Friday: 7:00pm to 11:00pm

First Tensho Iga War
Japan, 1579. Young Oda Nobukatsu seeks to expand his territory into the mountainous Iga Province.  Ninja, Ronin, Warrior Monks and Samurai clash steel and spill blood in a war for resources and territory. Addison Gow hosts this 28mm Samurai battle using Test of Honour rules for 4 players.
Warhammer Underworlds: Harrow Deep
Bryan Michenfelder and Hal Legget run this game for 6 players. If time permits a second game will be run in the session.
The Haunted Forest
Redwood Forest is a forest that is well known for stealing lives, and driving others mad. The forest has been haunted for many centuries and is a well known gauntlet for adventurers because their is rumours of hidden treasures within. Those who have survived proudly show off their scars. Each adventurer has their reasons for going inside but will you survive?
This is a level 15 Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Adventure. The characters will be pre generated and the adventure was written by the DMs themselves, this adventure is meant for people with some experience of Role Playing Games but it’s not necessary to be well versed.
This Adventure is run by Christina Ridley and Michael Hayes for 6 players.
Check Your 6!
Keith Burnett hosts a fast paced air combat game for 4 players using the Check Your 6! rules.
Attack on Suetovo
Game Scenario: Operation “Barbarossa” has been quite successful so far and the Russian Army is in constant retreat. Just west of Smolensk a salient exists and a large Russian force is threatened with being encircled. A key Russian supply depot is at the rail depot in Suetovo, the eastern end of the salient.  The Russians must hold the depot to stave off encirclement and the Germans need to capture it in order to crush the Russians defenders.  Who will be prevail in the “Battle of Suetovo?” Thomas Sero hosts this WW2 game in 20mm for 4 players using Chain of Command rules.
Death in the Desert
Ripping Adventure as the French Foreign Legion desperately clings to a desert outpost while every Berber this side of Casablanca tries to scramble over the wall and have the Legionaires’ guts for burnoose cords.  Big toys for big boys with big imaginations. Mike Manning and Dick Wood host a 54mm adventure set during the Rif War for 4 players using Death in the Desert rules.