Gen. Smith-Dorrien, was forced to hold a long front running along the ancient Roman road between Le Cateau and Cambrai. Outnumbered by more than two-to-one, the BEF’s lines become outflanked as the day wears on, and the battle breaks up into many isolated skirmishes. Can “Tommy Atkins” and his pals “throw a spanner in the works” of the Schlieffen Plan? Or will “the Boche” be in Paris by the end of the month? A company level skirmish for 2-4 players using “Contemptible Little Armies” rules. Hosted by Ian Tetlow.
Battle of Britain A.D. 500
The Romans are long gone and now England is being fought over by four factions: Saxons, Picts, Scots-Irish and the Welsh-speaking men of Strathclyde. You may have alliances but you can trust no-one. It'll be fun!
Alex Beer and Geoff Rothwell host this dark age battle using "L'Art de la Guerre" rules for 4 players.