Saturday: 9:30am to 1:30pm

Grammy’s Country Apple Pie
When the ancient wizard Tyndareus develops a craving for a special treat from his childhood, he will stop at
nothing to get his hands on the best apple pie in the whole world. He hires a group of adventurers to seek out the bakery that once produced the wonderful dessert…
You can bring your own 1st level PC, but pre-made options will be available for those who need them.
You need a pencil & paper for keeping notes, and a set of polyhedral dice & a miniature for your PC are recommended but not required.
Sandra Sine DMs this worthy and epic quest for 4-6 players with D&D 5e.
New or young players welcome!
Defending Terra Mariana 1230
Game Scenario: Out of the dark, dangerous forests of Kurland comes the ominous sounds of approaching danger.  The peasants in the fields pause their work, scanning the tree line.  Slowly, one after another, pagan Slav archers appear.  The peasants flee to the burgh.  The alarum is sounded.
As the local Rittmeister of the Sword Brothers of Livonia you must decide whether to meet the pagans in the open fields or trust to the stout palisade protecting your town.
Mike Manning and Nick Wesson host this Medieval battle for 6 players using Might of Arms rules.
Raid on New Dublin
New Dublin is the communications hub for the planet, housing a Faster Than Light transmission site. Multiple Battlegroups have been tasked to raid and destroy this comms link as part of the plan to cut this planet off and subdue it. Fixed defences and mobile battlegroups will attempt to defend this crucial infrastructure. Brian Hall hosts a 1/300 scale science fiction battle for 6 players using the Polyversal rules.
A Project of Wild Audacity: Louisbourg 1745
In 1745, an army of New Englanders laid siege to the French Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton.  Despite knowing nothing about siege warfare, William Pepperell’s amateurs captured the fortress after a six-week siege.  Will history repeat itself, or can Governor Duchambon hold until relief arrives?  The rules will be Vauban’s Wars for the siege, and Regimental Fire and Fury for a storm.
Bruce Pettipas and Howard Fielding present this 18th century battle in 28mm for 5 palyers.
15mm Ancients ADLG Classical tournament.
3 rounds, 200 points
Alexander to Caesar theme
Please contact Tod Creasey <> or see the ADLG Facebook group for the full list of allowed armies
Bolt Action Tournament
$30 tournament fee (in addition to convention admission) for prizes. All money collected goes directly into prizing. (Non-refundable). All fees form a prize pool & from Warlord games prize support. I aim to have a prize for each player.
20 spots available. Player pack, with scenarios to be emailed when paid.
Etransfer Steve Stokan to secure a spot at: 
ONLY PAY YOUR TOURNAMENT FEE. You will still need to pay the Convention admission when you registrer with us.
Deadline for payment and list submissions is Sunday March 19th. Send lists by the above email or by FB messenger to Steve Stokes.

3 rounds, 1250 points, single or dual reinforced platoons from the Generic selector. 16 dice max
Vehicle Mounted Flamethrowers and Naval Forward Observers are banned. 
This is a competitive tournament.
3 rounds of Swiss pairing. First round placements are random. Anyone messaging me asking not to play their buddies in round one will be considered. 
Tournament ranking will be determined by wins first, then dice killed, then the lowest dice loss if tied for position. 
We will have ringers to ensure we don’t have anyone sitting around for a bye. If the events organizers are tied up in games various experienced players will be nominated as rules judges. A judge cannot rule on their own game. 

0930-1030 setup
1030-1300 game 1 Custom Max Meeting Engagement scenario. Pick 2 of your enemies units as targets to kill and get triple points if you kill it
1300-1345 lunch (Best painted vote)
1345-1615 game 2 Demolition
1630-1900 game 3 Timely Objectives
1900 prizes & clean up 

2 1/2 hour games, last dice when the timer ends. 15 minute grace period for late players and if not started it’s logged as a 6-0 win for the present player. If two players are late they will be placed together and their games will result in a 6-0 loss at 15 minutes. 

We will pause the tournament for approximately 30 minutes when the bring and buy is open. Games could be delayed until 1930. We will have to be flexible.

The prize pool will be a picked in the following order:
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Best Painted (Displays help) Unique prize
Most Heroic (Most dice kills)
Best Commander (Lowest dice losses)
Wooden spoon
Then In order 4th place to 2nd last.
Tistamini is assisting with prizes. They have the largest selection of Bolt Action in Ontario.

