Saturday: 7:00pm to 11:00pm

You Dirty Rat!
Old Man Potter is dead and the gangsters of Pottersville descend on his warehouse to fight over the spoils. Gangsters maneuver to eliminate rivals and gather loot. Coppers search for evidence to suppress their crimes. No one knows what those strangers in the Fezzes are up to. Will you survive to be “On top of the world?” James Manto hosts this 28mm skirmish game using modified The Chicago Way rules for 6 to 10 players. .
Chasing the King
A company of Fallschirmjagers riding in stolen Norwegian buses collides with Norwegian soldiers at the Midtskogen Farm north-east of Oslo in the early hours of 10 April 1940 as they try to capture the King of Norway and the Norwegian gold reserves. Ross Cossar hosts this Bolt Action in 28mm for 8 players.
Travis Keeler demonstrateds his new 28mm Fantasy big skirmish game for 2 to 4 players.
Raid on a Narn Research Station
The Centauri launch a raid on a newly discovered Narn Fleet Research facility. Experimental designs will now receive unexpected field testing. Can the Centauri raid cause enough destruction before they are forced to retreat? Matthew Browett hosts this Science Fiction fleet action in the Babylon 5 universe for 6 players using the Metaverse rules.
Break the Blockade
The French fleet attempts to breakout from the Bay of Biscay during the Napoleonic Wars. Brian Hall hosts this Age of Sail game in 1/2400 scale using Fire As You Bear! rules for 4-6 players
Hogwarts Heist
Do you solemnly swear you are up to no good?
You are a third year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In your years at Hogwarts, you’ve heard about a secret society of pranksters and mischief makers: The New Marauders. Every year, they find talented third year students and task these potential members with a mission. Your mission is simple, cause some chaos and steal back contraband items from the professor’s office.
Using the D&D 5e rule system, DM Rachael Manto is running a oneshot set in the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter. 4-6 players. Pregenerated characters provided.
Da Speed Freeks!!
Da ORKS ‘ave the bestest racers!!!   Only  da biggest and baddest will survive!! 
Race your Orkish  vehicle   around   the  course  for  only 3 laps!!  But be  warned,  bumpin’  and shootin’  and blastin’   is not only encouraged  but it’s da furst rule!    A flat out  high speed fast  play style  racing game  with a simple game mechanic  and lots of explosive fun.     
2 races  per session ( or  more  if the  explosions are big enough!)
Peter Smith and Huw Powell preside over the carnage using modified Warhammer 40K rules for 2 to 6 players per race.
The Colonial Marines have held out long enough for the secondary Drop ship to arrive, now it’s a race to the landing pad, and the safety of space…. The Aliens have other plans! Can the Marines reach the landing pad or will it be complete thermonuclear destruction and ” adios muchacho’s” Players control various units on the table including Colonial Marines, Colonists, and Predators using Hadley’s Hope ruleset. Fighting to survive in the Aliens Vs Predator universe. 
4-6 Players 
GM Jason Chaplin and Dane Ordway 
Skirmish in the Snow part 3: Fighting Canucks
Canadian Troops clash with their German adversary over key positions on the western front. Each player is given a squad of 7 to 10 troops to command as they go head to head in on the snow-covered battlefield. Fear is not an option. Andy Hohn and Ian Armour present a 54mm WW2 game using Five Men at Kursk for 4 players.
Mongols with Mausers
Mix Chinese warlords, Mongol bandits, Red, Whites and European adventurers and your guaranteed chaos. Bring a healthy sense of humour as you bribe, battle or bluff your way to victory as you fight your way along the Silk Road in 1920’s China. Pasha Dan returns with his ever popular 28mm Pulp adventure featuring silly hats and lots of laughs. 8 to 16 players.
Channel Challenge
It’s July 7, 1942, and Britain has been running regular convoys from Bristol to the Thames Estuary via the English Channel. The nights are short, and the S-Boat Flotillas of the Kriegsmarine are lying in wait. Players will command S-Boats, Royal Navy MTBs and the merchant ships themselves, which carry a bit of a sting for the unwary. Bill Bean hosts a 1:300th scale WW2 naval game for 4 players using Cruel Seas rules.
Legions of Steel
Legions of Steel 2nd Edition is a fast paced, squad level, map tile based, miniatures combat game set in the not so distant future. Originally released in 1992, the new edition is ready now to be played.
Save humanity from a siege of mechanical horror. Play an elite group of Commandos in high tech powered armour on their missions to destroy the base complexes of the Overlord computer. Meanwhile, your opponent maneuvers their horde of robotic minions commanded by ten feet of raw terror, the dreaded Mark 1 Assault Fiend.
