Saturday: 9:30am to 1:30pm

Battle Tech Grinder
A progressive free-for-all BattleMech combat. Players begin with a light BattleMech, equipped with the most basic weapons. When that unit is destroyed in combat, the player re-enters the Grinder with a more powerful BattleMech equipped with more advanced weapons and new equipment, and this continues until the player commands the most advanced and deadly units in the game. Players can play as long as they wish, leave, and return during the scheduled event listing if they wish due to the continuous nature of the Grinder. Nick and Hayden Connor hosts this 1:285th scale science fiction game using Battle Tech rules for 2 to 12 players.
Travis Keeler demonstrateds his new 28mm Fantasy big skirmish game for 2 to 4 players.
First Tensho Iga War Medieval Japan (1579) -PRE-REGISTRATION FOR THIS GAME IS FULL
Young Oda Nobukatsu seeks to expand his territory into the mountainous Iga Province.  Ninja, Ronin, Warrior Monks and Samurai clash steel and spill blood in a war for resources and territory. Adam Gow hosts this 28mm Samurai skirmish using Test of Honour rules for 4 players.
Gravelotte-St Privat 18 August 1870
Bazaine’s Last Chance – Marshal Bazaine’s Army of the Rhine attempts to hold the Prussian 1st and 2nd Armies at bay to avoid encirclement in Metz. Brian Hall hosts this 6mm Franco-Prussian War battle using Bloody Big Battles rules for 4-8 players.
Choosing Sides-CANCELLED
Remnants of The Twelve Colonies of Kobol, fleeing the Cylon holocaust, have found the 13th tribe but they are at war themselves. The Earth Alliance has extended protection to the Colonial refugees in exchange for assistance in their fight against rebel forces based out of Babylon 5. Take sides in this cross universe matchup between Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5. Mike Hoyt presents this 1/7000 scale SF fleet action using his Metaverse rules for 6 players.
British regulars with Queens Rangers and Native Allies fight a rear action against American regulars and militia. Bob Hastings hosts this 28mm skirmish action set in the American War of Independance for 4 players using his own rules.
The Battle of Marignano 13-14th June 1515
Two years on from the Battle of Novara (which we recreated last year), we find the Swiss once more launching a mass surprise attack on the newly arrived French forces, hoping to capture the Duchy of Milan. With the Swiss arriving towards the end of the day, the battle was inconclusive on day one, and was restarted the next morning.
A bloody and hard fought battle, the Swiss loss on the day saw the end of their dominance as the finest infantry in Europe.
This battle features the Swiss army almost completely composed of infantry, together with a few Milanese allies, against a force with large numbers of Landsknecht infantry, dressed in their usual outrageous fashions. 
Together with the wonderfully attired French knights, flags galore and new camps, this is a visually rich recreation with lots of new painting for everyone to enjoy. Stephen Lindsey hosts this Renaissance battle in 15mm using modified DBR rules for 8 players. 
Adventures in the Marmalade Islands
You are the brave Captain of a scruffy crew of Pirates in search of treasure. You will battle monsters, other pirates and nature gone wild. Who will emerge the strongest most ruthless underhanded Pirate? It could be you?  By the way did I mention you are a Teddy Bear.  This is a game for children. Any adults who wish to play must be accompanied by a child. No unattended adults. Dan and Ben Hughes host this 28mm Pirate game using Teddies of the Caribbean rules for 4 players.
Fire teams of Colonial Marines are tasked with investigating the atmosphere processor to determine the location of the missing colonists…. They are quick to realize they are not alone, and not the only thing hunting! 
Players control various units on the table including Colonial Marines, Colonists, and Predators using Hadley’s Hope ruleset. Fighting to survive in the Aliens Vs Predator universe. 
4-6 Players 
GM Jason Chaplin and Dane Ordway 
Skirmish in the Snow part 1: Screaming Eagles -PRE_REGISTRATION FOR THIS GAME IS FULL
American Paras and German Patrols square off in the forests of the Ardennes.
