Saturday: 7:30pm to 12:00pm

Please note: we hold back 25% of slots for in-person sign ups. So “Pre-Registration is full” just means that the game is 75% signed up and we aren’t taking anymore pre-registrations.

1st Annual Mystery Game PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
Scale: That’s a secret
Period: another secret!
Are you up to the challenge of signing up for a game without any details of what it is about?  This will be the 1st Annual  Mystery Game.  It may be anything on land, at sea, in the air or the depths of space. You won’t know until you get to the table.  All I will tell you is it will be different than any other game I run  that year and different from the previous year’s Mystery Game.  Are you up for it?
Rules: yet another secret!
David Best is the Master of Mysteries for 6 curious players.
Aliens vs. Predators
Predator Young Bloods must stage a hunt to cleanse the hive in the ancient ruins beofre it’s too late.
Joe Nixon hosts a 25mm Science Fiction game based on the popular franchise using his own rules for 8 players.