Friday: 7:00pm to 11:00pm

You Dirty Rat!
Old Man Potter is dead and the gangsters of Pottersville descend on his warehouse to fight over the spoils. Gangsters maneuver to eliminate rivals and gather loot. Coppers search for evidence to suppress their crimes. No one knows what those strangers in the Fezzes are up to. Will you survive to be “On top of the world?” James Manto hosts this 28mm skirmish game using modified The Chicago Way rules for 6 to 10 players.
 The Battle of Chateauguay Oct 1813
Help Major General Wade Hampton’s American soldiers find the will to fight against a numerically inferior force along the Chateauguay River.  His army is marching on Montreal and only needs to brush aside a bunch of militia commanded by Lieutenant Colonel de Salaberry who are defending the wooded river valley. Ross Cossar hosts this 28mm War of 1812 game using Black Powder rules for 8 players.
Wildcat Claws
9 November 1942, west of Guadalcanal
After delivering its valuable cargo of men and material, the Nisshin began the journey back to Rabaul. A strike force of F4s and SBDs took off in pursuit and spotted the convoy as morning broke. Floatplanes from the Shortland Island base lurked above, in defense of one of the IJN’s most valuable assets. Keith Burnett hosts this WW2 air combat game in 1:300th scale using Check Your 6! rules for 6 to 9 players.
Star Trek: Dominion War
Stardate 52679.4: Startfleet, Klingon, and Romulan forces versus Dominion, Cardassion, and Breen forces at the Second Battle of Chin’toka. Mastthew Browett and Adam Gow hosts a science fiction battle using the Metaverse rules for 6 players.
E-Boat Alley, April 1940
German Schnellbootes attempt to interdict the nightly coastal convoys along the coast of East Anglia. Brian Hall presents his popular 1/700th scale WW2 naval game using Coastal Patrol rules for 6 to 8 players.
Battle of Port Arthur, 11:00 am. 9 February 1904.
The Russian Fleet has endured a torpedo attack on their fleet in the outer roads of Port Arthur during the night.  The Japanese fleet has no idea how much damage was done to them, but a distant reconnaissance of the port makes them feel confident that the Russian morale is broken.  They decide to attack.  Can Admiral Togo prevail?  Are the Russians as badly damaged as he thinks?  Can the Russians break out and join forces with their Vladivostok squadron?  Let’s find out! Glenn Broome hosts this Russo-Japanese War naval action in 1/6000 scale using Grand Fleets 3rd ed. for 6 players.
Da Speed Freeks!!
Da ORKS ‘ave the bestest racers!!!   Only  da biggest and baddest will survive!! 
Race your Orkish  vehicle   around   the  course  for  only 3 laps!!  But be  warned,  bumpin’  and shootin’  and blastin’   is not only encouraged  but it’s da furst rule!    A flat out  high speed fast  play style  racing game  with a simple game mechanic  and lots of explosive fun.     
2 races  per session ( or  more  if the  explosions are big enough!)
Peter Smith and Huw Powell preside over the carnage using modified Warhammer 40K rules for 2 to 6 players per race.
Tax Collecting
Lord High Tower is transporting this years taxes to the King . Can he make or will his enemies take it. Barry Holden returns with his popular Dark Age skirmish game in 28mm using Pig Wars rules for 4 to 8 players.
 Mysteries of the Redwood Forest
Will you make it or will you disappear?
You have been hired by your local adventuring guild to investigate the disappearances of several adventuring groups in Redwood Forest. They were all hired for various jobs one was to retrieve a mystical amulet, another was supposed to be an investigation into suspected werewolves and the last group was meant to investigate chanting.This is a mid-tier adventure around level 15 and everyone is welcome to come and try it. You don’t need to have anything just bring yourself.
Christina Ridley and Michael Hayes host this Role PLaying session using Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition for 4 to 6 players.
This one comes right from the top Marines! Colonial administration has lost contact with a colony on the outer fringe and we have been tasked with reestablishing Comms. Unknown contacts have been recorded in the area as such this will be a real world live fire exercise. Saddle up Marines! 
Players control various units on the table including Colonial Marines, Colonists, and Predators using “Hadley’s Hope” ruleset. Fighting to survive in the Aliens Vs Predator universe. 
4-6 Players 
GM Jason Chaplin and Dane Ordway 
The Milk Run, Somalia 1993
A Canadian Airborne Platoon has been ordered to escort a UN relief convoy carrying medical supplies to villages and refugee camps near the Ethiopian border. In the small village of Jawill, all seems fine as you attempt to win “hearts and minds”. The locals seen genuinely pleased by your presence….then, they all dispersed and left the streets empty. In the distance, you hear the roar of engines….looks like technical trouble! Dan Hutter presents a 28mm Modern skirmish using modified FUBAR rules for 6 players.
Tsushima 1905
The Russian Baltic Fleet has arrived to avenge the defeat of the Pacific Fleet by the perfidious Japanese. The Japanese are ready and aware that the Russians are coming.  Perry Gray hosts this 1:1800 scale Russo-Japanese War naval battle using Naval Thunder rules for 6 players.