Saturday: 2:00pm to 6:00pm

-Select an army from any DBA 3.0 ARMY LIST .
-If you are unsure of your armies’ qualification please email me for validation.
-Loaner 15 mm armies with terrain will be available.
-The format for opponent selection will be the SWISS Chess Format with a minimum of three rounds, each round limited to 1 hour duration.   We expect at least 8 players for this session.
-Record sheets for your army and games will be provided by the Games Masters.
Tournament Etiquette
Make sure you can stay for the complete duration of the session before you sign up.
Before the game starts describe your army by name and book/number then identify each element in the army including the general.
During Play – State your intent before you move.
If you wish to clarify an opponent’s intention then ask.
Watch the clock!  The scoring system always encourages finishing a game rather than leaving it unfinished.
Game Master (GM): Howard Tulloch
Second GM: John Mifkovic
Number of Players: four to twelve players
The All Black Flight -May 1917 PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
In the spring of 1917 the Royal Naval Air Service began operating fighter squadrons on the Western Front equipped with the new Sopwith Triplane in an effort to help wrest control of the skies from the Germans. Unlike the raw recruits of the  RFC, the Naval Air Service pilots had undergone flight training at their own expense at private flying schools before going to the front.
One of these squadrons – Naval 10 –  was mostly composed of Canadian pilots. “B” Flight of Naval 10 would soon become a legend under the leadership of Canadian ace Raymond Collishaw. With their engine cowlings painted black, the “All Black Flight” shot down 84 German planes during May and June 1917. Their own losses were also high and of the original 5 pilots of B Flight only 2 were still flying by the end of July.
Naval 10 frequently clashed with Richthofen’s Circus over the western front.
This scenario for the Canvas Eagles rules pits 4 Sopwith Triplanes of B Flight against 4 Albatros DIIIs of Jasta 11, including the Red Baron himself. Canvas Eagles is a free set of easy to play skirmish rules for WWI air combat.
Allan Lougheed hosts this 1/72 scale air war game for 4 to 8 players.
Hammering and Sickling the Rising Sun: Khalkhin Gol 1939 PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
Against orders, the Kwantung Army has initiated a series of border skirmishes with the Mongolians and their Russian puppetmasters, culminating in a sudden dash across the Khalkin Gol river and a bold strike on the positions on Baintsagan Hill.
Recalling how their fathers had driven the Russians back from the Yalu River in a humiliating defeat, these Japanese heroes are confident they can do it all again.  The Soviet Army has just purged its officer corps, leaving untried officers in charge, nobodies like Georgy Zhukov.
Mike Manning and Nick Wesson host this 1/72 scale Rapid Fire! game for 6 players.
Strongpoint Hillman is the Regimental Headquarters and Command Post for the coastal defence in the area. The objective is expected to hold the HQs of 736 Grenadier Regiment. The expected preparatory bombing and naval bombardments did not occur. There is small breach in the wire and minefield from an earlier attack. Current time is 1730. Your mission is to clear Strongpoint Hillman before nightfall. Brian Hall presents this historical refight for 4-5 players using O Group rules.
15mm ADLG Classical Tournament continues
asee Saturday Morning’s listing
Bolt Action Tournament continues
see Saturday Morning’s listing
Teams from 4 Allied countries hunt for 3 Nazi scientists in the final days of the Second World War.  Whose troops will find them?  Who will lose out of this valuable knowledge needed for post war Europe. Mark Anderson and Eric Ritchie present this Bolt Action scenario for 4 Players.
Never Mind the Billhooks PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
Perry Gray presents the hot new Wars of the Roses rules in 28mm for 2 to 6 players.
Leipzig, The Battle of Nations PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
16 October, 1813 Leaving Marshals Ney and Marmont to screen the Armies of Silesia and the North, Napoleon concentrated his efforts against the Army of Bohemia to the south of Leipzig. If he could crush this army before the others arrive, he could defeat the armies of the 6th Coalition piecemeal. Take command of French, French ally, Austrian, Russian or Prussian troops in one of the greatest battles of the Napoleonic wars. Keith Burnett hosts 8 players,using Blucher rules and 6mm figures.
