Saturday: 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Vincent Booth hosts a refight of this iconic Victorian battle in 28mm for 6 players using Victoria Cross rules.
Battle of Kleine Gettz
Somewhere in Saxony, 1813. A Russian-Prussian army meets up with the French rearguard
Can Napoleon and La Garde get there in time or will the Allies beat the French piece meal? Keith Burnett hosts a 6mm Napoleonic battle using Blucher rules for 6 players.
Travis Keeler demonstrateds his new 28mm Fantasy big skirmish game for 2 to 4 players.
Second Tensho Iga War Medieval Japan (1581)
Oda Nobunaga leads a full-scale army to finally crush the upstart Iga Province and reclaim his captured son, Nobukatsu.  Samurai swords clash and the ground runs red with blood in a war of honour and freedom. Adam Gow hosts this 28mm Samurai battle using Test of Honour rules fofr 4 players.
Relentless Pursuit-CANCELLED
 The Rebel fleet has escaped the Hoth system and is being relentlessly pursued by Darth Vader’s Death Squadron. One unlucky group of transports has been caught between lightspeed jumps and is being set upon by Imperial warships. Take command of the Rebel squadrons and get the transports out safely or straighten your Imperial uniform and wipe out these Rebel scum! Mike Hoyt presents this Star Wars battle using his Metaverse rules for 6 to 8 players
Da ORKS ‘ave the bestest racers!!!   Only  da biggest and baddest will survive!! 
Race your Orkish  vehicle   around   the  course  for  only 3 laps!!  But be  warned,  bumpin’  and shootin’  and blastin’   is not only encouraged  but it’s da furst rule!    A flat out  high speed fast  play style  racing game  with a simple game mechanic  and lots of explosive fun.     
2 races  per session ( or  more  if the  explosions are big enough!)
Peter Smith and Huw Powell preside over the carnage using modified Warhammer 40K rules for 2 to 6 players per race.
Last battle of the Successors -Corupedium 281 BCE
Following the untimely demise of Alexander the Great, his generals known as the Successors fought over his empire in a series of wars lasting almost 40 years. The last two surviving generals, Lysimachus of Thrace and Seleucus of Asia, are fighting the last great battle in western Asia Minor. It is the Thracians and allies of the west versus the eastern hordes (including elephants) on the “plain of Kyros”. The outcome decides who will rule the vast majority of Alexander’s empire (except Egypt). Perry Gray and David Blanchard present this 28mm ancient battle for 8 players using Ancient Warfare rules.
Battle of Brandy Station – June 9, 1863 -CANCELLED
Confederate General Stuart fights Union General Pleaston in the largest cavalry action of the American Civil War for control of Brandy Station area. Charlie and Steve Barron host this game in 20mm using Pickett’s Charge rules for 4 players.
 A Rising of Courage- Ist Can Para D-Day -PRE_REGISTRATION FOR THIS GAME IS FULL
 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion very early on D-Day landing in Normandy. C Company as pathfinders are tasked with securing the drop zone “Z” for thousands of incoming paras and taking the small village of Varaville. The German garrison at Varaville is well entrenched and have a deadly surprise for Major MacLeod and his small scattered paratroopers. He warned his men that the entire German position was surrounded by coiled barbed wire, bristling with small arms, and supported by some field gun. A formidable capacity for defense. They were also told to expect chaos and mass confusion on the drop, and that is what they got. Dave Mattison hosts this 28mm WW2 game for 6 players using Bolt Action rules.
The Battle of Cynoscephalae  197 BC -PRE_REGISTRATION FOR THIS GAME IS FULL
We now arrive at the point in time where the emerging Roman Empire first clashes with the Macedonian successors to the realm of Alexander The Great. On the one hand we have Roman legionaries, and on the other the mighty Macedonian phalanx.
Fought between between the forces of the Roman general Titus Quinctius Flamininus, including some Greek allies, and Phillip V, the king of Macedon. The Romans had invaded Macedonia, in support of their new Greek allies from the Aetolian League.
The armies just about stumbled into each other, near Cynoscephalae in Central Greece, discovering that they were each the other side of a range of hills. The Macedonians moved over the ridge first, splitting their forces into two columns, and attacking downhill towards the Roman camp.
Stephen Lindsey presents this historic clash with more than 2,000 miniatures in 15mm using modified DBM rules for 8 players.
Cat Fight
During the first wave of Operation BULLDOG, Inner Sphere forces seemingly launched a strike against the Nova Cat enclave on Caripare, in truth arriving in response to a prearranged batchall with the defending First Nova Cat Guards. Faced with apparent collaboration between the Nova Cats and the Inner Sphere, the Smoke Jaguar commanders did not fight to the death, but instead pulled back to worlds deeper in the Smoke Jaguar Occupation zone. Play out the following scenario as members of the attacking Nova Cats or the defending Smoke Jaguars. Nick Connor hosts this Battletech game for 4-10 players.
Cut off and trapped the Colonial Marines must hold their position against the xenomorph horde using all means necessary, Sentry guns, welded bulkheads, sealed doors…. Nothing is off the table. If the Marines can’t hold its “game over man” Players control various units on the table including Colonial Marines, Colonists, and Predators using Hadley’s Hope ruleset. Fighting to survive in the Aliens Vs Predator universe. 
4-6 Players 
GM Jason Chaplin and Dane Ordway 
 DBA 3.0 Ancients OPEN tournament- CANCELLED

