Saturday: 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Please note: we hold back 25% of slots for in-person sign ups. So “Pre-Registration is full” just means that the game is 75% signed up and we aren’t taking anymore pre-registrations.

Heavy Mech Challenge
A free for all battle with randomly rolled Heavy Battlemechs for 8 to 12 players. You loose a mech, roll a new one and rejoin the fight. Game will take place on a 3D factory hex board. 1/265 scale miniatures. Classic Battletech rules. Hosted by Kirk Sheppard and Cam Loucks
Circus Maximus
As seen last year, play out a chariot race on George Duff’s artful 1/72nd scale Roman circus. Plan out your chariot team, and race against the others on a dangerous track full of mayhem and risk. Simplified home rules based on the AH game from the 70s. No experience necessary. 10 players.
ADLG Crusades tournament Continued
15mm ADLG Crusades tournament. Allowed lists available from the GM or the ADLG Facebook group. 200 points, 3 rounds. Umpire Tod Creasey <> Number of Players: 12
The Tatooine Incident -Pre-Registration is FULL
The small settlement of Mos Grigan has been the location of a secret Imperial research facility for several years without incident. It has gone undetected due to its careful design as an unassuming farming community. However a recent experiment with a new star drive has created a warp rift above Tatooine which has garnered the attention of the rebellion and other prying eyes. The Empire seeks to protect their new secret technology but there are others with different plans…..
To complicate matters further a massive starship has arrived in orbit and has refused all hails. A small shuttle has been detected with a decent trajectory that will land near the research facility. Are they friend or foe?
This adapted One Hour Wargames scenario sees multiple Star Wars (And some non Star Wars) factions with conflicting goals clashing in the small oasis of Mos Grigan in 15mm scale. This game will involve each player having a small force of infantry, characters with the potential of mechanized support. The rules are fairly simple but it is recommend players of at least 16 years of age. We will be able to accommodate 6 – 8 players.
Game Master (GM): James Fields
Select an army from any DBA 3.0 ARMY LIST .
If you are unsure of your armies’ qualification please email <> for validation.
Loaner 15mm armies with terrain will be available.
The format for opponent selection will be the SWISS Chess Format with a minimum of three rounds, each round limited to 1 hour duration.   We expect at least 8 players for this session.
Record sheets for your army and games will be provided by the Games Masters.
Tournament Etiquette
-Make sure you can stay for the complete duration of the session before you sign up.
-Before the game starts describe your army by name and book/number then identify each element in the army including the general.
-During Play – State your intent before you move.
-If you wish to clarify an opponent’s intention then ask.
-Watch the clock!  The scoring system always encourages finishing a game rather than leaving it unfinished.
Umpires Howard Tulloch and John Mifkovic
Maximum 12 players
Simmon Dollard at Long Sault -Pre-Registration is FULL
French officer Simmon Dollard has been trapped by several hundred Mohawk Warriors at Longsault. He has 18 courier de bois, French Infantry and 20 Wyandotte allies in a makeshift fort on the St Laurence. Nelson Rumley hosts this game from Canadian history in 28mm using WILEY GAMES LARGER BATTLES for up to 6 players.
Hunt for The Minions of Evil -Pre-Registration is FULL
It is the spring of 1809 and the constant battles between the forces of the French Empire, Spain, Portugal and Britain have ravaged the Iberian Peninsula. The unprecedented bloodshed has had insidious effects that have gone unnoticed…until now. Slowly, rumours began to spread between the military encampments of all sides of the conflict.  Villagers and soldiers alike have gone missing. Some were later found hideously mangled as though savaged by wild creatures, some simply are never seen again.
Eventually, the European powers could ignore the strange occurrences no longer, and have independently dispatched elite bands of supernatural investigators to check into the events. 
Can you lead your band to uncover the mystery? Be warned though; you will need to face the warriors of both opposing nations and the incomprehensible forces of evil to prevail.
Featuring spectacular Napoleonic era terrain and miniatures with a gothic horror twist, this fun, fast paced game o Silver Bayonet is for 4 players, presented by Miniature Landscape Hobbies is sure to be a ton of fun. 
The Straits of Messina -Pre-Registration is FULL
Ian Tetlow presents Aancient naval warfare between Carthage and the Roman Republic in 1/1200 scale using the Society of Ancients Corvus naval rules, for 4-6 players.
The Battle of Magnesia 189 BC
We now arrive at the point in time where the emerging Roman Empire continues to clash with the successors to the realm of Alexander The Great. Now they have moved on to confront the Seleucid empire. Pitting forces of the Roman Republic led by the consul Lucius Cornelius Scipio Asiaticus and the allied Kingdom of Pergamon under Eumenes II against a Seleucid army of Antiochus III. The Romans advance into Seleucid territory and Antiochus assembles a great army including oddities such as elephants, cataphracts, camels, scythed chariots.
Stephen Lindsey presents an epic 15mm battle with more than 2,000 miniatures using modified DBM rules for 8 players.
1660 -Pre-Registration is FULL
Pledging allegiance to their new Tsar, the boyars have risen to overthrow  the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth once and for all. Come join our game of an often neglected version of the battle for Moscow. Winged Fury are rules that capture the complexity of 17th century warfare. Gentlemen,  soldiers of fortune, and  ruthless cutthroats all welcome to play.
Mark Degner and Jan Wantuchowicz host this 28mm Eastern Renaissance battle for 6 players.
Knights of the Air -Pre-Registration is FULL
This is a learning opportunity for those interested in First World War aerial combat. Life can be short over the Western Front, as machines made of cloth, wood and wire fight to control the skies over the trenches. Take on the role of a two-seater observation aircraft gathering photo intelligence, or control a single-seat scout that protects the two-seaters from the enemy scouts. Or perhaps, you would simply like to send that observation balloon down in flames. There will be the opportunity for a short introductory game before the main scenario. Bill Bean hosts this 1/144th scale WW1 air game using Wings of War/Wings of Glory rules for 6 players.