Mechanics are simple. Only six sided dice are required to quickly resolve firefights, but you need more than luck to survive. With Blasters, Deadbolt Launchers, Kinetic Pulse grenades and the Napalm-X Flame Weapon on the field of battle, tactical considerations are many. Before you can out-fight your opponent, you must first out-think them.
The original artist, Tom Frank, and Nico Pecota will be demonstrating this Canadian made game for 4 players.
All materials required to participate in the demos will be provided.
Battletech – Solaris VII – King of the Hill
Strap yourself into a giant Battlemech and walk onto the field of battle.  On Solaris VII, Arms dealers compete to have their new ‘mechs be the first to the top of a small mountain, holding it against all comers.  The Catalyst Demo team will be bringing everything required to play the game, whether you are a new player, a returning player or a seasoned Mechwarrior, come out and play some heavy metal mayhem.
Miniatures & record sheets for pre-made forces will be provided, but players are encouraged to bring their own forces and record sheets, created in accordance with the rules below. A free source to print off record sheets (and the one I will be using) is 
Force Selection Rules: choose two or more Mechs, must be Inner Sphere, from any Era (year), must be Standard Tech (used to be called Tournament Legal Tech), the total tonnage for your force must equal 120 tons, Gunnery and Piloting skills are fixed at 3 and 4, respectively.
Andre Den Baars hosts this bring and battle for up to 12 players.
Can LCS Invincible run the blockade?
Combat losses, both in material and crew, whittled away at the number of functional Tharkads until finally only one remained, the LCS Invincible. Following the First Succession War, it was noted as the last major WarShip of the Lyran Commonwealth by the end of 2821. As of 2853 the decrepit vessel had been turned into an orbiting museum years prior because the cost to repair it was deemed unfeasible.
When House Kurita launched a massive assault against the Mech Factories at Hesperus II in 2853, the desperate Lyran defenders reactivated the museum piece which was stationed near the Tharkad zenith jump point, crewed it with 200 equally ancient crew members, and sent it to run the blockade of Hesperus. Can the aged LCS Invincible run the Kurita blockade and save Hesperus ll?
Les Karolyi and Alex Harkness present this game in the Battletech universe using thier own rules for 4 to 6 players.
2nd Battle of Bir el Gubi, December 1941
The Italian 136th Regiment “Giovanni Fascisti” (young fascists), reinforced by Berseglieri and the Ariette armoured division, are dug in at a critical crossroads, guarding the Rommel’s right flank.  The 11th Indian Brigade and the Royal Tank Regiment are tasked to winkle them out so Operation Crusader could continue. Mike Manning presents this WW2 battle for 6 players using Rapid Fire! rules.
This is a replay of the afternoon game, so, if you got your clock cleaned . . .
Triumph! Matched Pairs Tournament Style Play
This will be a series of battles with matched pairs of armies which fought historically.  The time period covers Ancients through Medieval (Chariots to Knights). 15mm Armies and all necessary materials are provided.  Players are welcome to bring Triumph suitable Matched pairs as well.  Experienced and new players are welcome. Will Michael and Rodney Cain host this event for 12 players.
Vipers versus Raiders
One of our Raptors is missing in contested space.  A flight of Vipers has been dispatched to locate it and retrieve it before the Cylons can capture its data base. David Best is your CAG in this Science-Fiction game using Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles for 8 players.
Star Wars: Attack on Imperial Outpost 217-CANCELLED!
Rebel ground forces are attacking an Imperial hanger in an attempt to destroy or capture the fighters stationed there.
Thomas Walker and Alex Karolyi host this Star Wars Legion game for 4 to 6 players.

Titan Death :- Beta-Garmon -CANCELLED 
The Horus Heresy is nearing Holy Terra. In an effort to slow the traitors before they reach the Sol system the Loyalist forces muster all their available strength in the Beta-Garmon cluster. In this game, mighty Titans will battle it out with players each taking on the role of Princeps in a mighty city destroying Titan. The destruction of a players mighty god engine will not mean the end, as reinforcements will be coming on from the board edge through out the game allowing players to fully engage in the mayhem. Players will be battling it out for control over a partly ruined city, fighting for the death or the life of the new Imperium. Victory will go to the side with the most kill points at games end. Which side will you choose ? always wanted to yell, ENGINE KILL !!? don’t miss your chance Rules: Adeptus Titanicus Game Master (GM): Derek Hall Second GM: Lauren Hall Number of Players: 6