We will be using 24inch square game matts and expect to have at least  four 3ft x 6ft tables.

Army selection will be from any of the Four DBA ARMY LIST books as per DBA 3.0 Rulebook.  Each player is expected to have a fixed and legal 12-element army and camp with terrain features for the army’s home terrain.  
If you are unsure of your armies’ qualification please email Howard Tulloch <> for validation. 

Loaner armies with terrain will be available and these will be assigned by a hidden draw. After all, as a mercenary general you cannot expect to choose your army.

The format for opponent selection will be the SWISS Chess Format with a minimum of three rounds, each round limited to 1 hour duration.   We expect at least 8 players for this session.

Record sheets for your army and games will be provided by the Game Master.

This is the fifth year for our tournament. All previous winners have their name recorded on the trophy for the year they won. 6-12 players.

—————-   Tournament Etiquette  —————-

Have fun.

Make sure you can stay for the complete duration of the session before you sign up.

Before the game starts describe to your opponent your army by name and book/number then identify each element in the army including the general. 

When rolling a die policy the path the rolling die will take.  Ensure the resting place of the die is on the table surface and in clear sight of your opponent.   We encourage the use of dice cups, dice towers and dice trays.

During Play – State your intent before you move or roll a die.

If you wish to clarify an opponent’s intention then ask them.

