Saturday: 9:30am to 1:30pm

Century of Conflict
Bob Hastings hosts a large pitched battle between English and French armies in late Hundred Years’ War France for 6 players using Tactica Medieval rules.
Give Me Blucher, or Give Me Night!
Keith Burnett hosts a 6mm Napoleonic Battle for 4 players using Blucher rules. Scenario TBA.
A Crossroads in Spain, Part 1
French and Allied British and Spanish meet in a meeting engagement to take a crossroad vital for supplies near the town of St Catherine in 1809. Vincent Booth hosts this Napoleonic skirmish for 4 players using Sharp Practice rules in 28mm.
Second Tensho Iga War
Japan, 1581. Oda Nobunaga leads a full-scale army to finally crush the upstart Iga Province and reclaim his captured son, Nobukatsu.  Samurai swords clash and the ground runs red with blood in a war of honour and freedom. Addison Gow hosts this 28mm Samurai battle for 4 players using Test of Honour rules.
15mm Ancients ADLG tournament.
Armies before 600BC – see the full list at
3 rounds, 2.5 hours each. 1 list per player, players to provide terrain and drop cloths.
Please RSVP to as we will adjust the numbers of tables based on pre-registration.
Hard Brexit, or Romani Ite Domun
Britain is overrun by bloody foreigners from Europe. Time to fight back. Chieftain Pidyn Meddal has had enough and has rallied his warriors to strike at the Roman troops under the command of Legatus Media Procuratio. The Romans have been rounding up cattle as ‘tax’ to feed the legion. Pidyn Meddal has set an ambush to jump the returning Roman troops to recover the cattle. Will the troops of the Roman Empire be able to move the herd back to the camp, thus reinforcing the might of Rome? Or will the warbands of Britain have the time and fury to strike a blow for freedom and independence? Tempus Fugit! Sean Malcolmson hosts this 28mm ancient battle for 4 players, using Infamy, Infamy! rules.
The Cross In The Baltic
The Teutonic Knights are offering aspiring young German knights like yourself a Cook’s Tour of Terra Mariana.  Come spend a glorious summer on the shores of the Baltic.  Soak in the sun, convert some pagans at the point of your sword, learn the fine art of war and have your venal sins pardoned by His Holiness.  Don’t forget to pick your mom up some amber jewelry.  Besides, as a second son the odds of you getting your own fief in the Empire is pretty low.  Perhaps you can find something suitable in Courland.  Being waited on by Lettish lasses for the rest of your life doesn’t sound too bad.  What could go wrong? Mike Manning hosts this 1/72nd scale Medieval battle using Might of Arms rules for 4 players.
Attack on Suetovo
Game Scenario: Operation “Barbarossa” has been quite successful so far and the Russian Army is in constant retreat. Just west of Smolensk a salient exists and a large Russian force is threatened with being encircled. A key Russian supply depot is at the rail depot in Suetovo, the eastern end of the salient.  The Russians must hold the depot to stave off encirclement and the Germans need to capture it in order to crush the Russians defenders.  Who will be prevail in the “Battle of Suetovo?” Thomas Sero hosts this WW2 game in 20mm for 4 players using Chain of Command rules.