Friday: 6:00pm to 12:00pm

Doors open at 6:00 PM for General Admissions. Games start at 7:00 PM.

Please note: we hold back 25% of slots for in-person sign ups. So “Pre-Registration is full” just means that the game is 75% signed up and we aren’t taking anymore pre-registrations.

Heavy Mech Challenge
A free for all battle with randomly rolled Heavy Battlemechs for 8 to 12 players. You loose a mech, roll a new one and rejoin the fight. Game will take place on a 3D factory hex board. 1/265 scale miniatures. Classic Battletech rules. Hosted by Kirk Sheppard and Cam Loucks
Circus Maximus
As seen last year, play out a chariot race on George Duff’s artful 1/72nd scale Roman circus. Plan out your chariot team, and race against the others on a dangerous track full of mayhem and risk. Simplified home rules based on the AH game from the 70s. No experience necessary. 10 players.
A. P. Hill Arrives at Sharpsburg Maryland
General A. P. Hill has marched his Confederate Division from Harpers Ferry just in time to advert disaster (?) on September 17th 1862 near Sharpsburg Maryland.  Command a Union or Confederate Brigade in this “most terrible battle of the age”. Ross “Audacity” Cossar hosts this 13mm American Civil War game using Black Powder for 10 players.
Vercingetorix and Caesar: Gergovia 52 BC
In 58 BC Caesar laid seige to Gergovia a Gallic city commanded by the up and coming Vercingetorix. Can the legions complete their assault of the city before the allied tribes arrive? Tod Creasey presents this 28mm ancient battle using Art de la Guerre (ADLG) for 8 players.
Battle of Coronel, 1st November 1914 -Pre-Registration is FULL
In October 1914 the British learned from an intercepted radio message that the German East Asia Squadron commanded by Vice-Admiral Maximilian von Spee planned to attack shipping on the trade routes along the west coast of South America.
British Rear-Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock decides to patrol the area with an  armoured cruiser squadron and with the expectation of receiving reinforcements. 
In the late afternoon of 1st November 1914 the opposing squadrons have a surprise encounter and the battle begins.
Rear-Admiral Cradock is ordered to find and eliminate the enemy squadron at all costs.
Vice Admiral Von Spee needs to drive off the enemy while conserving precious ammunition and coal.
This game is design for 4 to 6 players each commanding up to two 1/2400 scale ships each.
Howard Tulloch presents the new rapid play rules “Dread Not! “
Shadows over Maerin
Maerin is a quiet little village nestled near the woods. The village is made up of simple folk who just want to live their lives in peace but something is lurking in the shadows and there’s been some mysterious disappearances. There has been one person found and it appears to be the victim of a drowning. The Augury has hired your group to investigate. Come discover the horror lurking in the shadows.
*No experience needed all I ask is for your creativity and willing to roleplay. Characters will be made for you. This is a tabletop roleplaying game using the Vaesen D6 system for up to 6 players.*
Christina Ridley and Michael Hayes will GM.
Welcome to Sherwood!
Robin has left the safety of Sherwood to distribute some of the prizes acquired along the Nottingham Road to the needy of nearby villages. His timing could not have been worse!
The Under-Sheriff, along with a detachment of the Nottingham garrison and some of Sir Guy of Gisborne’s retinue, have descended upon the sleepy village to levy more taxes for Prince John.
While able to disguise himself and shelter in the village can Little John and he rest of the Merrymen arrive in time to save Robin or is it a more sinister fate that awaits him? Greg and Thomas Waugh host this medieval skirmish for 2 to 4 players using 7TV 2nd edittion rules.
Beneath the Temple of the Moon
Why have the residents of the local village been disappearing? Join the adventurers and find out.Bob and James Hastings run some Old School D&D for 4 to 6 new players using Basic/ Expert  Moldvay/Cook D&D rules
Dungeon Creepers
“Being a monster in a dungeon is not easy. First, there are the adventurers who just barged in and killed the manticore like like a bunch of psychos. Second, your fellow monsters are always trying to muscle in on your turf. And finally, the decaying lich who runs the place has locked himself in his inner sanctum. For all you know, that tightwad has finally turned to dust and blown away. Now it’s time to make your move. If you can prove that you’re the most villainous monster of all, maybe you can be the new boss!”
Dungeon Creepers is a tribute to the dungeon crawls of AD&D. In this light-hearted 28mm fantasy wargame with a mid-80s nostalgia vibe, each player takes control of a small band of monsters, including pig-faced orcs, mummies and gelatinous cubes. Explore your dungeon home, gather treasure, dispatch the invading adventurers, and backstab your friends! 3-6 players.
Brought to you by Matthew Sullivan, the same GM as “The Good, The Bad and the Stubbly”:
Le Cateau -Pre-Registration is FULL
Early war encounter between the British expeditionary force and the Kaiser’s men August 1914. Ian Tetlow hosts this 28mm WW1 game for 4 to 6 players using Contemptible Little Armies.
Supply Drop
The galaxy is in turmoil, where powerful factions and alien races are locked in a struggle to control valuable resources and territory.
Each player will have a Recon team and fight to take control of resources and objectives.
All materials and dice will be provided.
Randall Carter hosts this 28mm game for 6 players.
Grimdark Future is a free and easy-to-learn ruleset so you can get started playing sci-fi miniature games.
Battle of Klyastitzy 1812 -Pre-Registration is FULL
As Napoleon marched towards Smolensk, his northern flank became exposed. Prince Wittgenstein surprised Marshal Oudinot and marched his forces towards Klyastitzy hoping to deliver a deathblow to the French. Oudinot was slow to react to the Russian move leaving one-third of his corps behind.  Wittgenstein, even though he was outnumbered, pressed forward in an aggressive assault culminating in the Pavlovski Grenadiers storming the bridge at Klyastitzy and crossing the Nitschtscha River.  Our 28mm game is based on the actions that unfolded over the 3 day concentration of forces using General D’Armee rules. Beginners and experienced players both welcome to play.