Watch the clock!  The scoring system always encourages finishing a game rather than leaving it unfinished.
Skirmish in the Snow part 2: Russian Hordes -PRE-REGISTRATION FOR THIS GAME IS FULL
German Mountain Troops are locked into deadly combat against Russian Hordes on the eastern front. Each player is given a squad of 7 to 10 troops to command as they go head to head in on the snow-covered battlefield. Death awaits the loser. Andy Hohn and Martin Levebvre host a 54mm WW2 game for 4 players using Five Men at Kursk rules.
Battle of Aberdeen 1644 -CANCELLED!
On the 13th of September 1644, Covenanters marched out of Aberdeen to meet the veteran Irish force of Montrose. The Covenanters then drew up in a strong defensive position south-west of the town. Montrose sent a messenger and drummer under a flag of truce to demand the surrender of the city or expect no quarter. Aberdeen’s chief citizens and guild leaders received this ultimatum at Justice Mill Lane and rejected it. In the parly, the Royalist party were treated hospitably. However, on their way back to camp, a Covenanter trooper fired on the Royalist party, killing the drummer. Montrose was so angered, he ordered an immediate attack, giving permission to sack the town.
In this scenario based on the battle, Sean and Liam Malcolmson will use modified Pike & Shotte rules to see if the citizens of Aberdeen will remain safe from the sack or will the Irish of Montrose be loosed upon the innocents. 6 players.
Legions of Steel
Legions of Steel 2nd Edition is a fast paced, squad level, map tile based, miniatures combat game set in the not so distant future. Originally released in 1992, the new edition is ready now to be played.
Save humanity from a siege of mechanical horror. Play an elite group of Commandos in high tech powered armour on their missions to destroy the base complexes of the Overlord computer. Meanwhile, your opponent maneuvers their horde of robotic minions commanded by ten feet of raw terror, the dreaded Mark 1 Assault Fiend.
Mechanics are simple. Only six sided dice are required to quickly resolve firefights, but you need more than luck to survive. With Blasters, Deadbolt Launchers, Kinetic Pulse grenades and the Napalm-X Flame Weapon on the field of battle, tactical considerations are many. Before you can out-fight your opponent, you must first out-think them.
Marco and Nico Pecota will be demonstrating this Canadian made game for 4 players.
All materials required to participate in the demos will be provided.
Battle of Port Arthur, 11:00 am. 9 February 1904.
The Russian Fleet has endured a torpedo attack on their fleet in the outer roads of Port Arthur during the night.  The Japanese fleet has no idea how much damage was done to them, but a distant reconnaissance of the port makes them feel confident that the Russian morale is broken.  They decide to attack.  Can Admiral Togo prevail?  Are the Russians as badly damaged as he thinks?  Can the Russians break out and join forces with their Vladivostok squadron?  Let’s find out! Glenn Broome hosts this Russo-Japanese War naval action in 1/6000 scale using Grand Fleets 3rd ed. for 6 players.
The Gribbits Detective Agency
This pre-published free adventure is specifically for new players of D&D. Brand new players encouraged!
Janos Meer, the powerful underworld figure known as the Beggar King, has vanished. Gribbits—Meer’s right-hand goblin—has tasked a group of neophyte adventurers with getting to the bottom of where his boss has gone, and why.
Player characters provided, but you can bring your own 1st level PC if you wish. Please bring your own dice, and notepaper and pen/pencil for taking notes. Minis will be available, but if you have your own bring them.
Sandra Sine DMs this Dungeons& Dragons 5e RPG for 4 to 6 players.
The Battle of Barnet was fought early on Easter Sunday morning April 14th 1471, eleven miles north of London in thick fog. The low visibility had a major impact on the outcome of the battle fought between King Edward IV and a Lancastrian army of Richard Neville Earl of Warwick. Ian Tetlow and Bob Hastings present this 28mm Wars of the Roses battle for 6 players using Poleaxed 2nd edition rules.
Dux Britanniarum
Saxons are raiding Romano-British holdings. Each gamer will get units of warriors, elites, missile troops and cavalry and will get exposure to multiple uses of units using the Dux Britanniarum rules. The second scenario will be the Saxons raiding  the Romano-British  with the scenario being chosen from one of the ten the we have for the “campaign game”. Could be village, farm, mine, cattle raid, tax collector, wagon supply raid, British camp raid…… one of many.  To be determined at the time of the game. Gamers will get the same troop types as listed in the game of Session One. Cain Carter and Frank Kailik host this 28mm Dark Age battle for 6 players.
Thrilling Heroics: Firefly Escapades in Core Space
Your crew of “legitimate traders” have intercepted news of a profitable business opportunity on a nearby space station.  One small problem – the alien Purge are interested in annexing this station and “harvesting” the inhabitants!  Time for some thrilling heroics….
Chris Streets of the Newmarket Games club presents this fun 28mm sci-fi scenario for 4 players using Core Space scenery and game mechanics from Battle Systems (
2nd Battle of Bir el Gubi, December 1941
The Italian 136th Regiment “Giovanni Fascisti” (young fascists), reinforced by Berseglieri and the Ariette armoured division, are dug in at a critical crossroads, guarding the Rommel’s right flank.  The 11th Indian Brigade and the Royal Tank Regiment are tasked to winkle them out so Operation Crusader could continue. Mike Manning presents this WW2 battle for 6 players using Rapid Fire! rules.
July 1187, the Crusader army under the King of Jerusalem rides out to break the siege of Tiberias. They meet the Ayyubid Sultan Salah ad-Din in the desert near the Horns of Hattin.  The Crusaders are surrounded by a much more mobile force of mounted light horsemen.  Exhausted and out of water, they must fight their way out of this trap or die on the barren plains of the Levant. Rodney Cain and Brian Peruski present this 28mm Crusader era battle for 6 players using Triumph! rules.
Coastal Confusion
Scale: 1/300
A garbled distress signal from an unidentifed freighter in the English Channel is picked up by British and German naval commands. MTBs and S-Boats are dispatched into the fog of la Manche to rescue the mystery vessel and ward off the opposition. The fast-paced and fun Cruel Seas rules will be used in this WW2 naval action hosted by Bob Garcia for 2 to 6 players.
The Ninth Age- Dwarves, Rats, Death, and Taxes
Vermin Legions from Avras have setup a roadblock in the foothills below the Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Derom. Will the Vermin Swarm successfully hold their claim? Will the Dwarves Stand for this flagrant offense? Come try your hand in a game of Fantasy, Magic, Maneuvre, Ranks, and Flanks! Evan Switzer & Ben Rytter from Ontario 9th Age host this game of Old Hammer style fantasy battles for 2 to 4 players using their 9th Age rules.