Hot Lead 2022 and Covid

For this year we will do the following to accomodate Social Distancing:

We’re going forward by planning for a Middle of the Road scenario. Obviously we hope that restrictions will be lifted but we can’t plan on that.

  • cancel the Bring & Buy for this year. Sorry, we cannot figure out any way to make it safe, easy to administer and fair
  • use that freed up space to spread out the game tables and vendor booths more
  • restrict size of games to 4 players on a 6 foot table and 6 players on a 12 foot table
  • open up Pre-Registration to sign up for all the slots to reduce the line. But if you sign up for a game and can’t make it, let us know. The GM will have the right to give away the spots of late arrivals.
  • facilitate Virtual Games for those who can’t attend, or don’t feel safe attending, due to health concerns. Please go to the Game Masters page for more details.
  • adhere to all Public Health Guidelines issued by Health Authorities. Masks and proof of vaccination are probably a given. So get your shots.

If, as some predict, that Covid burns itself out in February and restrictions are lifted then I will happily reinstate the Bring & Buy, big games and more tables. But I think it’s better to try and add those features later, then try and cancel them last minute.

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