Hot Lead 2024

That’s a wrap!

Hot Lead 2024 was a stunning success with over $2400 raised through the Bring & Buy. This year $1800 was given to the Red Cross for humanitarian relief, $300 went to the Canadian Walk for Veterans to support Military Family Resource Centers, and $300 went to the StratfordAir Cadet Squadron.

Thanks to all the Game Masters and attendees who came out and had lots of fun. Watch our Social Media for photos and please share your photos and promote us in your own gaming Social Media circles. My blog post AAR is at

The dates for next year are already booked and posted on the home page and our Facebook page.

See you then.


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A group for promoting, discussing and networking for Hotlead, Canada’s Finest Miniature Wargame Convention. You can also follow me, James, on Bluesky, Threads or Instagram, or find the latest game listings on our Facebook page.

If you’ve never been to Hotlead before and want a better idea of the sheer scope of the convention, you can read one of my blog posts from March (any year) for a more in depth look at each year’s fun. Complete with loads of photos of wicked miniatures and table set-ups.

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