FYI the tables will be set up Friday night and ready for gaming at 7pm if you want to get a game in. They will be taken down at the conclusion of the tournament.
Rorke’s Drift
Defend Rorke’s Drift against the Zulu impis. Survive as long as you can, hopefully until the Zulus give up. Can you do better than the historical outcome?
Vincnet Booth presents this infamous historical action in 28mm using Victoria Cross rules for 4 players.
Peninsular War Ambush
It is the height of the Peninsular War during the Napoleonic age.  Spanish guerillas have learned that a high ranking French official is passing through their territory on the way to the front.  Who is it? No one knows for sure. Judging by the number of guards present though, this person is important and the perfect target for an ambush!   
Can you discover who the official is, and take them prisoner?  Or do you have the skills to keep the official safe to further the plans of the glorious Empire of France?
This fast paced fun scenario features amazing custom terrain from Miniature Landscape Hobbies.  Test your tactical skills while participating in plenty of entertaining mayhem! Joe and Mitchell Saunders present this Sharp Practice game in 28mm for 6 players.
Ambush at Oriskany
The battle of Oriskany took place on the road between Oriska and Fort Stanwix in New York state during the American War of Independance. The militia was sent to relieve the siege and the Six Nations under Joseph Brant set an ambush to stop them. It was a bloodbath. While in the end it was a victory for the crown forces and the Tryon County Militia were destroyed as a fighting force, it was also a serious blow to the Six Nations.
Fox Hunting is a set of rules developed by Gamemaster Wayne Renaud with a true ground scale and a 1:1 figure ratio. Over a thousand men fought that day and with 6mm scale we can show every single one of them.
Game Master (GM): Wayne Renaud
6 players.
Fight For Survival
In the blasted, radiation-scorched, wastelands of the Earth’s surface, towering mecha do battle, defending the interests of one of the few remaining arcology governments, providing security for wilderness outposts, or seeking out loot and supplies as a mercenary company. Randall Carter presents this Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction for 4 players using Gamma Wolves rules.
Adventures in the Marmalade Islands
Having lost the big island of Citrus to Toyland the inhabitants of Bearnovia are denied their source of Marmalade. Something must be done!
Join Captain Blue Bear and his band of sailors and marines as they conduct a raid on Paddington Landing. Will they bring back the much needed, “Golden Shred” or will Toytown continue to deny Bearnovia of their national spread?
28mm Teddy Bear and Toytown game design for the younger Hotleaders. Adults who wish to game with their children are welcome.
This is a kid’s game for 4 players with the sole purpose of having fun.
Dan Hughes and Emerson Grace use modified Mordheim rules.
Second Tensho-Iga War
Oda Nobunaga leads a full-scale army to finally crush the upstart Iga Province and reclaim his captured son, Nobukatsu.  Samurai swords clash and the ground runs red with blood in a war of honour and freedom.
Addison Gow hosts this 28mm medieval Samurai game for 4 players using Test of Honour.
The Battle of Cynoscephalae  197 BC
Stephen Lindsey continues his refights of famous battles from ancient history. This year we witness the epic clash between the Legions of Rome the mighty Macedonian phalanx!
Cynoscephalae was fought between between the forces of the Roman general Titus Quinctius Flamininus, including some Greek allies, and Phillip V, the king of Macedon. The Romans had invaded Macedonia, in support of their new Greek allies from the Aetolian League. The armies just about stumbled into each other, near  Cynoscephalae  in Central Greece, discovering that they were camped on opposite sides of a range of hills. The Macedonians moved over the ridge first, splitting their forces into two columns, and attacking downhill towards the Roman camp.
This battle will feature more than 2,000 miniatures and use modifeid De Bellis Multitudinus (DBM) rules for 8 players.
Welcome to the races! The fastest, most Orkiest race around. Can you make it  three laps around the track with all of your competition gunnin for you…er  your spot?  
Multiple races  will be had during each time slot. Pick your racer  and see if you can survive past the first turn. All models and measuring devices will be provided.   
As the Boss sayz ” Da only thing better dan krumpin, is racin, an in dis race you get to do the krumpin for the winnin”
Peter Smith and Huw Powell present this Warhammer 40K game for 6 players per race.
Gari River Crossing
Participate in a bloody show down somewhere in the vicinity of the Gustav Line. Allied forces attempt to secure a crossing over the River Gari, while the Germans attempt to pin them in place for their mobile elements to arrive and sweep them from the field.
This Second World War scenario for Flames of War is inspired by an historical action.
Jacob Hopkins from Lack of Foresight Games hosts this game for 2 to 6 players.
Battles of Antiquity in an hour
A great opportunity to re-enact (on a small scale) any, or all, of five battles. Ideal for those wanting to shop and play. Drop in at any time. First games at 9.30 am, last games start at noon. Game Masters on hand to help you through the rules.  Games typically last no more than an hour.
There will be five different scenarios on offer:
1)   Clash of the Greek City States, The Battle of Amphipolis, 440BC, which ended the First Peloponnesian War. Fought by Brasidas of Sparta (I/52b) against Cleon of Athens (I/52e). Simple DBA rules to offer a learning environment for new players.
2) The Battle of Hydaspes, 326 BC, fought by Alexander of Macedonian (II/15) against King Porus of Indian (II/3a).
3) The Battle of Cannae, 216BC, the decisive battle of the Second Punic War, Roman army (II/33) lead by the consuls Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro against a Carthaginian army (II/32a) lead by Hannibal Barca.
4) A Clash in the desert – A battle between historical opponents (247 BC – 224 AD), the Parthian army (II/37) of Cyrus the Great against a raiding army of Pre-Islamic Arabs, (II/23a).
5) The Battle of Stoke Field 1487 AD, the last battle of the War of the Roses. The Army of the Pretender, Lambert Simnel ( IV/83c) lead by the Earl of Lincoln (John de la Pole)against the Army of Henry VII Tudor (IV/83a) lead by the Earl of Oxford (john de Vere).
Howard Tulloch and John Mifkovic use DBA3 rules for 8 players per 1 hour slot.
Saturday Morning Cartoon Action Hour Mashup – Episode 1
Game Scenario: After a long search in the wastelands of Eternia, Skeletor has at last discovered the lost White Tower and its trans-dimensional portal.  His first attempt to use it fails spectacularly and from the shattered future of some strange world comes the barbarian Thundarr and his post-apocalyptic gang of super science savages and one sorceress. Meanwhile, He-Man has caught up with Skeletor after receiving a dire warning from *his* Sorceress, and the Saturday morning franchise face-off everybody/nobody wanted is about to begin! By the Lords of Light, who will have the Power? Chris Robinson presents this 80s TV nostalgia blast for 6 players using Galactic Heroes 2E/Wasteland Warriors/Fantasy (Wiley Games) for 6 players.