2008 After Action Report


MARCH 28, 29 & 30, 2008

Molemen attacked Hotlead this year, cleverly disguised as city road workers they began digging up the streets all around the Arden Park Hotel the day before the convention began. That didn’t put anyone off though and over 300 miniature wargaming enthusiasts surged across the hazardous terrain for a weekend of great games and comradeship.

This year I think was our smoothest Hotlead ever, reflected in the fact that I slept not badly and actually got to hang around Saturday evening, have a beer and play in a game, rather than go home with a splitting headache like I usually do. Every time I scanned the hall everyone seemed to be having fun. Crowds surged around the Bring & Buy, the Warhammer 40K Armageddon game went on forever with approximately 50,000 points worth of troops on the table and I’m not sure how many players. It was very hard to get through the hall at times. Some games didn’t run due to no one signing up, but I’d rather have that than more players than games available. We had 51 games and 6 tournaments covering every period from ancients to science fiction, and every scale from 1/2400 scale dreadnoughts to 54mm fantasy adventurers. Lots of air games this year too, enthusiasts of dog fight games could try out three different rules sets and play in every session if they’d wanted. Horse and musket made a bit of comeback with Saturday morning seeing three 12 foot tables crammed with 15mm figures all refighting the Napoleonic Wars with three different rulesets. World War 2 remains the biggest period though in number of games, with 14 of the games being in this period.

Don brought his friends from Wisconsin with a Mediterranean island and it got invaded twice complete with C-47s dropping paratroopers, landing craft and commandos in a captured trawler. Although other 20th century games were just as impressive; Kirk Doherty’s San Leonardo game featuring German panzer grenadiers counterattacking the RCR during the Ortona campaign looked gorgeous and a participant said it was quite tense, Ian Tetlow’s retreat from Mons battle in 1914 was brilliant and Stephen Thompson’s 28mm Iraq War battle was hard fought and visually stunning.

The Hotlead crew was quite busy GMing; our resident Zombie-meister Peter “I Want Your Brains” Garnham returned with his post-apocalyptic city and survivors battling hordes of undead, Pasha Hutter had a very snowy Yugoslavian partisan game, his ever popular Mongols with Mausers 1920s Pulp adventure and he did most of the Game Mastering for the giant Sunday morning Colonial Bring and Battle. Barry and Hotlead alumnus Keith ran a SF armour battle Saturday night and after lunch on Sunday we all got ambushed by Rick in one of his Viet Nam games. In the ancient period we had some very ambitious games; Dan Thompson ran the same scenario once with Fields of Glory and again with DBMM to compare and contrast the two hot new ancient rules. Stephen Lindsey refought the Battle of Granikos with a huge 15mm Persian army. I think Alexander still won.

We also had 5 DBA tournaments which all seemed to be well attended and featured some unique ideas to overcome the power armies endemic in tournaments. Here are their results:

The Viking Age DBA Tournament
Place Player Army Score
1Mike SaundersII/81d Sub-Roman British 600AD67
2Colin RiceIV/3 Anglo-Norman 1119AD46
3Will MichaelII/68b Pictish 500AD28
4Steve LindseyIV/28 Prussian 1282AD27
5Rob HanksIV/13a Medieval German 1201AD25
6Paul StoklosaIII/40d Leidang 1070AD4


The Kings of Britain 635AD DBA Tournament

No. of Vassals

1Dave MayDalriadaII/54b Scots-IrishLittoral172
2Colin RiceStrathclyde II/81d Sub-Roman BritishArable259
3Geoff RothwellMercia III/24a Middle Anglo-SaxonArable051
4Ken RyanPictlandII/68b PictishArable030
5Rob HanksGododdinII/81d Sub-Roman BritishArable028
6Mike SaundersRhegedII/81d Sub-Roman BritishArable026
7Mark GagnonNorth CymruIII/19a WelshHilly00
8Paul StoklosaNorthumbriaIII/24a Middle Anglo-SaxonArable00


Open DBA Tournament
1Dave RossII/5d Later Hoplite Greek – Thessalian66
2Will MichaelII/68b Pictish50
3Rob HanksIV/13a Medieval German50
4Mike LindfieldII/7 Later Achaemenid Persian28
5Dave MayII/1 Republican Indian26
6Colin RiceII/19a Seleucid25
7Mike SaundersII/56 Early Imperial Romans24
8Paul StoklosaI/48 Thracian23


Stratford Scramble DBA Tournament
PlacePlayerRound 1 ArmyRound 2 ArmyRound 3 ArmyScore
1Dave MayI/52 Early Hoplite Greek – Asiatic GreeksIII/71 Anglo-DanishIV/43 Early Swiss65
2Will MichaelII/26 SarmatiansI/52 Early Hoplite Greek – Asiatic GreeksIII/71 Anglo-Danish54
3Mike SaundersII/5d Later Hoplite Greek – ThessalianII/19a SeleucidII/26 Sarmatians51
4Colin RiceIII/46 Norse IrishI/55b Early RomansII/19a Seleucid48
5Paul StoklosaIII/40b Norse VikingsII/5d Later Hoplite Greek – ThessalianIII/46 Norse Irish28
6Stephan LindsayII/19a SeleucidIV/13a Medieval GermansI/52 Early Hoplite Greek – Asiatic Greeks28
7Rob HanksIV/43 Early SwissIII/46 Norse IrishIV/13a Medieval Germans27
8Dave RossI/55b Early RomansIII/40b Norse VikingsII/5d Later Hoplite Greek – Thessalian25
9Mike LandfieldIII/71 Anglo-DanishII/26 SarmatiansIII/40b Norse Vikings24
10Calvin SimsIV/13a Medieval GermansIV/43 Early SwissI/55b Early Romans1

On the 1 st round the available armies are assigned randomly. On the 2 nd round the top scoring player was assigned the lowest scoring army, the second highest player was assigned the second lowest scoring army, etc. On the final round each player played with their own army.

Medieval Europe, Middle East, and Western Steppes DBA Tournament
1Will MichaelIII45b Pre-Feudal Scots 1124AD46
2Mike SaundersIII/52 East Franks 800AD27
3Dave RossIII/52 East Franks 801AD23
4Rob HanksIII/40d Leidang 1070AD3

I’m sure there are more games worthy of mention that I’ve forgotten. The Bring & Buy was busy and successful again. I keep adding more tables and it just keeps growing. The crowds were quite thick around the tables all morning and I was worried my Bring & Buy team were going to be over run. But Rico, Paul, Joe and Anna deftly converted a miniatures feeding frenzy into hard cash. Once I announced this year’s charity we got several donations added to the pot. As a result Hotlead is donating $500 to the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund to help service personnel and their families and another $500 to the Hospital Comforts Fund to help Canadian service personnel while in hospital. If you would like to donate to these worthy causes yourself you can find out more at the CFPSA (now called CFMWS) website: https://www.cfmws.com/en/Pages/default.aspx 

Pictures of the games can be found on this Photobucket album with about 70 snaps at: http://s234.photobucket.com/user/HMGeditor/library/Hotlead%202008?sort=3&page=1 

So that’s about it. All the lose ends are tied up now. We have already booked the Arden Park Hotel again for next year. The dates for Hotlead 2009 are March 27, 28 and 29th, 2009. The gang and I are already starting to make plans for next year’s games! 

Thanks again to everyone for coming and being so supportive and I’ll see you all next year.

In the meantime, good gaming.