Saturday: 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Battle of Callinicum 531 AD
At Callinicum Roman general Belisarius has been recalled to the East to deal with the rising threat of the Sassanid Persians under Ascan on the baks of the Eurphrates. Can the conquerer of the Vandals and the Goths see off the might of the Persian empire? Tod Creasey hosts this 28mm battle using L’Art de La Guerre rules for 6 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Attack on Suetovo
Game Scenario: Operation “Barbarossa” has been quite successful so far and the Russian Army is in constant retreat. Just west of Smolensk a salient exists and a large Russian force is threatened with being encircled. A key Russian supply depot is at the rail depot in Suetovo, the eastern end of the salient.  The Russians must hold the depot to stave off encirclement and the Germans need to capture it in order to crush the Russians defenders.  Who will be prevail in the “Battle of Suetovo?” Thomas Sero hosts this WW2 game in 20mm for 4 players using Chain of Command rules. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Operation Biting: The Bruneval Raid 1942
In February 1942 a combined force created from the British army, navy and air force successfully landed in France to steal a German radar station located high on the cliffs near the hamlet of Bruneval.  Join this game to see if the British can succeed again or if the German defenders can help keep their radar developments safe from enemy hands. Ross Cossar (as Callsign Audacity) presides over this 28mm game for 4 players using Bolt Action rules.
The Storm Lord’s Goat – D&D 5e for 12th lvl
Cloudspire Vale is experiencing a long and terrible winter that seems never-ending, forcing the people of the village to abandon it or perish. Neither outcome is desirable, so the village Headman, Bjorn Thunderbeard has asked the adventurers to handle the problem. The village believes a storm giant living at the peak of Stormcatcher Peak is behind the unnaturally long and vicious winter. If the adventurers can stop the storm giant and return the weather to normal, the villagers will reward them with a sacred, magical item from their temple.
This adventure was designed by the DM Lair under the Open Gaming License 1.0A. It is for experienced players wishing to enjoy a fun romp at a higher level (12th). Diplomatic solutions to the adventure are possible. Outside-the-box thinking is encouraged.
Pre-generated characters and minis will be provided. Players should bring dice, paper and a pencil/pen for notes, and a spirit of adventure.
Sandra Sine is the DM for this Dungeons & Dragons 5e adventure for 4 to 6 players -THIS GAME IS FULL!
A Chance Encounter -VIRTUAL GAME
Two mixed armies one crown/loyalist the other a Continental/Militia force are marching parallel to a fog shrouded river, when the fog lifts and the enemy is much closer than reports indicated (actually in sight). Rich Brooks hosts this VIRTUAL GAME for 4 players using Table Top Simulator and Rebels & Patriots rules. Players will need Table Top Simulator (available on Steam for $10-$20 depending on if you catch a sale) and a Discord account for voice communication. Once everyone is registered then the GM will send the players the neccessary invitations to link up.
Dawn attack at Frenchtown
British forces attack the extended U.S. forces at Frenchtown, Michigan Territory in 1813. This Sharp Practice scenario is from the War of 1812  campaign supplement by Mike Hobbs.
Roger Chrysler is the GM for this 28mm game. 4 players.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
From Stalingrad Z
Stalingrad, November 22. Word has been received that the Red Army has completely encircled and cut off 6th Army.  For the Soviets, a glimmer of hope, for the Germans it seems it can’t get any worse. Then the dead begin to rise. In this demo of Raybox Games upcoming release Escape from Stalingrad Z players control a survivor, either Russian or German, as they seek to find ammo, supplies and other possible allies trying to escape the ghoul infested ruins.  All the while the endless army of the dead are in relentless pursuit. Tom Frank hosts this Weird War 2 game for 3 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Mongols with Mausers
Mix Chinese warlords, Mongol bandits, Red, Whites and European adventurers and your guaranteed chaos. Bring a healthy sense of humour as you bribe, battle or bluff your way to victory along the Silk Road in 1920’s China. Dan Hutter presides over the mayhem in this 28mm Pulp adventure game for 16 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
The Battle of Cedar Creek 1864
Jubal Early attempts to outflank Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley. Brian Hall hosts this American Civil War battle in 6mm using Altar of Freedom rules for 4 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
There are those who believe that life here began out there…
Each player will fly either a Colonial Viper or a Cylon Raider as the Humans tangle with the Toasters in this tactical game set in a galaxy a long time ago.
David Best will be your CAG using Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles for up to 12 players.
Babylon 5: Dilgar War
The year is 2231, the Dilgar war has burned half the known galaxy for years.  But with the entry of the Earth Alliance the tide is turning, or is it?  Earth, Brakiri and Vree battle the Dilgar in high orbit in this science fiction fleet action using the Metaverse rules for 6 players hosted by Matthew Browett.