Speedfreeks!! -Pre-Registration is FULL
Can you survive the Orky def races of Octaris?
3 laps of carnage, mayhem and stikk bombz!
(Watch out for mines!)
2  (or 3, depends on how quick the drivers explode) six person races per time slot.  All models supplied, no experience  required.
Come see if you can survive past the first turn!
Peter Smith and Huw Powell reign over the carnage and mayhem using Modified 40K rules and 6 players per race.
D&D 5e Adventure -Pre-Registration is FULL
Deep within the wilderness lies an ancient tower. This tower hides dangers around every corner. I invite all of you who are brave enough to come and discover what lies within. Characters are made for you. The rules are based on Dungeons and Dragons 5e.
Christina Ridley and Michael Hayes host this level 5 adventure for 4 to 6 players.
Mortal Gods
Les Mandeville presents a 28mm skirmish game set in heroic age Greece, using the rules Mortal Gods, for 4 players.
Goetz’s Run
A little known battle between elements of the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia in this army level game. David Best and Justin Blathwaite use Polemos – On They Came rules for this 6mm American Civil War Game for 8 players.
An August Morning in Alsace, 1870 -Pre-Registration is FULL
It is August 4, 1870, and the regime of Napoleon III has declared war on the Kingdom of Prussia and her allies. In Alsace, Marshal Patrice de MacMahon assembles his army near the border and prepares to face an attack by advancing Prussian columns. The mobilization of the French army has not gone smoothly, and political unrest is rumbling in Paris (because France). Napoleon III’s regime needs an early “win” to teach the Prussians a lesson and stabilize the political situation.
MacMahon might deliver such a check to the Prussian advance – if his troops can concentrate in the right place. His command contains some of the best line units in the French army, but they are dispersed, their intelligence is poor, and many senior commanders seem more focused on getting lattes then on pushing out cavalry reconnaissance. Has the Prussian Crown Prince assembled a huge army just over the border, ready to strike, or is that just fake news? Are those Bavarians over there? Can the French hold back the Prussian tide? We’ll battle it out using 10mm figures and 1871 , the fast-play grand-tactical rules by Bruce Weigle, to find out!
Greg Burch hosts up to 6 players.
“uSuthu!” – cancelled
Battle of Delhi Ridge 23 June 1857
It is claimed that this was an auspicious day as it was 100 years after the British Raj won the Battle of Plassey on 23 June 1757. The Delhi Field Force expected renewed attempts by the sepoy mutineers of Delhi to drive the field force from its commanding position atop Delhi Ridge. Numerous assaults had already been defeated, although several had come close to taking the ridge. The mutineers are determined to end British rule and liberate India. Can the Delhi Field Force successfully defend the ridge or will the Delhi garrison prevail?
Perry Gray and Bruce Pettipas use Regimental Fire and Fury (Indian supplement) rules for this scenario for 6 players.
Continuation War: Finns vs Soviets 1944 -Pre-Registration is FULL
Finns, armed with war booty from the Winter War and German hand-me-downs, face off against the Soviets armed with Lend-Lease armour in the dark forests of Karelia. Mike Manning and Nick Wesson host a 1/72 scale WW2 game using Rapid Fire Reloaded for 6 players.
Hoist the Black Flag! -Pre-Registration is FULL
An armed  merchant convoy loaded with precious cargo is sailing along the Atlantic coast during the War of 1812. This region is know to harbour pirates and privateers of all nations and stripes. The gloves are off as four privateer/pirate players fearlessly attack the convoy or perhaps each other (you are a pirate) with dreams of riches and glory. Ages 12 and up. Black Seas rules. No experience necessary. Presented by Dave Mattison.
Drums along the Mohawk
A sprawling battle in the wilderness of New York state during the Saratoga campaign. Hundreds of rebels, redcoats, natives, and riflemen will try to ambush and out-maneover each other. Wayne Renaud and Brendan Brown present this 6mm American War of Independance battle using fast-playing, 1:1 figure scale and 1:300 scale tabletop Fox Hunting rules for 6 players.
The Raid Up the Wassichi River
The year is 1097, the rebellion on Hazel has been on a very low simmer for the past two years. Recently that has taken a turn. A couple of Imperial scouts investigating the unease and their Dark Sky PMC security team have been taken hostage by the rebels. Quickly moved to a more secure town for the rebels your teams have been tasked with rescuing them. Since the town is a known support base for the rebellion there may be other targets of opportunity to broaden the scope of the mission. Set in the classic Traveller universe, the scenario is played with Battlespace 2nd edition rules, and custom cards, for up to 4 players. GM is Stephen Madjanovich.
Attack on La Haie Sainte -Pre-Registration is FULL
At 1320 hrs on June 18, 1815, the main French assault by the 1st Corps commenced. As Part of D’Erlons 1st Corps, the 1st Divison under Gen Quiot was tasked with moving up the Brussels road, and taking the sunken road on the crest. They were supported on the left flank by Cuirassier from Gen Dubois’ 1st Cavalry Brigade. Along the way they had to get past the farm of La Haie Sainte, held by the 2nd Light Battalion, KGL under command of Maj Baring. The Allies were established along the ridge with KGL troops from Ompteda’s Brigade and Kempt’s brigade. In reserve the Allies had the Household Cavalry Brigade. Can you successfully assault the allied line and capture the ridge or will the allies be able to hold their line and await the arrival of the Prussians?
Allen Finney and Steve Hartwick host this 15mm Napoleonic action for 6 players using Valour and Fortitude rules.