Saturday: 9:00am to 1:30pm

Open at 7:30 AM for Game Masters to set up. Doors open at 9:00 AM for General Admissions. Games start at 9:30 AM.

Please note: we hold back 25% of slots for in-person sign ups. So “Pre-Registration is full” just means that the game is 75% signed up and we aren’t taking anymore pre-registrations.

King of the Hill
A large “King of the Hill” game, Innersphere only. 3000 BV2 limit, (value includes battlemech and pilot upgrades, pilot skills must remain within 2 of each other), 2 units per player. Not suggested for new players but everyone is welcome.
Kirk Sheppard hosts this Classic Battletech for 8-12 players.
Circus Maximus
As seen last year, play out a chariot race on George Duff’s artful 1/72nd scale Roman circus. Plan out your chariot team, and race against the others on a dangerous track full of mayhem and risk. Simplified home rules based on the AH game from the 70s. No experience necessary. 10 players.
ADLG Crusades tournament
15mm ADLG Crusades tournament. Allowed lists available from the GM or the ADLG Facebook group. 200 points, 3 rounds. Umpire Tod Creasey <> Number of Players: 12
The Tatooine Incident -Pre-Registration is FULL
The small settlement of Mos Grigan has been the location of a secret Imperial research facility for several years without incident. It has gone undetected due to its careful design as an unassuming farming community. However a recent experiment with a new star drive has created a warp rift above Tatooine which has garnered the attention of the rebellion and other prying eyes. The Empire seeks to protect their new secret technology but there are others with different plans…..
To complicate matters further a massive starship has arrived in orbit and has refused all hails. A small shuttle has been detected with a decent trajectory that will land near the research facility. Are they friend or foe?
This adapted One Hour Wargames scenario sees multiple Star Wars (And some non Star Wars) factions with conflicting goals clashing in the small oasis of Mos Grigan in 15mm scale. This game will involve each player having a small force of infantry, characters with the potential of mechanized support. The rules are fairly simple but it is recommend players of at least 16 years of age. We will be able to accommodate 6 – 8 players.
Game Master (GM): James Fields
Battles of Antiquity
A great opportunity to re-enact (on a small scale) any or all of five battles. Ideal for those wanting to shop and play.  Drop in at any time. 8 players can be accomodated in any of the three 60 minute slots.. First games at 9.30 am, last games start at noon. Game Masters Howard Tulloch and John Mifkovic are on hand to help you through the rules used, De Bellis Antiquitatis 3.0 (DBA 3).


1)     Clash of the Greek City States, The Battle of Amphipolis, 440B, which ended the First Peloponnesian War. Fought by Brasidas of Sparta (I/52b) against Cleon of Athens (I/52e). Simple DBA rules to offer a learning environment for new players.

2) The Battle of Hydaspes, 326 BC, fought by Alexander of Macedonian (II/15) against King Porus of Indian (II/3a). 

3) The Battle of Cannae, 216BC, the decisive battle of the Second Punic War, Roman army (II/33) lead by the consuls Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro against a Carthaginian army (II/32a) lead by Hannibal Barca.

4) DBA Big Battle – The Battle of White Tunis 310 BCE.
The tyrant of Syracuse, Agathocles invades Africa during the Greco-Punic wars in a wildly ambitious strategy hoping to get Carthage to withdraw its armies from Sicily by causing a Libyan revolt.
Agathocles lands with 14,000 Greek and Gallic troops on the Cape of Bon peninsula and with an old ally (Kyreen), start raiding the country side which causes panic in Carthage.
Hanno and Bamilcar gather what forces they can to stop Agathocles in Africa as the main Carthaginian army is away fighting in Sicily. King Ailymas of the Berber kingdom of Gala, sends a small Numidian force to aid Carthage but this aid is unpopular with his subjects as most of his nobles are in support the foreign Greek invasion. Following the sack of Tunis, the two forces clash near the Greek encampment. Up to 6 players. No experience needed. Rules will be taught.