Each player is given a squad of 7 to 10 troops to command as they go head to head in on the snow-covered battlefield. Victory goes to the Brave! Andy Hohn and Kevin Brooking host a 54mm WW2 game for 4 players using Five Men at Kursk
The Few
This is an introductory Axis and Allies Air Force Miniatures aerial combat game using standard and custom aircraft. It’s August 15, 1940 and the Battle of Britain has moved to the next stage: The Luftwaffe and the Regia Aeronautica are now pummelling RAF airfields. The haggard RAF aircraft are rising to meet the attackers. Bill Bean hosts this game for 5 players.
Legions of Steel 2nd Edition is a fast paced, squad level, map tile based, miniatures combat game set in the not so distant future. Originally released in 1992, the new edition is ready now to be played.
Save humanity from a siege of mechanical horror. Play an elite group of Commandos in high tech powered armour on their missions to destroy the base complexes of the Overlord computer. Meanwhile, your opponent maneuvers their horde of robotic minions commanded by ten feet of raw terror, the dreaded Mark 1 Assault Fiend.
Mechanics are simple. Only six sided dice are required to quickly resolve firefights, but you need more than luck to survive. With Blasters, Deadbolt Launchers, Kinetic Pulse grenades and the Napalm-X Flame Weapon on the field of battle, tactical considerations are many. Before you can out-fight your opponent, you must first out-think them.
Marco and Nico Pecota will be demonstrating this Canadian made game for 4 players.
All materials required to participate in the demos will be provided.
Operation Zitadella has begun to close off the Kursk salient. 4th Panzer army is tasked with attacking from the south.  Panzer Division Grossdeutschland is one of the divisions in this attack.  By the 9th of July they have cleared Verkhopenye against much resistance.  The Russians are no easy foe and they counter attack Grossdeutschland near the village of Gremutschij.  Will the Russians sweep the field or will Grossdeutschland rise to the fight and not only hold the ground but advance?
Thomas Sero presents this WW2 action in 20mm using Chain of Command rules for 4 players.
Ludum gladiatorum stans missus.
Ludum gladiatorum pugnare ad digitum et alea.
Wim Oudshoorn presents 28mm Roman Gladiatorial games fought to the finger (i.e. with mercy) and gambling. Who will walk away the richest? Stans Missus rules by Wim Oudshoorn, for 8 players.
The Great Kobold Escape
In this original Dungeons & Dragons 5e adventure, the players will be taking on the position of Kobolds as they work to defend their home, as well as ensure the weaker members of the community escape to safety, when their burrow is attacked by invaders.
PCs will be provided, but if someone wishes to create their own unique Kobold PC, please contact the GM, Sandra Sine <> for directions/details.
Please bring dice, and note/scrap paper, and a pencil or pen for notes. 4 to 6 players.
Kang’s Time War
The Newmarket Games Club Presents – Kang’s Time War!
Battle for survival in Kang’s cruel time war!  Players will fight terrifying monsters and each other in a struggle to the death to survive Kang’s cruel game.  Run by experienced game master, 9 year old Charles Nokes and his lovely assistant (Dad) this is a simple and fun game for 4 time warriors of any age or morning caffeine level. 54mm figures and homebrew rules.
The Yorkist army of Edward IV finally corners the Lancastrians fleeing to Wales to regroup. The battle was fought outside of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire among ditches and hedgerows on a battlefield bounded by two rivers. In Queen Margaret’s Lancastrian army was the young Prince Edward, the last hope of the House of Lancaster. Ian Tetlow hosts this 28mm Wars of the Roses battle using Poleaxed 2nd edition rules for 6 players.
Dux Britanniarum
Saxons are raiding Romano-British holdings. Each gamer will get units of warriors, elites, missile troops and cavalry and will get exposure to multiple uses of units using the Dux Britanniarum rules. The first scenario will be the Saxons raiding a small village for loot and attempt to burn down the Romano-British watch tower as the primary objective. Frank Kailik and Cain Carter host this Dark Age game for 6 players.