Club Med- Rommel’s Flight to North Africa PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
British intelligence has decoded an ‘Ultra” message indicating that Field Marshal Rommel is flying to North Africa in a flight of Luftwaffe medium bombers with fighter escort today. The RAF scramble the nearest fighter wing to intercept the bombers and shoot down “The Desert Fox” before he even gains the moniker. Two players control the German fighter group while two players control the RAF fighter interceptors. Can the Allies end the war in the Med with a lucky salvo?? Ages 12 and up recommended but not strictly enforced.
Dave Mattison and Ross Cossar host this 1/100 scale WW2 air game for 4 players using Axis & Allies Air rules.
Compete in the dusts of the glorious hippodrome, driving against your friends in a mean-spirited and violent chariot race in 1/72nd scale. Rules based on the venerable 1979 game rules published by Avalon Hill, updated and shining in a hand-made arena with over 400 tiny people in the audience. Sessions expected to take four hours to complete the three furious rounds of the race. No experience necessary. George Duff hosts this game for up to 8 players.
Defend Rorke’s Drift against the Zulu impis. Survive as long as you can, hopefully until the Zulus give up. Can you do better than the historical outcome?
Vincnet Booth presents this infamous historical action in 28mm using Victoria Cross rules for 4 players.
It is the height of the Peninsular War during the Napoleonic age.  Spanish guerillas have learned that a high ranking French official is passing through their territory on the way to the front.  Who is it? No one knows for sure. Judging by the number of guards present though, this person is important and the perfect target for an ambush!   
Can you discover who the official is, and take them prisoner?  Or do you have the skills to keep the official safe to further the plans of the glorious Empire of France?
This fast paced fun scenario features amazing custom terrain from Miniature Landscape Hobbies.  Test your tactical skills while participating in plenty of entertaining mayhem! Joe and Mitchell Saunders present this Sharp Practice game in 28mm for 6 players.
Welcome to the races! The fastest, most Orkiest race around. Can you make it  three laps around the track with all of your competition gunnin for you…er  your spot?  
Multiple races  will be had during each time slot. Pick your racer  and see if you can survive past the first turn. All models and measuring devices will be provided.   
As the Boss sayz ” Da only thing better dan krumpin, is racin, an in dis race you get to do the krumpin for the winnin”
Peter Smith and Huw Powell present this Warhammer 40K game for 6 players per race.
The Ninth Age Fantasy Battles Demonstration PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
Maintained by hundreds of passionate players from all over the world, The 9th Age is a free fantasy tabletop miniatures wargame designed for everyone.
Casual players will love the customisation of armies represented by models from any company, and the ability to play fun games which are not decided by a single dice roll. Tournament gamers will appreciate the precise rules and the exceptional balance. Storytellers can immerse themselves in a setting characterized by its realism, rooted in authentic medieval cultures and legends, where there is infinite room for their own story.
As a community-driven project, The 9th Age is open to you! Join us, and make it your project too!
The Battle For Terra: Sydney PRE-REGISTRATION IS FULL!
The Wolf Clan assault on Terra met nearly immediate resistance in Australia in the form of the venerable mercenaries of Hansen’s Roughriders. After two full days of artillery and aerospace bombing, a force of Roughriders rode out of the shattered Redoubt Sydney to meet the attackers of Clan Wolf’s Alpha Galaxy head on.
Choose to join the Wolves in their fated return to Earth or to stop them in their tracks in the legendary mercenary tradition of the Roughriders.
Alex Ivic and A.J. Harkness host this game for 12 players using Classic Battletech rules.
A metal-inspired voidcrawl of a game where in you embark with the survivors of a crashed world-ship into the heart of eldritch havoc. You are cordially invited to try and kill an ancient god. Ioan Tetlow and Joaquin Cornejo host this rules light, madness heavy rolepalying game for 4 players.
Aliens vs. Predators
Predator Young Bloods must stage a hunt to cleanse the hive in the ancient ruins beofre it’s too late.
Joe Nixon hosts a 25mm Science Fiction game based on the popular franchise using his own rules for 8 players.