5) The Battle of Stoke Field 1487 AD, the last battle of the War of the Roses. The Army of the Pretender, Lambert Simnel ( IV/83c) lead by the Earl of Lincoln (John de la Pole)against the Army of Henry VII Tudor (IV/83a) lead by the Earl of Oxford (john de Vere).
Hunt for The Minions of Evil -Pre-Registration is FULL
It is the spring of 1809 and the constant battles between the forces of the French Empire, Spain, Portugal and Britain have ravaged the Iberian Peninsula. The unprecedented bloodshed has had insidious effects that have gone unnoticed…until now. Slowly, rumours began to spread between the military encampments of all sides of the conflict.  Villagers and soldiers alike have gone missing. Some were later found hideously mangled as though savaged by wild creatures, some simply are never seen again.
Eventually, the European powers could ignore the strange occurrences no longer, and have independently dispatched elite bands of supernatural investigators to check into the events. 
Can you lead your band to uncover the mystery? Be warned though; you will need to face the warriors of both opposing nations and the incomprehensible forces of evil to prevail.
Featuring spectacular Napoleonic era terrain and miniatures with a gothic horror twist, this fun, fast paced game o Silver Bayonet is for 4 players, presented by Miniature Landscape Hobbies is sure to be a ton of fun. 
D-Day + 7 -Pre-Registration is FULL
It’s D-day +7. The British and Canadians are pushing inland from the beaches of Normandy in this 10mm WW2 game for 6 players using Memoir 44 rules and hosted by Paul Laverty.
Beneath the Temple of the Moon
Why have the residents of the local village been disappearing? Join the adventurers and find out.Bob and James Hastings run some Old School D&D for 4 to 6 new players using Basic/ Expert  Moldvay/Cook D&D rules
Eagles over the Isonzo -Pre-Registration is FULL
It is the Ninth Battle of the Isonzo, November 1916, on the Italian Front in WW1. An Italian trio of state-of-the-art Nieuport 17 fighters attack an Austro-Hungarian 2-seater Hansa-Brandenburg C.I escorted by an obsolete Fokker E.III. But just when they think they have the upper hand, they are pounced upon by a roving pair of the latest Hansa-Brandenburg D.I fighters.
This is a scenario for Canvas Eagles using 1/72 scale models for 6 players, hosted by Allan Lougheed. Canvas Eagles is an easy to play skirmish game of air combat. The rules are free to download at
Battle of Newburn, August 1640 -Pre-Registration is FULL
A Scots Covenanter army under General Alexander Leslie threatens the English city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne by holding a key ford over the River Tyne at the village of Newburn.  A hastily formed English army commanded by Lord Conway and Sir Jacob Astley must take and hold the ford to protect Newcastle. The English have many raw recruits from Yorkshire, few muskets and only light cannon. Facing them is a large, well equipped Scots army, many, including their general, veterans of Germany and Flanders. What could possibly go wrong?
English Civil War game with 28mm miniatures using the Pike and Shotte rules system. Hosted by Martin Rowland and Ian Tetlow for 4 to 6 players.
Battle of Marignano
Two years on from the Battle of Novara (which we recreated last year), we find the Swiss once more launching a mass surprise attack on the newly arrived French forces, hoping to capture the Duchy of Milan. With the Swiss arriving towards the end of the day, the battle was inconclusive on day one, and was restarted the next morning. A bloody and hard fought battle, the Swiss loss on the day saw the end of their dominance as the finest infantry in Europe. This battle features the Swiss army almost completely composed of infantry, together with a few Milanese allies, against a force with large numbers of Landsknecht infantry, dressed in their usual outrageous fashions. Together with the wonderfully attired French knights, flags galore and new camps, this is a visually rich recreation with lots of new painting for everyone to enjoy. Stephen Lindsey presents this 15mm Renaissance battle using modified DBR for 8 players.
Supply Drop
The galaxy is in turmoil, where powerful factions and alien races are locked in a struggle to control valuable resources and territory.
Each player will have a Recon team and fight to take control of resources and objectives.
All materials and dice will be provided.
Randall Carter hosts this 28mm game for 6 players.
Grimdark Future is a free and easy-to-learn ruleset so you can get started playing sci-fi miniature games.
Speedfreeks!! -Pre-Registration is FULL
Can you survive the Orky def races of Octaris?
