2011 After Action Report


MARCH 25, 26 & 27, 2011

Another wildly successful Hotlead has come and gone and a good time was had by all. Approximately 300 attendees, game masters, vendors and staff gathered at the end of March for three days of miniature gaming and friendship. Oh and shopping. The Bring and Buy was busy and the vendors all did a good trade too. Hotlead’s 10% cut from the Bring and Buy sales amounted to a little over $1000.00. This year we decided to donate $500 to the Red Cross for their relief efforts in Japan, $500 to Doctors Without Borders and $500 each to the Canadian Forces Hospital Comforts Program and the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Plan. 

For regular games we saw (at last count after the late additions to the schedule are added in) 59 open participation games! Ancients came on strong with 8 games (including several very popular chariot races but also some big battles using various rules). The Medieval era had 2 and the Renaissance had 2 games. The 18th century also saw a lot of growth with 9 games, including several set in the American War of Independence.  The Napoleonic era was weaker than previous years, with 2 land based games and 3 naval games (including Terry’s mind-blowing 15mm War of 1812 lake action). The American Civil War only saw 2 games, one land and one naval. Other horse and musket/19th century wars saw 5 games total (3 land and 2 naval). World War One was also a growing era with 8 games on land, the air and at sea. World War 2 also stayed strong with 9 games (including one air). Post-WW2 saw some retro-80s Cold War micro armour action and MiGs and Sabres duelling over Korea. The Pulp/VSF, fantasy and Science Fiction genres also had good representation.

Naval and air games grew in presentation. Also all the eras were pretty evenly represented, so there was something for everyone this year. I remember Hotlead’s past when it seemed all the games were ACW and WW2, but we’ve been able to diversify and expand to represent every miniature gaming period with at least one game. Mission accomplished!

We also gave away a bag of free 15mm ACW figures donated by Fernando Enterprises (http://www.miniaturelovers.com/).  We could have sold tickets I guess but I just decided it would be easier to give a ticket to anyone interested and then drew a lucky number.

The Warhammer 40K Tournament was full to capacity. 12 teams of 2 players each battled all day.
Bill and Nate were the overall winners with their combined Ork army.
2nd place Mark and Cody won Best General fielding Chaos troops.
Mike and Pete got best Sportsmen. 

They also had a small painting competition with three really well done entries. The winner was a fabulous Eldar dreadnought that had a lot of really excellent conversion work painted by Bobby Mills. 

The DBA Tournaments were hotly contested but the Big Battle DBA Tournament on Saturday wasn’t as well received, so the organizers will go back to a regular DBA tournament and maybe a DBA campaign next year.

This year’s rankings are:

DBA “Stratford Scramble” Tournament
Player Ranking (w/ Final Army)
1. Michael Saunders – II/50c Later Hoplite Greek (Theban)
2. Will Michael – III/45b Pre-Feudal Scots
3. John Mifkovic – IV/62 100 Years’ War English
4. David May – I/42 Neo-Elamite Army Ranking (All Players)
1. IV/62 100 Years’ War English
2. II/50c Later Hoplite Greek (Theban)
3. I/42 Neo-Elamite
4. III/45b Pre-Feudal ScotsBBDBA “Open” Tournament
Player Ranking
1. Colin Rice – II/83 Patrician Roman
2. Will Michael – II/36 Graeco-Indian + II/3 Classical Indian + II/46a Kushan
3. Michael Saunders – II56 Early Imperial Romans + II/47c Early German (Batavi)
4. Paul Stoklosa – III/40c Norse Leidang + III/1a Early Slav (Wends)
DBA “Chariot Period” Tournament 
Player Ranking
1.       Mike Chung – I/60 Early Achaemenid Persian
2.       Colin Rice – I/57 Etruscan League
3.       Dave May – I/19 Mitanni
4.       Michael Saunders – I/59d Early Hoplite Greek (Theban)
5.       Howard Tulloch – I/59 Tullian Roman
6.       Will Michael – I/29b Philistine

Pictures have been appearing on the internet. I have a few posted on my blog:

and a second set here: (http://rabbitsinmybasement.blogspot.com/2011/03/hotlead-2011-second-batch-of-pictures.html)
and a third set here:

Andy Gamer is sending a prodigious CD of pictures which once I get it and sift through his 800 pictures I’ll post some more to my blog. He has also been posting links to his web albums: (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28981624@N02/sets/72157626399724148/show/) on The Miniatures Page. 
Also here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28981624@N02/sets/72157626400886192/show/) and here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/28981624@N02/sets/72157626401145058/show/). 

So that’s all the highlights. Another success, new vendors, lots of games (I managed to play in two actually!) and no one’s head exploded. At least mine didn’t.

I’ve booked the hall again for next year. March 23, 24 and 25 of 2012. Be sure to reserve your hotel room early, there’s usually a hockey tournament or two in town competing for hotel space.
In the meantime, have a good year and good gaming!