Friday: 7:00pm to 11:00pm

The Honeysuckle Cafe
The Honeysuckle Café is a sweet little bakery/cafe in the old French Quarter in 1920s New Orleans. It serves delicious pastries and strong coffee, and it is covered in honeysuckle vines that give the cafe its name. It is also a pretty popular speakeasy, and well after dark it opens up to those who know the password and seek a good drink, some very fine jazz, and dancing the night away. The ever-present fear of a police raid just adds to the excitement.
Unfortunately, there are other things that are lurking in the dark more dangerous than the New Orleans police force. Dangerous, sanity-twisting things. Fortunately, a good stiff drink could help you deal…
This theatre-of-the-mind game comes with pre-made characters. As this is a Call of Cthulhu game involving mature themes and alcohol, space is limited to those 19 and over.
Please bring notepaper and pencils/pens to keep notes. Keeping track of your sanity & sobriety is very important!
You will need to buy your own drinks naturally.
Sandra Sine DMs this Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium) game for 4-6 players.
Battle of Memphis, June 1862
The major supply artery of the Mississippi river was critical to both sides of the American Civil war. 
The Union River fleet are commanded to destroy the Confederate fleet and clear the way to Memphis and beyond.
As the Union paddleclads approach from upstream the Confederate Ram fleet,  short of coal fuel,  prepare to stand and fight to block their path.
This game is design for 4 to 6 players each commanding at least 2 ships each.
The Dawn of Iron rules combine a random player sequence with quick game dynamics.
Howard Tulloch hosts this 1/600th scale American Civil War naval battle
Salem Church 1863
During the Chancellorsville Battle in the spring of 1863,  Union forces tried to catch the Confederates in a pincer move.  In what was essentially a divisional meeting engagement,  the two forces clashed at a place known as Salem Church along the Orange Plank Road that ran between Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg.  Join this 12mm American Civil War game, hosted by Ross Cossar, to fight as a Brigade Commander trying to help carry the day. Black Powder rules. 8 players.
Battle of Goderich Plan Red – 1930
American fast patrol vessels strike out across Lake Huron to attack a Canadian convoy arriving in Goderich. Hopefully the Yanks can get in and then back out before the Canadians respond. Brian Hall presents an alternative history naval action using Coastal Patrol rules and 1/600 scale miniatures for 6 to 8 players.
Circus Maximus
Compete in the dusts of the glorious hippodrome, driving against your friends in a mean-spirited and violent chariot race in 1/72nd scale. Rules based on the venerable 1979 game rules published by Avalon Hill, updated and shining in a hand-made arena with over 400 tiny people in the audience. Sessions expected to take four hours to complete the three furious rounds of the race. No experience necessary. George Duff hosts this game for up to 8 players.
The Grim Cathedral
This was once a bustling town named Draymz full of dreams, laughter, joy and everything positive. One day it became deserted and dark, some say they feel a chill when they get close enough. You lot are brave adventurers seeking a thrill or two and want to purge this city, maybe even purify it and restore it. Your reasons all vary for being here; this is your challenge and final chance to make a name for yourselves. Can you seize your dreams?
Christina ridley and Michael Hayes are DM for this Dungeons and Dragons 5e session for 4 to 6 players.
Details on the adventure aren’t ready for Saturday’s game yet but they are level 5 -Dungeons and Dragons 5e
28mm WW2 Open Gaming
The tables for Saturday’s Bolt Action tournament are being set up by the organizer, and If you have a 28mm WW2 game you want to play, there will be premium 6×4 ft boards available. Some of the terrain he’s generously allowing people to play on include:
Normandy Town
German HQ Chateau 
Russian Rural village
Rubbled City
Pacific Island 
Bring your troops, bring your friend and talk to Steve Stokan to see what’s available.
Polish-Ukranian War 1919
It is 1919 and Eastern Europe is in chaos. Talks among the allied nations at Versailles continue to get bogged down and the only way to secure boundaries of new states is through victory on the battlefield.  Polish forces in Lviv continue to bravely hold out against superior Ukrainian forces. As the Ukrainians advance rapidly across Eastern Galicia, a Polish force entrenches itself in a small village that is on the vital Peremysl-Lviv railway. The Ukranians must capture the town and secure the railway. Victory will put more pressure on the Polish insurgents in Lviv to capitulate.  Tough-minded nationalists and those with ruthless ambition needed to play this scenario!
