2010 After Action Report


MARCH 26, 27 & 28, 2010

Another highly successful Hotlead has come and gone. Very few headaches, minimal cancellations in events and I even managed to play a game. 

This year I was very distracted with finishing school and then a frantic job search in the months before Hotlead, but fortunately our well-oiled machine rolled along with minimal supervision from myself. The Game Masters started submitting events without me trying too hard to recruit them and we very quickly got a full slate. Friday night and Sunday were especially gratifying in their growth and the number of people attending. I am discussing options with the hotel for increasing the area available for Friday night. 

At its high point on Saturday afternoon we had over 300 bodies in the room. The Warhammer 40K tournament was filled and hotly contested. The organizers had a lot of fun and tell me that the Hotlead tournament is the high point of the year in the local 40K scene. There were also several DBA events which were fiercely contested by up to 10 players. The final standings are: 

Stratford Scramble DBA Tournament
1Colin RiceIV/16 Scots Common Army
2Don RayI/2b Early Egyptian
3Michael SaundersII/70b Limigantes
4Steve LindseyII/14 Ariarathid Kappadokian
5Dave MayII/7 Later Achaemenid Persian
6Paul StocklossaIII/1a Early Slav (Wends)
7Will MichaelI/20b Syro-Canaanite
8Nick SwalesI/60 Early Achaemenid Persian
9David BestIV/62 100 Years’ War English
10John MifkovicII/5a Later Hoplite Greek (Sparta)

Army Ranking (All Players)
1. II/70b Limigantes
2. IV/16 Scots Common Army
3. I/2a Early Egyptian
4. II/7 Later Achaemenid Persian
5. II/5a Later Hoplite Greek (Sparta)
5. II/14 Ariarathid Kappadokian
5. IV/62 100 Years’ War English
8. I/20b Syro-Canaanite
9. III/1a Early Slav (Wends)
10. I/60 Early Achaemenid PersianDBA “Open” Tournament
Player Ranking
1. David Best – IV/62 100 Years’ War English 
2. Michael Saunders – II/56 Early Imperial Roman
3. Andrew Murden – II/7 Later Achaemenid Persian
4. Rob Hanks – I/1c Early Sumerian 
5. Colin Rice – IV/3 Anglo-Norman
5. Will Michael – I/22b New Kingdom Egyptian
7. Don Ray – I/2b Early Egyptian
8. Nick Swales – IV/64 Medieval FrenchBBDBA “Open” Tournament
Player Ranking
1. Rob Hanks – IV/28 Prussian w/ III/62b Early Polish ally
2. Colin Rice – IV/3 Anglo-Norman
3. Will Michael – I/22b New Kingdom Egyptian
4. Michael Saunders – II/5c L. Hoplite Greek (Theban) w/ II/5b L. Hoplite Greek (Athenian) ally
5. Don Ray – I/58 Meroitic Kushites
6. Dave May – I/8c Saba w/ I/6c Early Bedouin ally
DBA “Classical Period” Tournament 
Player Ranking
1. Nick Swales – II/49 Marian Roman (opponent countback 71)
1. Don Ray – II/55b Nobades (opponent countback 57)
3. Colin Rice – II/83b Patrician Roman (East)
4. Dave May – II/5h Later Hoplite Greek (Siciliot)
5. Geoff Rothwell – II/83a Patrician Roman (West)
6. Rob Hanks – II/83b Patrician Roman (East)
7. Michael Saunders / II/73 Old Saxon
8. Jim Crozier – II/32 Later Carthaginian

Of course the big contest on Saturday was the raffle for the hand made terrain piece, built by Chris Riordan, and donated by its previous owner who wishes anonymity. 

I had anticipated a bigger appeal and bought far too many raffle tickets, but still we raised almost $1200 for the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund and Hospital Comforts Program. The lucky winner of the 28mm Spanish style villa was Terry Peacock of North Bay Games and Hobbies. Terry and his friends had a game already planned for the piece before we even made the draw. I’m hoping we can prevail upon Terry and the gang at North Bay to bring the Zorro game to Hotlead 2011.

The Bring and Buy was also popular once again and did the usual roaring trade. I’m especially pleased with the thatch roofed village I picked up. Hotlead’s 10% cut of the proceeds brought the total raised for the charities to an even $2000. Well done everyone, thank you. A special thanks to Rick, Paul, Joe, Dave, Barry, Brian and Peter who helped man the B&B and consequently didn’t get to see much of the show.

There were 50 open participation games that ran, covering every period, scale and style of warfare from the dusty plains of Gaugamela to science fiction battle mechs fighting over the old city of Quebec and from ACW to Zombies. Air and naval games were well represented as well. The clear cut winner was once again World War 2 with 17 games in multiple scales and featuring aerial dog fights, large battles and section level skirmishes.

Andygamer on <The Miniatures Page has been posting links to photos of some of the games. You can see them here:
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The real bright point is that several people, including my good wife (who held down the registration desk and bundled my sleep deprived corpse off to bed on Sunday), noticed that the ‘gamer funk’ often associated with conventions was missing at Hotlead. Perhaps the hotel ventilation was up to the job or we’ve all grown a little bit and learned to wash?

The dates are already set for Hotlead 2011. March 25, 26 and 27, 2011. So mark your calendars and book the time off now. It’s going to be huge, be there!

In the meantime, good gaming.