Saturday Afternoon 30 March, 2019

Saturday Afternoon Session

Saturday Afternoon Session 2:00pm to 6:00pm
DBA 3.0 Open Competition
15mm. 3000 BC to 1500 AD. 3–4 one-hour rounds. Swiss Chess matching tournament with an overall best general being recognized. Play time will be about 4-hours enabling a minimum of 3 games per player. Each player can bring any valid DBA 3.0 army and appropriate terrain. Newcomers are welcome to play and learn. We will have a trophy that will have the winner's name inscribe by the next tournament. 24" Boards will be supplied. DBA 3.0 rules. Standard NASAMW Scoring. GM: Howard Tulloch & John Mifkovic. 4-8 players.
Star Trek: Dominion War
1/7000. Future; 2375; Stardate 52679.4 - Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan forces versus Dominion, Cardassian, and Breen forces at the Second Battle of Chin’toka. Metaverse rules. GM: Adam Gow. 6 players.
Retro Space: Space Station D.K.
28mm. Retro Future. It's the future everyone thought would happen in the 1930s. Thrill at the marvels of the fantastic year 1986. Players take the roles of a team of futuristic scavengers fighting to get to the last shuttle pod before the space station's orbit decays and it is torn apart. Only one team can survive. Using the original Darkfast Dungeons game system created by David Okum. Darkfast Dungeons rules. GM: David Okum. 6-8 players.
The Battle of Raphia 22 June 217 BC
15mm. Ancients. Fought between between the forces of Ptolemy IV Philopator, king and pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt and the great grandson of Alexander's General Ptolemy, and Antiochus III the Great, the great, great grandson of Alexander's General Selucus and ruler of the Seleucid Empire extending throughout the Middle East to the borders of India. Syria, where Raphia was situated (in modern day Sinai) had been fought over by the two dynasties for generations. One of the largest battles of the Hellenistic period, with more than 70,000 troops on each side, here represented by more than 2,000 miniatures, featuring wonderful painted miniatures and particularly fantastic hand painted shields. Many elephants were used, on both sides, including the documented use of towers by the Seleucids. This is a wonderful Successor battle. A close run thing between the rather corrupt Ptolemy IV and the young and dynamic Antiochus III. DBM rules modified by GM for large battles. GM: Stephen Lindsey. 8 players.
Middle Earth SBG by GW
28mm. Ontario Hobbit Adventures (OHA) presents Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. Come be a part of the action, fighting for either the forces of the dark lord of Mordor or stand with the men of the White City. Several custom scenarios will be played on a custom built table to emerse you in Middle Earth. Games Workshop rules. GMs: Jason Chaplin & Dane Ordway. 6 players.
Middle Earth SBG Tournament
28mm. 32 pre-registered player slots for the War of the Ring. Register online before February 15th via the OHA: Ontario Hobbit Adventures Facebook event page. Registrants are encouraged to create and build the most thematic force they can muster, as this will be team battling for the fate of Middle earth - good versus evil. Remaining player slots after the February 23rd deadline will be up for grabs at game sign-up day of. Armies will be available for those who don't pre-register, and and convention-goer can join in the fun at any time. Games Workshop rules. GMs: George Nikitaidis, Jason Chaplin, Tyler Antsy & Ivan Woodruff. 2 players x 16 small game tables.
Please note, time slots for these tournament games differ from the convention time slots.
BattleTech: Scenario - Saving Tai-Shu Ashora
6mm. SciFi. When the saKhan of the Ghost Bears challenges the Warlord of a Combine Military District, sparks are sure to fly. Schuyler, 23 November 3062: During the Ghost Bear-Draconis Combine war, Tai-shu Teyasu Ashora and his lance are trapped by saKhan Aletha Kabrinski's command trinary. Reaper Company of the 6th Ghost comes to Ashora's rescue. Total Warfare rules. GMs: Nick Connor & AJ Harkness. 6-12 players.
Operation Spring
28mm. WWII. The Canadian 2nd corps has been ordered to move to Falaise after the capture of Caen in July 1944. The German Army is firmly holding Verrieres Ridge blocking the route. Assault after assault has been repulsed by entrenched Germans and determined counter attacks. Both sides are bloodied as the fight continues. This battle pits a small infantry section from the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry holding a cross roads on the Caen-Falaise highway waiting for armoured reinforcements while a 1st SS panzer battle group counter attacks. Which side will survive? Bolt Action rules. GM: Dave Mattison. 6 players.
The Battle of Kadesh
15mm. 1274 BC. Ramses II wants to prove he is the greatest Pharaoh of all-time. What better way to do that than to invade the neighboring Hittite Empire. Ramses leads his forces North where he finds a trap laid near the city of Kadesh by King Muwatalli II. What happens next is one of the largest chariot battles in recorded History. New players are welcome. This will be an introductory game for Triumph! rules. Fast Play rules for Ancient and Medieval battles. GM: Rodney Cain. 8 players.
Dreadnought Battle Arena
28mm. Sci-Fi Future. Test your mettle in an open combat 6-way battle with your chosen Dreadnought from the Warhammer 40000 universe. A fun free for all event with enough Dakka to make an Ork greener with envy. Will your dreadnought survive and reign supreme, or get crushed by your opponents. 2 games per time slot. Modified 8th Edition Warhammer 40000 rules. GMs: Peter Smith & Huw Powell. 6 players.
Battle of Salem Church
Union 6th Corps attempt to rejoin Hookers army at Chancellorsville - rearguard action by the Confederates under Wilcox to delay the junction.
Eric Ritchie and Bob Garcia host this 28mm ACW battle for 8 to 10 players using "Rally Round the Flag!" rules.

