Saturday: 2:00pm to 6:00pm

A Crossroads in Spain, Part 2
French and Allied British and Spanish meet in a meeting engagement to take a crossroad vital for supplies near the town of St Catherine in 1809. Vincent Booth hosts this Napoleonic skirmish for 4 players using Sharp Practice rules in 28mm. Losers of the morning game are now entrenched in the town. Attackers  must win to remove all presence from the area. THIS GAME IS FULL!
Star Trek: Dominion War
2375 (stardate 52679.4) An alliance of Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan forces versus Dominion, Cardassian, and Breen forces at the Second Battle of Chin’toka. Addison Gow hosts this science fiction fleet action for 6 players using Metaverse rules. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Hard Brexit, or Romani Ite Domun
Britain is overrun by bloody foreigners from Europe. Time to fight back. Chieftain Pidyn Meddal has had enough and has rallied his warriors to strike at the Roman troops under the command of Legatus Media Procuratio. The Romans have been rounding up cattle as ‘tax’ to feed the legion. Pidyn Meddal has set an ambush to jump the returning Roman troops to recover the cattle. Will the troops of the Roman Empire be able to move the herd back to the camp, thus reinforcing the might of Rome? Or will the warbands of Britain have the time and fury to strike a blow for freedom and independence? Tempus Fugit! Sean Malcolmson hosts this 28mm ancient battle for 4 players, using Infamy, Infamy! rules. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
The Pasta Bandits – D&D 5E for 1st Level Players
The Pasta Bandits – three catfolk bandits called Gnocchi, Tortelli and Ravioli – have been raiding the local farmer’s chicken coops and stealing chickens, as well as using their granaries as litterboxes. The farmers have pooled their money together to hire the player characters to find the bandits and put an end to their thieving ways.
This is a fun, rather silly romp by the DM Lair team released via the Open Gaming License 1.0A. This is an excellent way to bring new players into the D&D 5e universe. Young players are welcome with an adult helper.
Pre-generated characters with minis will be available, but you can bring your own 1st level PC created from the PHB Sourcebook as well.
Players will need to bring paper and a pencil/pen for notes and a set of dice (though sets will be available to borrow for the game). If bringing your own PC, you should also bring a mini and your character sheet. Everything else will be provided.
Sandra Sine is the DM for this Dungeons & Dragons 5e adventure for 4 to 6 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
The Battle  of Breadfield  Hungarians and Ottomans October 13, 1479
The first great battle fought between the Ottomans and the Hungarians. This was an exciting affair with large amounts of cavalry on both sides. The Ottomans, led by Ali Bey, had been mounting very large raids with an army sized force into Hungary. The Hungarians were led by István Báthory. Once the Ottomans had collected too much loot to move fast enough, he attacked them where they were camped in  the Breadfield (Kenyérmező), near Zsibót. The Ottoman army was almost entirely made up of Akınjıs, Rumelian Spahis, and Azaps, with some Janissaries and a few cannon
The Hungarian army included  HungarianSzeklerSerbianTransylvanian Saxon forces, and some Vlach volunteers, although outnumbered by the Ottomans they triumphed on the day, maintaining Hungarian control over their territories for almost another 50 years.
This 15mm Renaissance battle is hosted by Stephen Lindsey for 8 players using modified DBM rules.
The Second Battle for Kesternich, 30 January, 1945
The Bulge was a bust.  The Germans are spent.  It’s time to go back on the attack and push to the Rhine.  The first step is to retake the village of Kesternich. Mike Manning presents this classic 1/72nd scale WW2 game using Rapid Fire! rules for 4 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Operation Biting: The Raid on Bruneval
The RN is responsible for the evacuation of British paratroopers and engineers that have just stolen the Wurzburg radar set at Bruneval. It is 03:30 hrs on February 28, 1942 and Landing Craft Assault have just embarked special passengers from the rocky beach below. They lumber out to waiting Fairmile MGB’s where they transfer the vital cargo of men and machine.  
Meanwhile the Kriegsmarine has a coastal patrol of small but heavily armed R and S boats in the area. Can the British paratroopers with their secret radar equipment run the gauntlet of marauders and make it to the safety of the Free French and RN Destroyer escort? The fate of Bomber Command depends.
