2016 After Action Report


MARCH 25, 26 & 27, 2016

Hotlead 2016 was a stunning success. We had 80 open participation games covering every era, scale and genre of gaming to entertain over 300 attendees.

The Bring and Buy was also very busy, generating $1400 for charity. I guess this means that the boys did an astounding $14000 in business in 7 hours of trading.

Donations are going to be made to Wounded Warriors, Joe’s old school, Doctor’s without Borders and the local Air Cadet Squadron.

Pictures of course started showing up on Facebook the first evening, and there are lots of them. If you don’t follow us on Facebook the link is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/49381491031/

My pictures and ruminations are posted on my blog here:
and here:

Another nice blog post I’ve found is this one:

And some Youtube videos from a first time attendee who also suggests some good places for lunch:

I’d like to thank all the Red Shirts who make the weekend easy for me:

  • Chris, Steve and Patrick as Head Door Minions.
  • Rico, Dave, Barry, Pete, Paul, Kristine and Michelle holding the square at the Bring and Buy.
  • Joe for making the programs even though he could be there.
  • Don for web meistering.
  • Dan for GMing all his Pulpy goodness.
  • Mike for helping me run pre-con errands.
  • And most of all Elizabeth, Guardian of the Portal, the Wendy to our Band of Lost Boys and helmsman for our Ship of Fools, without whose quiet help we would’ve crashed a long time ago on the rocks of disorganization.

The dates are set for Hotlead 2017 already. 24 to 26 March, at the Arden Park Hotel in Stratford Ontario.
We hope to see you there!