Game Pre-Registration

Tired of lining up for games?

Tired of missing out on that really super cool game that you really want to try?
Tired of having to choose between dinner ruined or not getting a game on Saturday night?

Instead, pre-register for games this year and move the line-up to the comfort of your computer chair!

  1. Go over the game listings
  2. For each time slot you plan to attend Hotlead you can fill out the handy form HERE or email us at which game to sign up for and any alternate choices.
  3. Only one name per email please. Elizabeth does not want someone sending in the game registrations for the whole club. Everyone will have to get their own butts in gear and send their game choices in themselves.
  4. Include some alternates, just in case your game is already full.
  5. Once we’ve accepted your registration and responded, please no changes
  6. Multiple emails, as different games that you want to play get posted, are just fine. Don’t feel you have to register for ALL the slots you want to play in, to just to get that early registration for the one game you really want.

If something comes up (Real-Life does interfere at annoying times after all – we understand) after you’ve preregistered and you can’t make it to Hotlead, please email us to cancel your reserved games. Elizabeth will keep checking the email.

Pre-Registration Opens 1 February 2025

Deadline midnight 15 March 2025

Some caveats:

  • Pre-Registrations will be taken in the order that they appear in the inbox.
  • Make sure you’re there when your game starts or the GM is within his rights to give your space away even if you did pre-register.
  • If your game is canceled or changed by the GM, that is beyond our control and no refunds or whining allowed. (Well maybe a little quiet crying.). Elizabeth will notify you however, and we will accept a new pre-registation request from what is still open.
  • If a game is marked “Pre-Registration is Closed”, that means we have filled 75% of the slots. There will still be some slots left for signing up in person an hour before the game starts.
  • If someone has to cancel, then their slot opens up and the “Pre-Registration is Closed” marker will be taken down until it is filled again.
  • It happens a lot that someone will have pre-registered and then on the day of the game, they decide they aren’t up to it or would rather do something else, and they will remove their name, opening up a new slot. So there’s always hope.