3 laps of carnage, mayhem and stikk bombz!
(Watch out for mines!)
2  (or 3, depends on how quick the drivers explode) six person races per time slot.  All models supplied, no experience  required.
Come see if you can survive past the first turn!
Peter Smith and Huw Powell reign over the carnage and mayhem using Modified 40K rules and 6 players per race.
Titan Death – The battle for the Beta-Garmon Sector -Pre-Registration is FULL
Dozens of knights and Titans battle for control of the planet of Beta-Garmon II. Do you feel the call of the machine spirit ? If so, join us to witness the largest war engines in the galaxy smash and blast their way towards Holy Terra and victory.
This game is for 4-6 players using the Legions Imperialis game system (with some modifications) to re-fight the “Epic” battle for Beta Garmon II’s capital city of Nyrcon. The game will focus solely on the god machines and their knight household allies as players will battle for key points inside the city’s many districts.
Game Masters Derek and Lauren Hall
Adventures in the Marmalade Islands -Pre-Registration is FULL
The evil Toy Town General Baron von Stinkybottom has lead a raiding force against Winnie’s Cross. His goal was the golden honey pot of Saint Winnie. Can Captain Blue Bear and his heroic band of Bearnovian privateers rescue this yummy relic. This is a childrens game with parents welcome to participate. Dan Hughes and Emerson Grace host a 28mm horse and musket teddy bears game using modified Mordheim rules for up to 6 players.
Shoot Out at the Hotlead Ranch! -Pre-Registration is FULL
The Manto Gang, Led by the notorious gunfighter, James Manto, is getting his revenge on Vince “goodguy” Booth for foiling his plan to rule Stratford last year. He is striking at the Hotlead Ranch, but unbeknown to James, Vince has had prior warning and has set up an ambush. Can you prevail?
Vincent Booth hosts a 28mm old west skirmish for 6 players using What a Cowboy! rules.
Battle of Stratfordagawa -Pre-Registration is FULL
The armies of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ontario Toronto clash again in this 15mm army level game using Chrysanthemum Throne rules. David Best hosts this Japanese Sengoku Jidai game for 6 players.
The Battle of Magnesia -Pre-Registration is FULL
In 190 BC, the legions of Rome met the mighty phalanx of the great Seleucid Empire on the fields around the town of Magnesia. It was a hard fought battle that saw the Roman left flank collapse under the weight of a massive cataphract charge led by Antiochus III himself.  Only the bravery of the Roman infantry and the superb leadership of Eumenes II of Pergamon saved the day. Can you lead the Selecuid cavalry again and reclaim Alexander’s great legacy or will you lead  the indomitable Roman legions that bend but never break to victory?
Mark Rutledge hosts a 28mm ancient battle using Sword and Spear rules for 6 players.
Marius’ Mules Tromping Through Spain
You have walked all the way from Rome to bring civilization to the Spanish and those darn ingrates dare to throw it back in your face.  It looks like you’re going to have to do it the hard way . . .
Republican Romans vs Iberians in the 2nd Century BCE
Mike Manning and Nick Wesson host a 1/72 scale ancient battle using Might of Arms rules for 6 plaeyrs.
Mortal Gods
Les Mandeville presents a 28mm skirmish game set in heroic age Greece, using the rules Mortal Gods, for 4 players.
Assault on Fort George 1781 -Pre-Registration is FULL
Are the British and allies able to maintain control of Fort George and save the colony for Britain? Eric Ritchie and Jim Hill host this 28mm American War of Independance game for 5 players using Regimental Fire & Fury, AWI variant.
Assault on Hougomont -Pre-Registration is FULL
On the morning of 18 June, 1815 General Reille’s II Corps was finally in position on the left flank in front of the Chateua D’Hougoment. Prince Jerome Bonaparte’s 2nd Division was tasked with demonstrating agains the chateau in order to draw off troops from Wellington’s center to reinforce his right. This demonstration became a full on assault drawing most of the 2nd Corps. At 1120 hrs. the 1st Brigade under Gen Bauduin led the assault on Hougomont supported by the 2nd Brigade under General Soye. Defending the Chateau and its gardens were German troops from Nassau, Hanover, Luneburg and Grubenhagen. Inside the the Chateau walls were the British Guards. Can you successfully assault the Chateau where the French failed or will the Allies successfully hold onto the chateau? Allan Finney and Steve Hartwick host this 15mm Napoleonic action using Valour and Fortitude rules for 6 players.