Saturday Evening 30 March, 2019

Saturday Evening Session

7:00pm to 11:00pm or later
Middle Earth SBG by GW
28mm. Ontario Hobbit Adventures (OHA) presents Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. Come be a part of the action, fighting for either the forces of the dark lord of Mordor or stand with the men of the White City. Several custom scenarios will be played on a custom built table to emerse you in Middle Earth. Games Workshop rules. GMs: Jason Chaplin & Dane Ordway. 6 players.
Middle Earth SBG Tournament
28mm. 32 pre-registered player slots for the War of the Ring. Register online before February 15th via the OHA: Ontario Hobbit Adventures Facebook event page. Registrants are encouraged to create and build the most thematic force they can muster, as this will be team battling for the fate of Middle earth - good versus evil. Remaining player slots after the February 23rd deadline will be up for grabs at game sign-up day of. Armies will be available for those who don't pre-register, and and convention-goer can join in the fun at any time. Games Workshop rules. GMs: George Nikitaidis, Jason Chaplin, Tyler Antsy & Ivan Woodruff. 2 players x 16 small game tables.
Please note, time slots for these tournament games differ from the convention time slots.
Dombas Norway - April 1940
28mm. WWII. In April, a Company of Fallschirmjagers jumped into the mountain pass near Dombas Norway with orders to interdict Allied countermoves and their probable use of Norwegian rail lines. With orders from the very top, the Germans entered this battle despite a lack of good planning and the heavily overcast weather conditions. Join eight other players for a desperate battle where the front lines were randomly intermixed from the very first moves. Bolt Action rules. GM: Ross Cossar. 8 players.
BattleTech: Alpha Strike
Alpha Strike is a new, fast-playing form of the BattleTech game of futuristic, armored combat. Developed for the modern tabletop miniatures wargamer. Alpha Strike brings players the ability to wage war on land, sea, and air for truly large-scale play, re-scaled to the tactical level of BattleTech.
9 August, 3039. Kessel, Draconis Combine - The Second Sword of Light arrived on Kessel with supporting regiments to eject the Lyran occupiers. While two Sun Zhang Cadres occupied the Second Donegal Guards and Fourth Skye Rangers, it fell to the Eleventh Lyran Regulars to stop the Second Sword from penetrating their lines and destroying the Lyran command post at the spaceport. Reinforcements were on the way, but would they arrive in time to aid the beleaguered Eleventh? Alpha Strike rules. GMs: Nick Connor & AJ Harkness, 6-12 players.
BattleTech in your area.
The Battle of Kadesh
15mm. 1274 BC. Ramses II wants to prove he is the greatest Pharaoh of all-time. What better way to do that than to invade the neighboring Hittite Empire. Ramses leads his forces North where he finds a trap laid near the city of Kadesh by King Muwatalli II. What happens next is one of the largest chariot battles in recorded History. New players are welcome. This will be an introductory game for Triumph! rules. Fast Play rules for Ancient and Medieval battles. GM: Brian Peruski. 8 players.
Bolt Action Bring and Battle!
28mm. Bring your 750 pt Bolt Action army to fight whoever shows up! Hotlead is setting aside one 12 foot table for Friday night and all day Saturday. This should accomadate up to 3 games side by side. 2-6 players.
Bill Bean will be providing some terrain to loan, but bring your own if you can as well.
What a BIG Tanker!
Join in the First Annual Big Guys Extravaganza! 1/32nd scales tanks stalk each other across the French countryside using the "What a Tanker!" rules. Howard Tulloch keeping things on track, Dick Wood and Mike Manning creating chaos for 6 players.
Tanks for the Memories
The Ft Garry Horse meet up with the 12th SS. Only armour is involved with each player running one tank. Fast fun game using Too Fat Lardies What a Tanker rules and losing your tank doesn't mean you're out of the game. David Best hosts this game in 15mm for 8 players.
Operation Chrome Toaster
As the Cylon War has dragged on, Colonial Fleet has been forced to consolidate its positions. As part of that initiative, the archaeological outpost in STX-14078 is being evacuated. BSG-34 has been tasked with providing cover to the evacuation effort. A full Battlestar Group seems excessive for an academic outpost; what did they find down there? The archaeological team are almost finished with the evacuation but a Raptor patrol just picked up incoming Cylons. Its time to get the egg heads on board and get the frak out of here. Mike Hoyt hosts this Battle Star Galactica game in 1/14000 scale for 2-6 players using his "Metaverse" rules.
Hotlead's own Mike Barrat hosts a workshop for those wanting to learn construction techniques with foamcore. Up to 6 participants will construct a basic house.
Join Call Sign Two One as they support Afghan National Army elements in a sweep through the Panjwayai. James Manto hosts this 20mm modern game for 6 players using his "Task Force Orion" rules.
Mongols With Mausers
Mix Chinese warlords, Mongol bandits, Red, Whites and European adventurers and you're guaranteed chaos. Bring a healthy sense of humour as you bribe, battle or bluff your way to victory as you fight your way along the Silk Road in 1920's China.
Dan Hutter manages the mayhem with his ever popular 28mm pulp adventure game for 8 to 16 players using his "Mongols with Mausers" rules.
I say Ivan there certainly are a lot of them -Pre-Registration on this game is CLOSED
Somewhere in Russia 1812. The Saxons have joined the French Emperor in his invasion of Russia. Their white coated hordes are streaming across the Motherland. The brave green coated soldiers of the Czar are the only hope of maintaining the monarchy and keeping those peasants in their proper place.
Can the brave soldiers of Russia stop the swarming horde of white coated misguided Saxons from overturning their home?
A points based game using the Fields of Glory, Napoleonic V2 rules and V2 army lists.
Each of 8 players will control a division of troops in this 28mm grand tactical Napoleonic game hosted by Kurt Hummitzsch and Dan Thompson
A Song of Ice and Fire drop in
Come and try out an exciting new game from CMON. "A Song of Ice and Fire :- the miniatures game" is a quick playing large battle system. It has some very basic and easy to remember rules, great miniatures with quick resolutions, but is also deep in tactical and strategic options galore due to a hand of faction specific cards. The game also has unique tactics board where non combat characters fight for position in the court of the King which adds flavor in the form of some behind the scenes back stabbing (in true Game of thrones fashion).

