Saturday: 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Club Med – Churchill has crashed!
Prime Minister Churchill’s plane has crashed in the Western Desert and his security has been compromised.  Now both the 8th Army and the Afrika Korps are trying to find him. Join this desert brew haw haw to see if he survives. 28mm Bolt Action for 6 players hosted by Ross Cossar and Dave Mattison.
Club Med Part 2- Regalia Marine Shipping Cruise
The Regalia Marine is planning to sail this fine day across the Med from North Africa to Sicily with wounded soldiers, important materiel (for the important island) and Allied POW’s. The RN has dispatched a small but powerful flotilla of MGB’s and MTB’s to attack the Italian convoy and hopefully the POW’s will survive if their ship is sunk. Two players control the RM and two players control the RN. The vessel carrying the POW’s is unidentified but the war effort requires the most distasteful decisions and all enemy ships must be sunk if possible. Ages 12 and up recommended but strictly enforced. Ross Cossar and Dave Mattison host this 1/350th scale WW2 naval action using Warlord’s Cruel Seas rules for 4 players.
Circus Maximus
Compete in the dusts of the glorious hippodrome, driving against your friends in a mean-spirited and violent chariot race in 1/72nd scale. Rules based on the venerable 1979 game rules published by Avalon Hill, updated and shining in a hand-made arena with over 400 tiny people in the audience. Sessions expected to take four hours to complete the three furious rounds of the race. No experience necessary. George Duff hosts this game for up to 8 players.
Fight For Survival
In the blasted, radiation-scorched, wastelands of the Earth’s surface, towering mecha do battle, defending the interests of one of the few remaining arcology governments, providing security for wilderness outposts, or seeking out loot and supplies as a mercenary company. Randall Carter presents this Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction for 4 players using Gamma Wolves rules.
Silarus River 71BC – Third Servile War
Spartacus has led his revolt against Rome successfully up to this point, but cracks in his alliance have formed, splitting armies and leaving Spartacus alone against the ambitious Roman, Crassus.  It’s do or die for the Slave army.  Will you do? Or will you die?  Chris Nokes of the Newmarket Games Club presents this Strength and Honour scenario for 2 to 4 players with scratch built 2mm armies.  This is a game designed for large battles that’s very easy to  learn so come and give it a try!  Expect at least a few “I am Spartacus” proclamations throughout the evening..
The Quest for the Mystical Artifact 
There is a rumour of a powerful artifact that can cure any affliction, even death in the deserts of Razakeer. You’re a group of adventurers seeking the next big quest. Can you seize the artifact? Will you get your immortality?This is a level 5 Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Characters will be provided. Christina Ridely and Michael Hayes are your DMs. 4 to 6 players.
Battle of Marching More
The Royalist forces under Prince Rupert have marched across England to relieve York. Taking all day to gather up his army, Rupert hoped to bring his army to bear against the combined forces of Parliament and the Scots Covenanters, under Fairfax and Leven, on the morrow. But the anti-Royalists had other ideas. In this fictionalized version of this famous battle, players will determine the fate of religion and government in England and Scotland using modified Pike & Shotte rules. Sean Malcolmson and Craig Alexander host this 28mm English Civil War game for 8 players.
Mongols With Mausers
Mix Chinese warlords, Mongol bandits, Bolsheviks, White Russians and European adventurers and you’re guaranteed chaos. Bring a healthy sense of humour as you bribe, battle or bluff your way to victory as you fight your way along the Silk Road in 1920’s China. Oh, and silly hats are a must (and will be provided or bring your own!).
Pasha Dan Hutter presides over the mayhem using his Mongols With Mausers Homebrew rules for 8 to 16 players.
Red River Ambush
It is May 4, 1863, A small Union expedition is dispatched to investigate the Red River with instructions to find and destroy The Queen of The West.  The Confederates had captured the former Union ram along with the ironclad USS Indianola. The Indianola had run aground and she had been destroyed by the Rebels.   At least that is what was reported. Glenn Broome presents a 1/600th scale American Civil War naval battle for 4 to 7 players using Sail & Steam Navies rules.
Beaver Dams June 24, 1813. 
An American column is heading to De Cou’s House, base of British Lt. James Fitzgibbon. Laura Secord has warned the Allies of the coming attack. Hordes of First Nations are alert and ready in the woods lining the road. Will the U.S. troops get to the destination? Roger Chrysler presents this historic refight of the famous Canadian battle for 4 players using Sharp Practice rules.
Flames of War Great War: Battle of the Selle
Re-fight the 1918 Battle of the Selle between the Imperial German Forces and the British/Canadian Entente Forces in this FoW: Great War scenario intended for both players new to the game and those familiar with the FoW rules but looking to try tactics in an often unexplored and brutal war. The game will be played 2v2, with each player choosing to play as one of the following armies (first come first pick):
-Imperial German Infantrie Division backed up by A7V Tanks
-Imperial German Stosskompanie Division (also known as Storm Troopers)
-British Army Line Infantry Division backing up a Mark IV Tank attack.
-Canadian Army Division with “Autocars” and plentiful Artillery backed up by fast Whippet Tanks.
This well balanced game is played at 1/100 scale (15mm) and features a lot of units for a smaller play area (4’x4′), which tightens the game space but gives players room to make mistakes and “play with their toys”. All technical details like army list writing, mission selection and deployment are taken care of in advance so once all players sit down we can get to the crunchy part of the game right away. Brett Thompson hosts this Flames of War: Great War game in 15mm for 4 players.