Mark Degner presents this Interwar game for 4 players using Modified Triumph of the Will (Too Fat Lardies).
Fight For Survival
In the blasted, radiation-scorched, wastelands of the Earth’s surface, towering mecha do battle, defending the interests of one of the few remaining arcology governments, providing security for wilderness outposts, or seeking out loot and supplies as a mercenary company. Randall Carter presents this Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction for 4 players using Gamma Wolves rules.
Pelusium 525BC Persia invades Egypt
In 525 BC  the Persians under Cambyses have conquered all of their way to the Nile and meet the Egyptians and their Greek allies outside of the gates of Memphis. Tod Creasey hosts this 28mm ancient battle for 8 players using Art de la Guerre (ADLG) rules.
Into The Tigers Lair
Dec 23, 1941, just east of Mingdalon Airfield, the home of the Flying Tigers Hells Angels Squadron.  The Japanese airforce is determined to rid themselves of any interference in their offensive push toward Singapore and decide to strike the home of the Hells Angels Squadron.  A squadron of Sally bombers approach the airfield escorted by Nate fighters ready to end the threat.  Can the Hells Angels scramble enough firepower to fend them off? Chris Nokes of the Newmarket Games Club presents this Check Your Six! scenario in 1/300 scale for 2 to 6 players.
Fortaleza Santo Antonio
It’s 1884. Near the headwaters of the Kinsha River, the local tribal leaders band together to prevent the newly-arrived Portuguese from establishing themselves in this hotly disputed territory. Join Paul Remisch and Joe Sheik in this 28mm colonial battle for 6 players, using the Skirmish Kings variant of The Men Who Would Be Kings rules, set as always on the fictional continent of Euronesia.
6 players.
First Tensho-Iga War
Young Oda Nobukatsu seeks to expand his territory into the mountainous Iga Province.  Ninja, Ronin, Warrior Monks and Samurai clash steel and spill blood in a war for resources and territory. Addison Gow presents this medieval Samurai battle for 4 players using Test of Honour rules.
The Raid on Innsmouth
After the events chronicled in H. P. Lovecraft’s “Shadow Over Innsmouth”, the Police and Government agents land at the seaside town of Innsmouth. Their assignment is to rescue any remaining innocent townsfolk and capture any of the other reported “hybrid folk” and any members of the infernal Church of Dagon. There are rumours of even more dastardly goings-on!
Each player commands a small force of police or government agents in a cooperative effort to fulfill their orders. This is a 1920s Pulp/Horror game with simple rules that allow the players to focus on their objectives. And, hopefully, return alive.
Ralph and Adrian Krebs preside over the eldritch horrors using Songs of Fear and Faith. 4 players.
Prisoner Snatch on Divoc-91
At Hotlead 2022 a New Republic strike team successfully retrieved the plans for yet another Imperial superweapon from the backwater planet of Divoc-91. Warlord Zsing’s stormtroopers and their bounty hunter lackeys were unable to stop the retrieval, but a remarkably lucky punch to the face gained them a key prisoner – Chewbacca.  Han Solo sacrificed his escape opportunity to let the Falcon get away with the plans and he has since gone to ground on the planet, not breaking radio silence. Now New Republic signals intelligence tells them Zsinj wants Chewie transferred to his Super Star Destroyer for a very public execution, and Princess Leia immediately leads a new strike team to rescue both her husband and their family’s furry protector.
Chris Robinson hosts this Star Wars game for 4 players using Galactic Heroes 2E (Wiley Games) rules.
Black Sea Brawl
In the spring of 1943, off the coast of Crimea, a garbled distress signal from an unidentified vessel sends motor torpedo boats from the Italian Regia Marina and the Soviet navy to investigate. In a swirling night-time encounter, both sides battle for control of the mystery ship. Bob Garcia and Greg Waugh host this WW2 naval action for 2 to 6 players in 1/300th scale using Cruel Seas.