This setup will be for anyone interested in trying out the system and for those who just want to get a quick game in. We will be running 2 games side by side on the same table. One will be a fully painted battle pitching the stubborn north men from house Stark vs the proud but scheming House Lannister forces. Another table will be showing off the game (in its pure unpainted form) to anyone who wants to just stop by and try it out for themselves without commitment to stay.

Derek and Lauren Hall hosts this 32 mm Fantasy game for 4 to 6 players.
The Red War Part 4 (Level 18)
The Cults of Elemental Evil wrought incredible destruction on the city of Mulmaster. In its hour of need, the City of Danger received aid from an unlikely source- the Mageocracy of Thay, ruled by the lich Szass Tam. With Mulmaster moving ever closer to Thay’s orbit and strife brewing within the Factions for action, the hour is ripe for conflict.

This is the final part in a four part adventure series designed to be played in sequence. Your character will carry forward at the end of each session, so Make sure to sign up for all four sessions to see the story to its exciting conclusion!
D&D 5th Edition
4-6 players
DM Chris King
Desert Raiders
In North Africa, the LRDG has stumbled upon an Italian supply dump. Not wishing to pass up the opportunity, Major Bagnold & the boys have decided to cause as much trouble for the Fascists as possible. Will the unsuspecting Italians be able to stop the raiders? Or will the LRDG live up to its motto, ‘Not by strength but by guile’?
Sean Malcolmson hosts this 28mm WW2 game using "Chain of Command" for 4 players.
Star Trek Attack Wing - Battle at Risa
Star Date 2389: Three Federation Ships are on patrol in the Risa star system when 3 Klingon warships de-cloak and start attacking your ships and demands your unconditional surrender. You must stop the Klingon's from from taking over the system. High command has ordered the 10th fleet to the system but they are 2 days away, you are the only 3 ships that can stop the Klingon's. God Speed Captain's. Admiral Sully out.
Brandon Bolton hosts this Star Trek battle using "Attack Wing" rules for 6 players.
Brandy Station June 9, 1863
"Put up your sabres, Draw your Pistols and fight like gentlemen!" Union cavalry commanded by Pleasonton launch a surprise attack on the Confederate cavalry encampment commanded by Stuart. Steve and Charlie Barron refight the largest cavalry battle in the American Civil War in 20mm using "Picket's Charge" rules for 6 players.

Star Wars Escape Mygeeto
Rebel insurgents have just completed their raid, now is the time to make good on their escape. The mission; get as many troops to the escape shuttle as possible while disabling the defenses keeping the rebels trapped on Mygeeto. Players will take squads of rebels to complete various objectives and defeat Imperial troops blocking the escape. Tom Walker and Alex Karolyi host this "Star Wars Legion" game for 6 players in 1:47th scale.