Turkish Delight -CANCELLED
It is 1711 and Peter the Great has marched his Russian army, along with allied Cossacks and Wallachians (modern-day Romanianians) into the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans have raised a large army, including exiled Swedish and Polish cavalry and Crimean Tatars. Geoff Rothwell and Alex Beer use speeded up “Stretch DBR” rules to fight with winged hussars, Janissaries, Cossack light horse, Arab fanatics, stoic Russian foot and lots more in this 6 player game.
Palestine 1917
Imperial forces under Allenby push against Johnny Turk.  Sand and sun, camels and flies, Maxims and Krupps, Mark IVs and Whippets . . . what more can you ask for? Mike Manning and Nick Wesson use Rapid Fire! rules for this 6 player WW1 battle.
The Battle at La Fière, 1944
The 82nd Airborne attempts to repulse a German armoured assault. The German counterattack has begun with forces pushing down the main road to Cauquigny. They encounter the perimeter of the US airborne forces and seek to quickly drive them in. Pierre-Yves Troel hosts this 28mm WW2 action using Chain of Command rules for 4 players.
July 1187, the Crusader army under the King of Jerusalem rides out to break the siege of Tiberias. They meet the Ayyubid Sultan Salah ad-Din in the desert near the Horns of Hattin.  The Crusaders are surrounded by a much more mobile force of mounted light horsemen.  Exhausted and out of water, they must fight their way out of this trap or die on the barren plains of the Levant. Rodney Cain and Brian Peruski present this 28mm Crusader era battle for 6 players using Triumph! rules.
Battle of Borny-Columbey, August 14, 1870
Marshall Bazaine, after taking over command of the French army on the Moselle, is faced with a difficult decision.  An immediate retreat will gain him time but lose him much of the army.  A phased withdrawal will allow him to save most of the army but might lead to strategic difficulties later on.  They Prussians wish to keep engaging the French and wear them down before a final showdown. Mark Anderson and Eric Ritchie host a 15mm Franco-Prussian War battle using Bloody Big Battles rules for 4 players.
Follow the Ho Chi Min Trail
The Iron Triangle, that dagger pointing at the heart of Saigon. You and your men must sweep the VC from the field, usually they just melt away… usually.
Each player commands a squad of US troops and they must work together to foil the enemy who are becoming increasingly cunning in this war torn region.
Graeme Atkinson and Dave McKay present a 20mm Viet Nam game using Charlie Company rules for 6 players.
A Totally Normal Adventure
An ordinary fighter, his magic sword and trusty horse enter the Goblin Caves. Shenannigans ensue. Jordan Prato DMs this D&D 5e adventure for 3 players.
Battles of Antiquity-CANCELLED!
A great opportunity to re-enact (on a small scale) any, or all, of four battles.  Ideal for those wanting to shop and play.  Drop in at any time.  First games at 9.30 am, last games start at noon.  Game Masters on hand to help you through the rules. Each game should take approximately 1 hour.

1)  Clash of the Greek City States, The Battle of Amphipolis, 440BC, which ended the First Peloponnesian War.  Fought by Brasidas of Sparta (I/52b) against Cleon of Athens (I/52e). Simple DBA rules to offer a learning environment for new players.

2) The Battle of Hydaspes, 326 BC, fought by Alexander of Macedonian (II/15) against King Porus of Indian (II/3a).

3) The Battle of Cannae, 216BC, the decisive battle of the Second Punic War,  Roman army  (II/33) lead by the consuls Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro against a Carthaginian army (II/32a) lead by Hannibal Barca.

4) A clash in the desert – A battle between historical opponents (247 BC – 224 AD),  the Parthian army (II/37) of Cyrus the Great  against  a raiding army of Pre-Islamic Arabs, (II/23a).

5) The Battle of Stoke Field 1487 AD, the last battle of the War of the Roses. The Army of the Pretender, Lambert Simnel ( IV/83c) against the Army of Henry VII Tudor (IV/83a).
Howard Tulloch and John Mifkovic will moderate all 4 games.
Number of Players: 8 / 1-hour slot with 3 sessions in four hours. Drop in registration