Friday: 7:00pm to 11:00pm

First Tensho Iga War
Japan, 1579. Young Oda Nobukatsu seeks to expand his territory into the mountainous Iga Province.  Ninja, Ronin, Warrior Monks and Samurai clash steel and spill blood in a war for resources and territory. Addison Gow hosts this 28mm Samurai battle using Test of Honour rules for 4 players.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
The Haunted Forest
Redwood Forest is a forest that is well known for stealing lives, and driving others mad. The forest has been haunted for many centuries and is a well known gauntlet for adventurers because their is rumours of hidden treasures within. Those who have survived proudly show off their scars. Each adventurer has their reasons for going inside but will you survive?
This is a level 15 Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Adventure. The characters will be pre generated and the adventure was written by the DMs themselves, this adventure is meant for people with some experience of Role Playing Games but it’s not necessary to be well versed.
This Adventure is run by Christina Ridley and Michael Hayes for 6 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Last Stand on Crete!
Hurricanes and Gladiators defend Maleme airfield from marauding Bf-109s and 110s. Keith Burnett hosts a fast paced air combat game for 6 players using the Check Your 6! rules.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
Attack on Suetovo
Game Scenario: Operation “Barbarossa” has been quite successful so far and the Russian Army is in constant retreat. Just west of Smolensk a salient exists and a large Russian force is threatened with being encircled. A key Russian supply depot is at the rail depot in Suetovo, the eastern end of the salient.  The Russians must hold the depot to stave off encirclement and the Germans need to capture it in order to crush the Russians defenders.  Who will be prevail in the “Battle of Suetovo?” Thomas Sero hosts this WW2 game in 20mm for 4 players using Chain of Command rules.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
Death in the Desert
Ripping Adventure as the French Foreign Legion desperately clings to a desert outpost while every Berber this side of Casablanca tries to scramble over the wall and have the Legionaires’ guts for burnoose cords.  Big toys for big boys with big imaginations. Mike Manning and Dick Wood host a 54mm adventure set during the Rif War for 4 players using Death in the Desert rules.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
Operation Biting: The Raid on Bruneval
The RAF has sent a squadron of Whitley bombers over the occupied French coast near Le Havre on the night of Feb 27/28, 1942. Once over the coast some bombers mysteriously veer north while the rest of 51 squadron routinely bomb Le Havre. However, these mysterious bombers are not carrying bombs but British paratroopers on a top secret mission to steal the radar equipment (known as Wurzburg) at Bruneval. Operation Biting has begun.
What if the Luftwaffe had intersected these bombers? Could the mission have succeeded if the paras had been harassed and/or shot down before they even landed? Play this “what-if” scenario where the Luftwaffe attacks with a flight of Me-109G’s and the RAF defends the bombers with a flight of Spitfire MkIX’s. Will the Raid on Bruneval be a success or can the Luftwaffe protect the top secret Wurzburg radar set.
Dave Mattison hosts this 1:100 scale air combt game using Axis and Allies Airforce rules for 4 players.
The Battle of Tewkesbury
Tewkesbury was a key battle in the Wars of the Roses between the houses of York and Lancaster. The battle was fought on 4th May 1471 and ended the Lancastrian line and claim to the throne of England. Ian Tetlow hosts this 28mm Medieval game for 6 players using the Poleaxed 2 ruleset from the Lance and Longbow Society.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
Death and Droids on Divoc-91
Early in the history of the New Republic, in an amazingly unlikely coincidence, the plans for yet another superweapon were stolen and ended up on a backwater planet.  The thief hid the plans in two parts in two droids.  General Solo and Wraith Squadron commandos have retrieved one of the droids, but forces from Warlord Zsinj have landed and hired local bounty hunters to help hunt the New Republic team down.  Can our heroes find the second droid and escape before a Super Star Destroyer parks over the capital of Divoc-91?  28mm Star Wars for 4 players with Galactic Heroes (Wiley Games) rules hosted by Chris Robinson. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
The Milk Run, Somalia 1993
A Canadian Airborne Platoon has been ordered to escort a UN relief convoy carrying medical supplies to villages and refugee camps near the Ethiopian border. In the small village of Jawill, all seems fine as you attempt to win “hearts and minds”. The locals seemed genuinely pleased by your presence until suddenly they all dispersed and left the streets empty. In the distance, you hear the roar of engines….sounds like technical trouble! Dan Hutter hosts this 28mm modern skirmish for 6 players using modified FUBAR rules.-THIS GAME IS FULL!
Torpedo Run
British Coastal forces will cross the North Sea to attack German convoys off the coast of Holland. Brian Hall hosts this 1/600 scale WW2 naval action using Coastal Patrol rules for 6 players.
Logistics are King
Fresh from the success of the destruction of the first Death Star, Rebel forces seek out new victories. Fighting the Imperial Navy on its own terms remains a losing game. Attacking the Empire’s logistics will hit them where it hurts. A Rebel strike force has intercepted an Imperial supply convoy between hyperspace jumps, intending to cause as much damage as possible. Fly a Corellian Corvette and blast apart Imperial freighters or an Imperial Cruiser and defend the REMFs. Michael Hoyt hosts this fleet game set in the Star Wars universe using his Metaverse Second Edition rules for 6 players.
There are those who believe that life here began out there…
Each player will fly either a Colonial Viper or a Cylon Raider as the Humans tangle with the Toasters in this tactical game set in a galaxy a long time ago.
David Best will be your CAG using Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles for up to 12 players.
Big Trouble in Wardiya
So the setting is the town of Wardiya, northeastern Syria during WW1. A civilian double agent in the town has come into possession of the plans for next year’s offensive. Both sides know this, and need to take this person into their custody.
Take command of the Deutsche Asien-Korps and their Ottoman allies, or command the British Expeditionary Forces and their Arab allies. Abscond with the double agent and blast anyone getting in your way.
Ralph Krebs presents this 28mm First World War game using Trench Hammer rules by Nordic Weasel Games for 4 players. -THIS GAME IS FULL!
Battle for the Fusion Plant
The honorable DCMS of House Kurita battle for control of an experimental fusion reactor on the planet of Daedalus VI against a pithy band of mercenaries.  However the owners of the reactor will not give in without a fight..
Ed Stephens hosts a Battletech: Alpha Strike combined arms scenario for 4-6 players, armies provided.  Players wishing to bring their own forces may bring up to 200PV using the Wolfnet 350 Tournament Army Construction restrictions (