Hot Lead 2023

We are cautiously optimistic that Hot Lead 2023, things should return to some sort of ‘normal.’

But, many of us have certainly contracted flu bugs during previous events, so I strongly advise everyone to maintain the good public health disciplines we’ve all had to adopt in the past couple of years.

-If you’re suspicious of your sympotms, or are just getting over something, please wear a mask.

-If you are sick, please stay home.

-Wash your hands. Really. It shouldn’t have taken a global pandemic to remind us of that.

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If you’ve never been to Hotlead before and want a better idea of the sheer scope of the convention, you can read one of James’ blog posts from March (any year) for a more in depth look at each year’s debauchery. Complete with loads of photos of wicked miniatures and table set-ups.

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