Mark Degner and Dave Bradbury are the Game Masters for 4 to 6 players.
Spacehulk 3D
Space Hulk is a board game for two players, recreating the battles fought between the Space Marines and Genestealers. One player commands the Space Marines as they carry out deadly missions in the ancient Space Hulk, and the other commands the horde of Genestealers opposing them. Space Hulk’s fast-paced rules simulate the tense atmosphere of a mission deep inside the cramped confines of a derelict space hulk, where split-second decisions are needed for victory. Jeff Black will run the game 4 times during the evening with two players per session.
The Burlington Races -Pre-Registration is FULL
The War of 1812 could be decided on the Great Lakes, where control of water transport and communication is vital to success. The British commodore, James Yeo, and the American commodore, Isaac Chauncey, have been circling one another warily, each commanding some of the most powerful ships on the Great Lakes. Finally, winds from the East are bringing them together. Bill Bean prsents a 1/700 scale Age of Sail game using Black Seas for 4 players
Ironclad Cage Match
Players will each command a vessel in one of two small river actions from the American Civil War. Geoff Rothwell and Jim Crozier host a 1/600 scale American Civil War naval action using Sail and Steam Navies for 5 players.
Friday Knight Fight!!
Knightly battles in the 41st Millennium.  Battle it out in an urban environment in a 3 vs 3 team battle.  Be on the side of the Imperium of Man or on the side of the Ruinous Powers, vying for prominence among the legions of traitors. 
This is a knock-down-drag-out fight to the end, with a possible Titanic surprise. Will the Knight Houses be triumphant, or will Chaos win out the day?  Come find out.
Huw Powell and Peter Smith host a Warhammer 40K 10th ed game for 6 palyers.
Everything needed to play supplied.
Mongols With Mausers……in 1914 Africa! -Pre-Registration is FULL
Based, very loosely, on the plot of the 1976 film “Shout at the Devil,” players take on the role of either an eccentric Irish-American ivory poacher, Arab slave trader, the Belgian Force Publique, The King’s African Rifles, the German Schutzetruppe, angry African tribesmen, Pygmies or Lord Greystoke. Bring a healthy sense of humour as you bribe, battle or bluff your way to victory in central Africa on the eve of The Great War.
Pasha Dan Hutter presides over the hijinks in this 28mm Pulp Skirmish game uwsing his Mongols With Mausers rules for 8 players.
The Wars of Horus and Set – In the Shadow of the Pyramids
The 363-year peace between Horus and Set has failed, and as it once was so shall it be again – these immortal enemies will war.  Avatars of the gods of Egypt have raised their armies of animal-headed disciples to battle across the land, and here on the sands around the pyramids the gods have chosen their alignments and the two sides will fight for control of Upper and Lower Egypt. Alongside Horus and Set, Anubis, Bast, Thoth, Taweret, Sobek, and other deities will stride once more across mythic Egypt in this large skirmish Dragon Rampant battle using 15mm figures hosted by Chris Robinson for 4 to 6 players.
Day One Battle of Gettysburg -Pre-Registration is FULL
It is July 1st 1863 and The Battle of Gettysburg is is about to start. Neither army knows exactly where the other is, but both are headed towards Gettysburg. At six in the morning a pair of cavalry troopers from Genersl Bufords Corp stationed North West of Gettysburg on the Chambersburg Pike fire the first shots of the day on the advancing Confederates. From this moment on the rush is on to advance both armies onto the battle field. Will you be able to arrange your forces quickly to either continue on into Gettysburg as the Confederates? Or will you be able to align a quick defence to stop then while the Union Army advances into and through Gettysburg?
Thomas Sero hosts a 15mm American Civil War game for 4 players using Fire & Fury rules.
Bomb Run 101
Daylight heavy bomber attack on German rail yard and communication junction. A flight of USAF B-17 Flying Fortress’ are flying deep into Germany with Mustang long-range fighter escort. The target is a well defended rail and communication junction that has been marshalling reinforcements and supplies to the front. The latest Luftwaffe fighters (FW-190’s) are anticipated to defend the airspace and casualties are expected to be high. 4 players. Ages 12 and up. AAAF rules. No experience necessary. Hosted by Dave Mattison.
In space no one can hear you scream…..
A Colonial marine assault unit has been dispatched to LV666 after loosing contact with the mining colony Thema Osney. Reports from the final transmission indicate the presence of an unknown parasite. The Marines have been sent in on orders to extricate and protect civilian life, consider all non human contact hostile and purge with extreme prejudice. Not to be out done and miss harvesting a new parasite for the experimental weapons division, Weyland-Yutani corporation has plans of its own. Players will take control of either Colonial Marines, Weyland-Yutani commandos, colony miners, xenomorphs and possibly an unknown guest…. This game is for 6-8 players based on “Hadley’s Hope” home brew rule set featuring miniatures by Prodos games. GM Jason Chaplin and Tony Russo. 
Game over Man… game over.
After Verrieres -Pre-Registration is FULL
Following the halting of Operation Totalize north of Falaise, a combat group of 2nd Canadian Armoured Division are attempting to secure a rural bridge and foothold beyond. Opposing them are scattered elements of the German 85th Infantry Division. Can the Canadian attack open the way for a Commonwealth advance or will the Americans get all the glory further south?
Mike Hoyt and Kevin Orr host a 6mm WW2 game for 6 players using Battle Captains 2nd Edition.