The Battle of Gainesborough, 1643
Cavaliers and Roundheads clash in this cavalry battle fought to sustain the siege of Gainesborough.
Hosted by Nick Wesson and Mike Manning using modified "Might of Arms" in 1/72 scale for 6 players.
The Relief of Fort Stanwix
This is a 'what if' battle set in the American Revolution where the entrenched Crown forces have the chance to defend themselves on two sides from Rebel militia stationed in the fort and a column of reinforcements. This is a true ground scale 6mm game with hundreds of men on the table. Wayne Renaud hosts this spectacular game in 6mm using his innovative "Fox Hunting" rules for 4 players.
Battle of the Nile
Vincent Booth refights this critical battle in the Napoleonic Wars using "Sails of Glory" for 6 players in 1:1000 scale.
Burma Dawn
An Australian and Ghurkha raid on a Japanese outpost. Players match wits against the Japanese lead GM. Andreas Hohn and Kevin Brooking host this 54mm WW2 skirmish using "Five Men at Kursk" rules. 4 players.
Elephant Victory 273 BCE
Three tribes of Kelts have invaded the Seleucid Empire. Basileus Antiochus I refused to accept the invaders and marched his army to Asia Minor to eject them. His secret weapons were his Indian elephants. The Kelts also have their secret weapons, chariots. Both were the ancient equivalents of tanks.
Perry Gray hosts this ancient battle in 28mm using "Ancient Warfare" rules for 6-8 players.
Bolt Action Bring and Battle
Note, due to the large number of games in the afternoon this table has been allocated to another event.
Longstreet’s Attack, July 2nd 1863 -Pre-Registration on this game is CLOSED
Longstreet finally starts his attack on the Union salient at the Peach Orchard and Union left flank at Devils Den. This is a Redux of an award winning game from 2000 featuring a specially built game board.
Brian Hall hosts this 15mm ACW game using "Carnage and Glory II" for 6 to 8 players.
Operation Kadesh
In October 1956, Isreal Britain and France invaded Egypt to reopen the Suez Canal. The Israelis invaded through the Sinai Penninsual with paratroopers and armour and close air support. In this 1:300th scale Jet Age air combat game hosted by Keith Burnett, Isreali pilots are attacking an Egyptian support column protected by Egyptian jets. 8 players. "Check Your 6!" rules.
The Red War Part 3 (Level 13)
The Cults of Elemental Evil wrought incredible destruction on the city of Mulmaster. In its hour of need, the City of Danger received aid from an unlikely source- the Mageocracy of Thay, ruled by the lich Szass Tam. With Mulmaster moving ever closer to Thay’s orbit and strife brewing within the Factions for action, the hour is ripe for conflict.

This is the third part in a four part adventure series designed to be played in sequence. Your character will carry forward at the end of each session, so Make sure to sign up for all four sessions to see the story to its exciting conclusion!
D&D 5th editon
4-6 players
DM Matt Jack
Le Cateau, August 26th 1914 –the great retreat -Pre-Registration on this game is CLOSED
Following the Battle of Mons the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and the French Army retreated to the outskirts of Paris in the face of the right wing of the Imperial German Army commanded by Gen. von Kluck. The battered British II Corps commanded by Gen. Smith-Dorrien, was forced to hold a long front running along the ancient Roman road between Le Cateau and Cambrai. Outnumbered by more than two-to-one, the BEF’s lines become outflanked as the day wears on, and the battle breaks up into many isolated skirmishes. Can “Tommy Atkins” and his pals “throw a spanner in the works” of the Schlieffen Plan? Or will “the Boche” be in Paris by the end of the month? A company level skirmish for 2-4 players using “Contemptible Little Armies” rules. Hosted by Ian Tetlow.
Battle of Nu-Quebec 3025
Giant Mechs battle through the Old City of Quebec on a spectacular urban table. Kevin Brooking and Andrew Iabow host this Battletech game for 6 to 8 players.
Mystery in White Falls
The tiny hill town of White Falls is normally a safe place to live. The worst problems the Sheriff has to face is the occasional drunken brawl at the tavern or land-use spat between farmers.
Recently, however, there has been a rise in animal attacks, and just the other day the entire Mosscliff family went missing.
You are being asked to investigate to see what has been causing these attacks, and to find - and hopefully return - the Mosscliff family. Is this just overly aggressive animals, or does it have something to do with the rise of the Orkholm army on the border?
This adventure is for 4-6 first or second level characters. Bring your own, or use one of our Pre-Gen characters.
D&D 5th edition
DM: Sandra Regina