Dave Mattison presents this WW2 naval game for 4 players using Warlord Games’ Cruel Seas rules and 1/300 scale models.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
The 9th Age Demonstration
Come and have a demonstration of the Community Run fantasy wargame taking the tabletop community by storm. All participants receive a free gift!
The 9th Age is a community continuation of Warhammer Fantasy after the game was abandoned by Games Workshop. Maintained by hundreds of passionate players from all over the world, The 9th Age is a free fantasy tabletop miniatures wargame designed for everyone.
Casual players will love the unlimited customisation of armies represented by models from any company, and the ability to play fun games which are not decided by a single dice roll. Tournament gamers will appreciate the precise rules and the exceptional balance. Storytellers can immerse themselves in a setting characterised by its realism, rooted in authentic medieval cultures and legends, where there is infinite room for their own story.
As a community-driven project, The 9th Age is open to you! Join us, and make it your project too! Drew Austin and Mike Johnson present the rules basics to all interested parties.
High Noon at Lardville
Tension is rising in Lardville. A group of outlaws is about to raid the town for its supply of bacon! Will the sheriff’s posse be able to stop them? Pierre-Yves Troel and Dan Chaput host this 28mm western gunfight game for 4 players using the new What A Cowboy! rules by TooFatLardies.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
Reconnaissance in force by mounted elements of the northern column of the British invasion of Zululand, January 1879. Ian Tetlow presents a 28mm colonial game for 6 players using The Men Who Would Be Kings rules. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
From Stalingrad Z
Stalingrad, November 22. Word has been received that the Red Army has completely encircled and cut off 6th Army.  For the Soviets, a glimmer of hope, for the Germans it seems it can’t get any worse. Then the dead begin to rise. In this demo of Raybox Games upcoming release Escape from Stalingrad Z players control a survivor, either Russian or German, as they seek to find ammo, supplies and other possible allies trying to escape the ghoul infested ruins.  All the while the endless army of the dead are in relentless pursuit. Tom Frank hosts this Weird War 2 game for 3 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Battle of New Orleans, 1815
Can the British army break Jackson’s American line and capture the city of New Orleans? Eric Ritchie and Mark Anderson host this 28mm War of 1812 game using Regimental Fire & Fury rules for 7 players.
The Battle of Trafalgar was the decisive naval battle of the Napoleonic wars. Can you emulate the Royal Navy or will the combined French and Spanish fleets rule the waves? Perry Gray hosts this 1/1200 scale Age of Sail battle using It’s Warm Work rules. 4 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Countdown to Launch
It is 1944 and the success of the D-Day Invasion has brought the Allies back to continental Europe, but the Axis powers have a plan to strike back; the V1 rocket!  You can take command of an Allied force to race against the cloak and prevent the launch of a deadly V1 rocket, or take control of the Axis contingent  and unleash this deadly new weapon. 
Joe Saunders presents this custom Flames of War scenario that is both fast paced and fun suitable for beginner and veteran Flames of War players. All models are supplied. Please come out and play on a spectacular custom table built by Miniature Landscape Hobbies. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Battletech Grinder
Grinder is a progressive, free-for-all Battletech combat, designed to transition players from introductory technology to the full range of Battletech: Total Warfare. Players begin with a light Battlemech, equipped with the most basic of weapons. When that unit is destroyed in combat, the player re-enters with a more powerful Battlemech, equipped with progressively more advanced weapons and equipment. Play will be continuous and players can join and leave as they please.
This game is for players of all levels of experience. All materials needed to play are provided.
Umpired by Justin Rulton for 6 or more players
Battle for the Fusion Plant
The honorable DCMS of House Kurita battle for control of an experimental fusion reactor on the planet of Daedalus VI against a pithy band of mercenaries.  However the owners of the reactor will not give in without a fight..
Ed Stephens hosts a Battletech: Alpha Strike combined arms scenario for 4-6 players, armies provided.  Players wishing to bring their own forces may bring up to 200PV using the Wolfnet 350 Tournament Army Construction restrictions (